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Ryan Garcia: “My Career Resumes April 2nd”

Posted on 01/18/2022

By: Sean Crose

Make no mistake about it – Ryan Garcia is an interesting guy. In an excellent interview with Noah Beck, the 23 year old undefeated lightweight gave insight not only into his future plans, but into his overall personality, as well. “Every fight could be my last fight,” he says. “I’m willing to die in there. I’m willing to go out on my shield.” The Californian goes on to spiritual matters. “I got to go into the mode like I’m ready to die,” he says about entering a professional fight. “I need to be right with God. I need to be right with everything.”

As for his status as a social media celebrity, Garcia indicates there is both an upside and a downside to be found in online fame. “It’s given me freedom so I don’t have to be desperate for fights,” he says. “I make enough money outside of the ring.” On the other hand, Garcia adds that “the cons are people aren’t giving me any credit for what I do.” And he wants to be credited for his accomplishments. “I am going to prove that I am THE best fighter in my weight class,” he asserts.

And the period of time he’s spent away from the ring? Well, he argues, boxing is a dangerous sport and one has to be in prime condition physically, psychologically and emotionally in order to reduce the chances of getting hurt – or worse. “I decided to take a mental health break to recover,” he says of the challenging time after his January 2021 fight against Luke Campbell. “I decided to obviously take that break, but I feel great.” Now the fighter known as “King Ry” says he’s ready to return. “The thing with 2022 for me,” he says, “is I’ve got to be focused strictly on getting at least three fights done this year. I can’t really worry about if I’m making money on social media and all that stuff because if I’m a great boxer, the money’s going to come in.”

And so “King Ry” looks to return as a force.

“I’m resuming where I left off,” he says. “I’m going to come back just as strong, (and) powerful, and when those knockouts come I guarantee you everyone’s going to shut up and it’s going to be like nothing happened.” So when can the high profile lightweight be expected to return to the ring? “The resume of my career starts April 2nd,” says Garcia. “It should be either in LA or Las Vegas. Most likely Vegas.”

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