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Tony “The Tiger” Thompson’s Final Blog Entry

Posted on 07/22/2008

July 21, 2008

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers,

No one asked me to write this addition but I found it therapeutic and I am hoping it has the same affect for you because if I ever needed therapy it would be now. But since I still can’t afford it, this will have to do (see it’s working already). I’m now of course back home and have been getting a lot of positive feedback of a lot of “atta boys” and we will get him next time (why people always say “we” usually don’t have the headaches or the gash over their eye or look as if we’ve been in a car accident)…lol. I do appreciate the support and pep talks. I just can’t feel them just yet.

I feel like I had a dream that my heart held but never actually grasped and had to let go. I don’t know if that makes any sense to anybody but the only thing I can compare it to is that high school girl or guy that we wanted but realized she had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and was crushed. But to the tenth power to say the least, I am hurting. But as I sit and write I have to admit I am feeling a little better. Sometimes you have to look at the things you do have instead of the things that you don’t have ( sounds like I am talking to my wife) and I realize that I was blessed to have that opportunity and blessed to get out of there alive damn!!!! I was blessed to have people take a healthy interest in me and finally get to see me fight for the first time and see I was not a fictional character that some one told them about like some kind of a big foot ( even though I do have big feet).

So, having come to all of theses conclusions I think I am ready for my next act. You have heard of Bruce Lee in the “Return Of The Dragon” well I am going to be Bruce T , in the “Return of the Tiger.” I can see it now, I come back after a few weeks off of course, I have some promises to keep to the little ones and the wifey pooh and after that I begin a extensive and intensive training, then I knock off some very worthy opponents maybe 3 or 4. Then I get to meet the monster that stopped my very impressive streak of wins.

Again, I wont give you the ending because I want you to watch but I will give you a hint the good guys always win in the sequel. So stay tuned. Now on a more positive note I don’t want this letter to sound too much like a suicide note. I had a great time in Hamburg, Germany. Don’t get me wrong, I love the USA of course and I’m never leaving the DMV area but Hamburg was special.

First of all, the weather was crazy you go over there in July you expect to be hot but if feels like a nice warm fall day with just the right amount of breeze it did have its fair share of raining, but what place doesn’t this time of year then the people were awesome you would think that they would be mad at you for coming to try and take there champs belt but I had a surprising amount of fans and supporters it was crazy even the people that didn’t want me to win seemed like they loved me still they were very passionate.

We had open work outs at one of there biggest sport stores called Kardstadt don’t ask me to pronounce that but I thought it was great to go out there both fighters and interact with the fans and let them see you in your routine at least parts of it and to the fans and take pictures you would be surprised how many people wanted my autograph. I know you would have been because I was. It was incredible everywhere I went people would recognize me and stop me and ask me to take a picture with them and their kids or mate. When one person stopped me the flood gates opened and everyone would run over and it seemed liked everyone had a damn camera and at first I would be in a crowd I would say the German phrase “ Ich Ben Kin Basketball Spieler” because last time I came to fight Luan Krasniqi everyone had mistaken me for a basketball player so I would let the crowd gather and I would say that really loud for everyone to (by the way it says that I’am not a basketball player) but the people where very knowledgeable about what was going on and who I was and the fifty foot likeness of me and Wladimir didn’t hurt either but they remembered me from last year and they were anticipating my return so no matter where I went I was mobbed. People even started to ask my brother for his autograph thinking he was me of course I had to use it to my advantage.

A few times with some very timely escapes because the crowd will not let you go and I wanted to accommodate everyone’s wish but it was impossible because we had other obligations and I had to eat and rest and work out sometimes. I had to pull the okey doke but it was all in fun even the crowds had fun with it when they realized that my brother was not me (even though I wish I could have tagged his ass in about the tenth round on second thought I couldn’t do that to my man I don’t think) but the people where genuinely excited about seeing me which was pumping me up even more than I already was. The craziest thing was this man said, “he wanted to have a baby for me” I didn’t stick around for him to try I quickly exited that part of the crowd and the Africans would come up and grab me and say “Tony” in that deep African voice “You must kill him: and I would say no man that’s to much I just want to knock him out for 15 seconds or so (15 seconds because we were in Germany and you never can tell). I’d say okay. Just win man they were extreme. Believe it or not man I had to get security yes that’s right security. My man Nate hired a big ass dude named Reggie now I have always been the type to go where I want when I want. At first I was a little naïve about needing a bodyguard, but as we got closer to the fight I understood his purpose and was glad he was there not so much in terms of I thought I was in danger but it was hard to do anything without being interrupted even go to out and have something to eat. Reggie did a great job of being a gentleman yet keeping some sort of boundaries while I was busy not to mention he made a great escape goat because I tried y my damnest to give everyone an autograph and picture but as soon as he saw that I was getting tired or overwhelmed he stepped in and took the heat while getting me back to the hotel. So the people might not have liked Reggie too much but me and my wife loved him. But all in all, despite the outcome of the fight, I must admit I had a good time. I’m not through in the sport. I will be champ of the world. So thanks blog world and I’ll see you after Disney World.

– Tony “The Tiger” Thompson

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