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Kubrat Pulev In The Mist Of Sexual Assault Claims

Posted on 03/29/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Heavyweight title contender Kubrat Pulev (27-1, 14 KOs) is coming off a huge win when he knocked out Bogan Dinu at The Hanger in Costa Mesa California. It was the seventh straight win for Pulev since suffering a knockout loss at the hands of former champion Wladimir Klitschko.

We should all be discussing how much of a threat he is to WBC title holder Deontay Wilder, unified champion Anthony Joshua and Lineal champion Tyson Fury. Instead he is currently in the news for reasons other than just boxing.

Shortly after his victory, Pulev was interviewed by Jennifer Ravalo who is also known as Jenny Sushe. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the interview. The questions Ravalo was asking were very professional. After such a dominant performance by Pulev, Ravalo like many of us wanted to know who could be possibly next.

“If Tyson Fury gets through Tom Schartz do you think that you should get a shot?” Asked Ravalo.

Pulev’s reply was a simple one.


With the kind of performance he just had, the thought of a Fury vs Pulev matchup is a tantalizing one. That thought however is the furthest thing from everyones mind at the moment. Shortly after stating that he would be interested in a showdown with Fury, Pulev grabbed the face of Ravalo, leaned in close and gave her a huge kiss on the lips.

Pulev was all smiles afterwards. He even chuckled as he walked off. Ravalo was cheerful as well. She had a huge smile on her face but you could tell that she was uncomfortable with what just happened. When taking a closer look at the kiss, as soon as Pulev releases her she immediately backed away and seemed completely caught off guard.

Ravalo would later reveal that after the interview she walked over to a table to put her items away in her bag to get ready to leave. It was at that moment that she says Pulev came up to her from behind and squeezed her backside. He then walked away without saying anything and laughed.

Determined to not let Pulev’s unprofessional behavior ruin her work experience she attended an after party with the thought of interviewing more fighters while there. Pulev also attended the party. Ravalo stated that he acted as though nothing happened. When the party was finishing up Pulev approached Ravalo and asked if she could delete the footage of what he had done.

“He asked me to remove the kiss from the interview. I did not remove it and instead I posted it because I wanted people to see what he had done to me. I wanted him to be accountable, I didn’t want him to get away with it. What he did to me was disgusting. I felt humiliated. No woman should be treated this way. Mr. Pulev and I were not friends and we are not in a romantic relationship. He had no right to kiss me.”

Ravalo isn’t taking this situation lightly as she has hired known women’s right attorney Gloria Allred. To make matters even worse Pulev was told that he would not be licensed to fight in the state of California until he appeared in front of the California State Athletic Commission. Boxing however should be the least of his concerns at the moment.

What turned into a night that should have resulted in Pulev being praised for his exploits in the ring has turned into a condemnation of what he has done outside of it.

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PBC Changes Sunday’s Main Event After Victor Ortiz Charged With Sexual Assault

Posted on 09/27/2018

by: Sean Crose

“John Molina, Jr., who was scheduled to be in the main event, will be rescheduled to return to the ring soon. And former welterweight champion Victor Ortiz, who was slated to face Molina, will no longer be on the card.” So read a Wednesday press release, making it clear that Sunday’s scheduled John Molina – Victor Ortiz battle, which was to be aired live on Fox Sports 1, was cancelled. Although no specific reason was given in the press release, the cancellation comes as no surprise, as Ortiz was arrested on very serious charges of sexual assault this week in California.

Knowing that the show must go on, however, PBC and Fox have offered a replacement for the card’s main event on Sunday. To quote the press release: “Undefeated Featherweight Contender Brandon Figueroa Takes on Former Title Challenger Oscar Escandon in Main Event.” Figueroa is an undefeated up and comer, boasting a record of 16-0, with 11 knockouts to his name. Escandon, Figeroa’s 25-4 opponent, is a former Olympian from Columbia who notably lost to the very impressive Gary Russel Junior back in 2017. A victory over Escandon will help Figueroa on his rise to what he hopes is the top of the division.

As for Ortiz: he was once one of boxing’s most notable names, so much so that he faced Floyd Mayweather in a pay per view match back in 2011. The California based fighter lost that fight in extremely strange fashion, when Mayweather knocked Ortiz out after Ortiz tried to touch gloves after butting Mayweather in the head. Ortiz’ public life has been rather odd ever since. He’s appeared on Dancing With The Stars and in an Expendables film. Yet he’s also been arrested at a country concert, and has only won three of his last seven bouts. What’s more, he’s been knocked out viciously by Louis Collazo and Andre Berto respectively since the Mayweather fiasco.

Regarding Molina, the game veteran was coming in off a win over Ivan Redkach last December in California. A victory over Ortiz would, at the very least, have signaled a win over a name opponent after Molina was stopped b Terence Crawford in the 8th round back in 2016. As of press time, there was no word on who Molina would fight next. As for Ortiz, the certain is particularly uncertain.
“Bad news,” Molina said on Instagram, “the fight has officially been canceled, obviously due to uncontrollable circumstances from Team Ortiz.”

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Sex Tapes, Privacy, and Amir Khan

Posted on 01/19/2017

Sex Tapes, Privacy, and Amir Khan
By David J. Kozlowski

The long-rumored Amir Khan sex tape is available online. I haven’t seen it. It was meant to be private, and I respect that.

The tape is reported to depict former world champion Khan video-chatting with a model he dated years earlier. It’s controversial because the model is not his wife, and in it he is naked and performing a sex act.

PBC on Spike Results: Amir Khan Defeats Algieri, Fortuna Decisions Vasquez

It is unclear who sold this video to the X-rated website. What is clear is that Khan is no stranger to controversy outside the ring.

In March of 2016, Khan was targeted by a blackmailer who threatened to release a video of Khan and a woman having sex. It turned out the sex tape never existed, and the would-be extortionist was tracked down and arrested.

His recent personal life is marred with infighting between his wife and family. His wife, Faryal Makhdoom, is a fashion aficionado with a cosmetics line. His family is, as Amir is, comprised of devout Muslims. The family has publicly criticized Faryal for dressing provocatively. She has hit back by Snapchatting pictures of her brother in law, naked and drunk. Through it all, Amir and Faryal have stayed together, though he’s recently threatened to walk away from her and the family.

Khan has also long been rumored to appear in other sex tapes, all with women (or a woman) not his wife. One is purported to have been recorded days after the birth of his daughter. Another—the one now available—purports to be weeks after his wedding.

Leaving aside whether his religious and marital obligations are violated, since religious observance and marital monogamy are personal choices, Khan did nothing wrong. He engaged in virtual sexual activity with a consenting adult.

Our prudish culture finds sex to be a lurid topic. Abrahamic religions tend to see sex as something begrudgingly necessary. The media sensationalizes sex and sexuality as something to be gawked at or ashamed of. But it’s the height of hypocrisy—a majority of people engage in sexual activities.

Sex is natural and life isn’t a soap opera. Although celebrities volunteer aspects of their lives to the public, we don’t have a right to the parts of their lives they intend to remain private. We know celebrities to the extent they allow. Fame doesn’t divest someone of the right to respect and dignity with which we’d treat each other. Any more is a violation of the implicit trust in their relationship with the public.

Whether Faryal leaves Khan over this or stays and supports her husband is irrelevant. It’s their personal issue, and we cannot begin to understand the complex motivations and rationale for whatever they decide.

But we have a choice. We can choose to ignore the sex tape. We can see Amir Khan as a great boxer, and not judge him on his personal actions which he never intended to share.

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