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Joe Frazier: Remembering Smokin’ Joe’s 10 Greatest Moments

Posted on 11/07/2011

by Hans Olson

In honor of Joe Frazier…here is a collection of the greatest moments from Smokin’ Joe…

1. The Fight of the Century

It will forever live as the most anticipated fight of all time. On March 8 1971, Joe Frazier was the reigning, defending Heavyweight Champion of the World. Muhammad Ali, who was out of action for 3 years due to his stance on the Vietnam War, still felt he should be recognized as the true champion. Frazier would put that to rest. The left hook in the 15th round sealed it, and the fight goes down as one of the greatest in history.

2. Frazier Wins Title

On March 4 1968, with the winner to be recognized as the true World Champion by the state of New York, Joe Frazier scored a knockout in the 11th round over Buster Mathis to win the title.

3. Frazier Stops Quarry

…with violent precision!

4. Frazier Destroys Ramos

In the first defense of his title, Smokin‘ Joe ruined Manuel Ramos in 2.

5. The Thrilla in Manila

Frazier nearly did it…

6. Joe Frazier: Pitchman

Always an entertainer, Joe was one of the most known pitchmen in sports…

7. Joe Frazier: Pitchman II

…and he was always smokin’!

8. Smokin‘ Joe on “The Simpsons”

One of the biggest celebrities in boxing, Joe was immortalized on The Simpsons in 1992…

9. Joe Frazier: The Best of…

a quick collection of the man…

10. The Legacy

his 3rd and final bout with Ali will be what he was remembered for. HBO’s “The Thrilla In Manila” documented the fight from Joe’s perspective…

Rest in Peace Joe.

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