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“Model” Says Oscar de la Hoya Ingested Cocaine In An Alternative way

Posted on 11/21/2011

Editors Note: Sadly, THIS Is what passes for boxing news right now. It must be noted that Oscar De La Hoya checked into and completed rehab 2 months after this alleged incident.

By Johnny Walker

Professional (ahem) “model” Angelica Marie Cecora, last heard telling the New York Post that former boxing great Oscar de la Hoya forced her to engage in a cocaine and booze fuelled threesome inspired by the antics of none other than Charlie Sheen, is at it again.

Cecora upped the ante today by telling the Post that the boxer asked her to help him take cocaine through a “private body area.”

“He indicated he wanted [it that way],” the model said.

With this revelation, we are moving into Fleetwood Mac territory: singer Stevie Nicks was rumored to have cocaine blown up her butt during the height of that famed pop band’s 1970s decadence.

This new revelation follows Cecora’s previous hint that De la Hoya asked for sexual stimulation in that same “private body area” during their coke and booze stoked romp last March at the Ritz Carlton in Manhattan.

Cecora also now claims that while high and in throes of his Charlie Sheen inspired romp, the former boxing great opened up to her about his sexual history, including losing his virginity to a female staff member of his high school.

Apparently being forced to listen to De la Hoya’s personal stories is part of the injury that Cecora claims to have suffered during this affair.

De la Hoya, through his lawyer, has called Cecora’s claims “a disgrace” and has asked for her $5 million lawsuit against him for emotional distress, false imprisonment, assault and battery to be dismissed.

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