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Philip H. Anselmo Plays The Pick ‘Em Game 2009

Posted on 09/13/2009

What will be the deciding factor in the upcoming Vitali Klitschko— Cristobal Arreola bout? Klitschko’s advanced age and supposed slower reflexes, or Arreola’s weight issues and lack of top-10 experience? That’s easy; Arreola’s glaring deficiencies. Look for Chris to show lots of heart, while for the most part Vitali negates any of his offensive bursts by tying up on the inside and controlling the fight with the jab from the outside. If Arreola plans to bum-rush Vitali early, it won’t work. We’ll see how carrying 250-plus pounds around fairs for Arreola through 5 rounds, and from then on, it’ll be all Vitali.
Klitschko TKO11, Arreola in an entertaining, sloppy fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez? Isn’t the outcome damn-near obvious already? Everybody and their sister want this to be not only a competitive fight, but also one for the books. It won’t be either. Floyd’s NEVER put himself into a true position to lose, and this looks like another example of his “bravery”. Although the majority of fight fans worldwide will be cheering on every offensive pop Marquez attempts (as well they should), the naturally bigger Floyd will have answers for each one. Don’t read too seriously into Floyd looking less than stellar in training. The best fight fans could hope for would be a battle similar to the one Jose Luis Castillo gave Floyd in their 1st fight, but don’t expect it. In a tactical bore, pick Mayweather W12 over the smaller, but always determined Marquez.

Before Carl Froch came on to stop the already chin-dented Jermain Taylor in the final round, Froch looked extremely limited20to say the least. Andre Dirrell hits hard enough to keep any fighter at 168 honest and seems to be coming into his own as a slick boxer-puncher. Carl talks a good game, and his confidence is bristling in an “I told you so” sort of way after being out-boxed somewhat easily for 10 rounds by Taylor. But his first pro loss could await him. Dirrell is the real deal; make no question about it. His confidence isn’t overconfidence; it’s genuine belief that he can beat Carl. Froch carries his left hand low as a tactic, but in truth it looks like a detriment, and squares his body up when in attacking mode— not to mention he’s not the fastest cat on the block. Dirrell will learn from Taylor’s mistake and come into the fight in shape. His speed and conditioning will see him through.
Dirrell W12 Froch by wide margins.

Kelly Pavlik vs. Paul Williams is a fight that looks good on paper and is definitely a fan-friendly match up. However, I see Williams beating on Pavlik like a drum all night long. Kelly’s going to be the same guy we’re used to seeing; a fighter with concussive punching power minus proper technique and imagination when plan A goes out the window. That’s Pavlik’s main problem vs. Williams. Paul’s busy hands and quick feet are his best defense, and he cracks with both gloves methodically whilst in the midst of throwing a fus illade of punches. Pavlik always has a chance with a straight right, but Williams’ angles will prove tough to decipher. Williams W12 Pavlik in an easy fight to score.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto is a fantastic fight, not only for obvious reasons, but also for the sport itself. This should be a classic contest consisting of a lot of ebb and flow action. Both fighters have exceptional speed and throw pinpoint shots that are hurtful. But it’s Manny who has the edge in both departments. Pacquiao is flying on a level of confidence and self-belief most fighters seldom reach. In a tough fight, it’s Cotto that has a lingering question mark over his head. Loaded gloves or not, he took a terrific beating in the Antonio Margarito fight, and eventually folded. When Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez swapped leather for 36 rounds, there was no quit in either fighter, hence Manny’s lust for victory. I wouldn’t doubt both fighters absorbing tons of punishment, but Pacquiao’s quicker delivery and experience in grueling fights will help him prevail. PA

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