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Boxing Loses A Good Man: RIP Stanley Levin

Posted on 05/13/2009

By John Scully

Just dropping you –and your publication a little note on something sad that seems to have flown under the radar in the boxing world. I was in Mexico two weeks ago when I unfortunately got word from one of my friends down in Pensacola that Roy’s former attorney Stanley Levin passed away this month after some long battles with several different ailments.

I think there are many, many people in the boxing game out there who do not realize this happened but would like to know…Stanley Levin was a very, very, very well respected boxing person – he handled much more from the very beginning of Roy’s pro career than just his fight contracts. Stan the Man – that’s what Roy Jones always called him – was a friend on the business and the personal side to many, many fighters in the boxing game and I am sure they will all tell you that Stanley Levin was definitely one of the most honest and friendly people in the boxing game. In my opinion, Stanley was too good for the boxing game. Ask John Hornewer about him, he knew Stanley very well. I stayed at Stan’s house on several different occasions when John and his wife were guests at the same time. As a matter of fact, even though I only briefly – early in my career – was affiliated with Square Ring, it was a thing where Stanley had me over his house for vacations on many, many occasions over the years including relatively recently and he always went out his way to make sure I had tickets and accommodations to Roy’s fights, wherever they happened to be – I attended 20 live Roy Jones Jr. fights in all.

Anyway, I cannot say enough good things about Stanley Levin and I hope this brief mention of his passing is something deemed worthwhile.

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