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5 Takeaways From Tyson-Jones

By: Sean Crose

Actually, the title for this should be “Takeaways from the Tyson-Jones Pay Per View Broadcast.” That seems a bit wordy, though, so I guess I’ll just stick with what I have. There truth is, despite what many, myself included, suspected, Saturday’s card and broadcast was worth discussing. Here’s why:


When was the last time you could say that about a boxing pay per view? Let’s be honest, pay per views tend to drag. They can be self serious, disorganized, and even tedious. Not so last Saturday. As Doug Fischer of Ring Magazine pointed, out, Snoop Dogg, who both performed and engaged in broadcast duties, didn’t take things too seriously. That made things refreshing.


One of the timeless complaints regarding pay per view boxing is that the undercards tend to be a drag – even when they consist of quality matchups. This is something the matchmakers can try mightily to get right, but if a fight doesn’t work, it simply doesn’t work. Needless to say, Saturday’s undercard worked. Badu Jack may not have gotten a knockout against the widely unknown Blake McKernan, but McKernan’s heart was something worth of Rocky. YouTube sensation Jake Paul played Tommy Hearns to Nate Robinson’s Roberto Duran, and Jamaine Ortiz and Sulaiman Segawa let it all hang out in the ring. Good stuff all around.


Let’s face it: if you read this publication then you probably didn’t walk into Saturday thinking you were going to see the Mike Tyson of old. And, surprise, surprise – you didn’t. Yet Iron Mike and Roy Jones put it all out there, trying to employ what was left of their respective skill sets to the best of their abilities. The two minute rounds may have helped matters in this regard. Even when Jones was holding excessively, it was hard to get bored.


Holy F—, this one wasn’t for kids. Vulgarities abounded Saturday, as did marijuana and offensive hip hop lyrics. The truth is, there was a dual nature to the whole thing. Some of it wasn’t really cool – lyrics that are gleefully demeaning to women ain’t needed – but the state of our society in it’s current form is fearful, stifling and (socially at least) repressive at times. That made Saturday’s broadcast an overall breath of fresh air. This was boxing, after all, not a latte convention. Future pay per view broadcasts should take note: rough and tumble is essentially what its all about. Just don’t be an ass towards women.


Look, we live in the age of text messaging. Things move quickly. And when you’re stuck with a card of twelve round chess matches, things become less than entertaining. This isn’t in any way to say long bouts aren’t necessary. A championship level fighter needs to show some endurance, after all. As for the undercards, though, shorter may be better at times.

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