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Philip H. Anselmo on Boxing

Posted on 10/04/2008

Just a few days before embarking to Australia for a concert tour with his group Down, Philip H. Anselmo sounds off on the latest happenings on the fistic scene:

I’m sitting here reading this British web site, and David Haye is
making Monte Barrett out to be the biggest threat in the heavyweight
division! The headline is “Haye Testing Out His Credentials.”
He’s scared of Monte Barrett! He says he knows that his chin will be tested by
Monte Barrett’s “huge bombs” early! Geez, this dude is a front runner. He and his
manager say that this fight is “make or break” for David Haye and “if he can’t
beat Monte Barrett, he’ll look like a fool and retire. But on the other hand, his
manager said,” Monte Barrett is the ultimate gate keeper, and if David can beat
him, we’ll know he’s ready for Wladimir Klitschko.”
ALSO during the interview Haye said “If I can’t beat Monte Barrett, there’s no
way I can beat Wladimir Klitschko.”

He’s already stumbling over his own conscience! He’s SCARED TO DEATH!!!
of ******** Monte Barrett! If he’s nervous and doubts his chances vs. Barrett, how the
hell is he gonna feel if he fights Wladimir Klitschko? Honestly, if he gets by Barrett, he
should fight Juan Carlos Gomez – a former cruiserweight match-up!

Paul Williams is a deadly force. He’s being ducked by EVERYONE at 147,
including his former victim and supposedly fearless Antonio Margarito. Paul
should be recognized the champ, having beaten the afore-mentioned, and
could you really see Cotto or Clottey competing with the likes of
Williams? Nah. You might shrug your shoulders when I mention Clottey,
but he’d lose regardless of how tough he is.

I’m also absolutely picking Bernard over Kelly. After I saw that
Bernard is just as big as KP, I knew in my heart that KP would get the
**** beat out of him, with TRUE boxing expertise!

Also – the Euro press are writing Roy Jones off as nothing more than
cannon fodder for Joe Calzaghe. My Lord, are they in for a HUGE surprise.

I also called what would be the ending of the Shane Mosley-Ricardo Mayorga fight. The
left hook! I’m on a psychic roll as far as fight outcomes go.

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