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David Haye: Shit Or Get Off The Pot By Philip H. Anselmo

Where’s the bite? Even before he destroyed the overrated, intimidated, semi-skilled Enzo Maccaranelli


I’m getting a little weary of David Haye’s bark.

Where’s the bite? Even before he destroyed the overrated, intimidated, semi-skilled Enzo Maccaranelli for the undisputed cruiserweight title, and recorded his 20th KO in 22 bouts (1 loss), he let it be known to all that he was invading the heavyweight division directly after. Where is he? As of this moment, the 6’3 Haye still doesn’t have an opponent for his giant “heavyweight showcase/statement” fight scheduled for Nov. 15, in his own backyard at the O2 arena in London!

For f#%k’s sake, Haye has been called out by Monte Barrett and Hasim Rahman outright, and there’s been rumor that even a 40- year old Andrew Golata has been mentioned as a potential foe!
What is David waiting for?

He’s the guy moving up to face the biggest men on the planet, supposedly to ignite a spark of excitement into the division, which Haye says “is in a pathetic state” and that today’s champions are
“an embarrassment to boxing.” Haye made it clear that his main target of insult in general was issued towards the #1 rated IBF/IBO/WBO heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitchko, after Haye observed Wlad struggle with the pesky style of the ultra-defensive Sultan Ibragimov over12 tedious rounds, whilst lifting Ibragimov’s WBO belt in the process. Haye even accosted Wlad face to face while he was on the press tour for his title defense against Tony Thompson, much to Wladimir’s amusement. The boxing media ate the incident up and within seconds of the face-off, the entire boxing world could watch it on U-Tube.

For every bluster of rhetorical threats that flew out of the hysterical Haye’s mouth, Wladimir stared straight into David’s eyes with indifference, even cracking a smile at the smaller man, clearly unaffected.
It all seems pretty clear what Haye is up to, with his overkill use of puffed-up psychological warfare.

He’s playing to the fans via the press to talk his way into the biggest payday of his career! For stirring such a rumble of interest among fight fans, I commend him. Showbiz and boxing have gone hand in hand since the sports beginning’s, and Haye plays a fair antagonist.

So let’s see some action, not words Davey!

It’s obvious that Haye has a tremendous punch in both fists, but his chin is a HUGE doubt. A right hook from Lolenga Mock put him on the canvas in the 2nd before being stopped in 4, an older, yet more experienced tough-guy and former title-holder Carl Thompson stopped him in 5 in a back-and-forth war, and a 199lb battle-worn Jean Marc Mormeck dropped him in the fourth before Haye finally stopped him in the 7th. His punching power was always the equalizer when things got tough, however, if a big heavyweight were to hurt him and put him down, would he really be able to recover?

David’s only been 12 rounds once in his career, against Ismail Abdoul, winning a UD. He’s fought three opponents that were actual heavyweights in Valery Semishkur, Garry DeLaney, and the undefeated, but hapless Pole Tomasz Bonin, defeating all by way of KO. Wow. And now he has the gall to challenge for the heavyweight championship of the world? Are you kidding?

Thankfully, Wladimir Klitchko calmly explained to Haye, “Get in line.”

There’s an entire division of hungry heavyweights that have been paying their collective dues longer than Haye, competing strictly in the heavy division, with world title aspirations themselves.

For all of the athleticism, speed, and power David possess, his flaws are glaring. He’s unorthodox to a fault.

He swings wildly, leaving himself open. His defense is very porous, but hardly noticed because of his offensive blitzkriegs. When things don’t go his way, he has no “Plan B” to his game, only a homerun shot. And the biggest factor against him of all is his quality of opposition. We won’t know a thing about David Haye’s impact on the heavyweights until it happens, and whether this is relevant or not, I’d sure as Hell pick David Tua over Mormeck, or Chris Arreola over Enzo in contrast. So why not fight one of those two heavies first, or ANY heavy that’ll give David the stern test he needs, whether Haye feels he needs one, or not.

His ego is obviously tremendous, but nothing but money is driving his quest for a Klitchko fight. Why fight a man that you know you’ll lose to just for the payday?

I’d hope David realizes there’s no honor in that.

But I’ll say right now, Haye isn’t ready for the likes of Wladimir Klitchko, nor any of the elite heavyweight fighters. I ask again, if a true 230+ fighter drops and hurts Haye, how will he react? His track record suggests he’ll respond brilliantly, but that track record was logged in the cruiserweight division.
Emulating Evander Holyfield’s accomplishments?

Holyfield fought the very best guys of his era; so far David Haye has fought NO ONE! None of the aforementioned names, nor any other of his previous victims on Haye’s ledger come close whatsoever to a prime Dwight Muhammed Qawi, who Holyfield defeated in his 14th pro fight at cruiserweight. Honestly, his name shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Evander’s.

Not yet at least.

Whether it’s the state of British boxing today or not, Davey’s had it pretty damn soft. (You’ve never heard him mention the name of IBF cruiser champ Steve “U.S.S.” Cunningham as a challenge whilst unifying the titles!)

Haye’s mouth, bravado, and perhaps success in the near future may land him the fight he’s screeching for sooner than later, but before that happens, it’s now Sept. 6, and with no opponent named, I sense David Haye will face a D-grade heavyweight, with only two weeks notice for the big fight in London. And he’ll look great.

So what?

Hey David, do the boxing world a favor and put-up, or just shut up, because the pictures of you holding your cruiserweight belts around your shoulders are fading, and your cocksure outbursts are absolutely empty. If you want to do things the way Evander did, then fight, (!) and clean out the division and get the #1 ranking before you challenge the best heavyweight in the world, Wladimir Klitchko.


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