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Pac-man’s Powerups? Some Curious Coincidences about Manny Pacquiao

Posted on 11/11/2011

by James Harrison

Floyd Mayweather insists that Manny Pacquiao is pretending to agree to the Olympic style drug testing necessary for their fight. We can’t prove or disprove this based on the facts available.

What is available is expert opinion, stating that the amount of blood required is between a teaspoon and a small tube. Pacquiao and his camp have various reasons on why the blood sample hasn’t been produced.

Photo: Chris Farina/ Top Rank

Pacquiao told ESPN, “Giving blood makes me feel weak,” despite boxing analyst Teddy Atlas’ quoting medical experts saying,“[giving blood]…does not weaken you.”

Pacquiao now attributes his loss to Erik Morales to blood testing, but this reason was not mentioned to Larry Merchant in the post-fight interview.

Sparring partner Amir Khan stated that “Manny is scared of needles,” in a report by East Side Boxing. Yet Pacquiao has a tattoo of boxing gloves.

Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach explains it as if Pacquiao’s queasy when it comes to losing blood. Roach told ESPN, “He doesn’t like it.” However, that queasiness didn’t stop Pacquiao when he lost blood during his fights.

Pacquiao and company asked Mayweather’s camp, “What would be the penalty if a fighter tested positive?” and “If a fighter tested positive could we keep it a secret for the sake of boxing?” according to an ESPN report by Teddy Atlas. Teddy affirmed he trusts his source.

Pacquiao avoided Olympic style drug testing by not competing in the Olympics. He’s dodged paternity testing from an admitted affair. 15rounds.comreported that his mistress Joanna Rose Bacosa, was an alleged prostitute, yet Pacquiao offered to pay for raising the child without testing to see if it was his. It seems that Pacquiao’s ability to avoid punches in the ring is comparable to his ability to stay clear of testing outside of it.

Dan Rafael has been ESPN’s expert when it comes to contract negotiations between Mayweather and Pacquiao. He haas outlined how Olympic style blood testing has been Mayweather’s top priority.

Travis Tygart is the CEO of the United States Anti Doping Agency. He told USA Today, “There’s a number of potent performance-enhancing drugs you can only find in blood.” These performance-enhancing drugs include HGH. The Nevada State Athletic Commission requires mixed martial artist and boxers to submit urine samples, but not blood.
HGH, which can’t be detected in urinalysis, allows the body to gain more stamina (for longer and more strenuous workouts), recover quicker from workouts, and acquire more body mass. Many bodybuilders use it to add weight without losing muscle mass to compete in levels with heavier guys.

Pacquiao moved through eight weight-classes despite the fact that he also was conditioning for stamina. Conditioning includes running, sparring, and weight-shedding due to lost calories. Pacquiao has gained weight and still proves to be bigger, stronger, and faster than his opposition.

Pacquiao’s camp includes; Freddie Roach who trained a fighter, James Toney, who tested positive for steroids twice; Amir Khan, whose claims of Pacquiao’s needle-fear are discredited by physical evidence; and Pacquiao, who is constantly willing to take tests that have limitations, and unwilling to adhere to testing guidelines that are capable of finding the truth.

A training camp that expressed concerns about confidentiality and repercussions of positive steroid testing links all of these men.

Manny Pacquiao is endeared to his fans as the Pac-man; the little character from the classic arcade game who turned the table on his enemies once he consumed his power-ups.

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