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How Do Some Countries Allow Losing Boxers to Continue Boxing?

Posted on 10/12/2017

By: Ken Hissner

I have a 100 Club list of boxers with over 100 losses and others who have never won a fight etc. The UK seems to be the one country that allows so many of these boxers to continue no matter what their records are today. Yet I will point out countries with even worse record boxers.
Peter Buckley finally retired with a 32-256-12 record second only to the US’s Reggie Strickland’s 66-276-17 with the most losses I am aware of. After those two still active are Kristian Laight at 12-253-8, Matt Seawright is 5-146-5, Ibar Riyaz 6-126-4, Ibar Rivas 34-121-4 an Albanian fighting out of the UK.

Then there is William Warburton 29-123-9 and Yousef Al Hamidi 14-112-3 with over 100 losses but still active. The UK retired Jason Nesbitt 10-195-4, Tiger Bert Ison 114-179-41, Arnold Sheppard 95-169-38, Delroy Spencer 14-156-3, Billy Smith 13-145-2, Ernie Smith 13-142-5, Karl Taylor 16-142-7, Brian Coleman 24-141-7, Seamus Casey 30-129-5, Sid Razak, 9-128, Carl Allen 19-114-7, Daniel Thorpe 23-113-3, Dean Bramhald 42-106-15, Tony Booth 52-105-9, Peter Dunn 12-105-4 and Paul Bonson 21-105-8 all with over 100 losses.Then boxers who have less than 100 losses are Matt Scriven 14-91-1, Bulgarian out of the UK who is 6-88-1, Dan Carr 3-85-2.

UK boxers who have never won a fight are Chris Gargano at 0-44, Paul O’Brien at 0-23, Scott Hillman 0-21, Harjinder Gill 0-17-1 and Bryn Wain 0-16. Would you believe a South African who fought out of the UK named Bheki Moyo retired with a 0-73-2 record? Kalman Vagyocki of Hungary is still active at 0-45 but “only” stopped 34 times. Still active without a win are Dionisio Rodriguez 0-42 from the DR and Marius Sorin 0-42-2 of Romania.

Seems the Dominican and Ghana are countries where boxers to beef up their records. The DR has active boxers in Alexis Castillo 0-35 whose been stopped 31 times, George Estevez 0-34 stopped 18 times and Miguel Tavarez 0-32 stopped 25 times.

Latvia has Dmitrijs Avsijenkovs with a “perfect” record of 0-29 and stopped 29 times and still active. The US “retired” Eric Crumble 0-31 and Ed Strickland 0-31 who were stopped in all of their bouts.

They allowed Jesse Clark to go 0-30 stopped 27 times. Two active US boxers who have never won a fight are Willie Miller 0-18-1 and Daniel Sanchez 0-18.
Names with poor records that stand out still active are Jose Amaral 1-69 of Brazil, Lajos Orsos 1-54-2 of Hungary, Milan Ruso 1-47 stopped 42 times of CZ, Ambriorix Ciriaco 1-44 of DR, Francisco Herrera 1-44-2 stopped 39 times of COL and Dionel Reynoso 1-41 of DR.

Heading the list with 2 wins was retired Cristian Nicolae 2-76 of ROM and right behind him is Anwar Alfadi of KU out of the UK at 2-68-5. Still active are Qasim Hussain 4-79-2 of UK and believe it or not has only been stopped once! Lam Griffiths is 5-74-1 of UK and Titusz Szabo 5-65-1 of Hungary.

Boxers still active with too many stoppages are a US boxer Terrance Roy 11-53 stopped 43 times but then there is a Turk Suleyman Dag 10-86 of Germany whose been stopped 60 times. Simmie Black of the US retired at 35-165-4 was “only” stopped 97 times. Marcus Rhode of the US 35-51-2 retired not long ago having been stopped 44 times. Still active is Roberto Valenzuela of MEX 69-75-2 stopped 40 times. Marvin Hart 14-40-1 of the US is still active having been stopped 37 times.

What are some of these commissions thinking? In Pennsylvania usually if a boxer has lost 7 in a row he is prevented from boxing there until he gets a win elsewhere. Jerry Strickland of the US was 13-122 and stopped 78 times before retiring.

I could go on and on and I know I have been told there are boxers in the US who get paid quite well to get a fighter a win on their record. They usually are on the defense and throw little in return to assure their opponent of a win. Maybe that is why many with horrible records have few stoppages being on the defense the entire fight.

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When Will A Losing Record Boxer Know When He Should Retire?

Posted on 06/01/2017

When Will A Losing Record Boxer Know When He Should Retire?
By: Ken Hissner

The UK’s 36 year old Kristian Laight is now 12-248-8 but only stopped 5 times. He is third on this writers 100 Club losers list in total defeats only behind Reggie Strickland 66-276-17 and Peter Buckley 32-256-12 but both are retired. Matt Seawright of the UK is 5-146-5 stopped 22 times and still fighting.

Matt Scriven of the UK is 14-91-1 stopped 20 times. Dan Carr of the UK is 3-85-2 but only stopped once. Kalman Vagyocki of Hungary has a “perfect record” of 0-45 stopped 34 times. Then there is Marius Sorin of Romania 0-42-2 stopped 27 times.

How about Dmitrijs Avsijenkovs of Latvia who is 0-29 stopped all 29 times? Petr Jasukievic of CZ is 0-27 stopped 25 times. The Dominican Republic is known for some really losing boxers like Dionisio Rodriguez 0-42 stopped 29 times. Alexis Castillo 0-35 stopped 31 times. Miguel Tavarez 0-32 stopped 25 times. Gregory Esteves 0-34 stopped 18 times. Jose Guzman 0-28 stopped 22 times. Jose Ramon Tejada 0-19 stopped all 19 times and Junior Rodriguez 0-19 but “only” stopped 12 times. Juan Ramon Santos is 0-18 stopped 17 times. Marcos Martinez is 0-18 stopped 15 times. Zuleidiy Diaz Meja 0-18 stopped 17 times. Modesto Felix 0-18-2 stopped 11 times.

Poland has Slawomir Latopolski 0-18 stopped 17 times. Ukraine has Vitaliy Charkin 0-18 stopped 16 times who fought this past weekend. Also fighting this past weekend was Milan Ruso of CZ 1-46 stopped 41 times.

Jose Amaral of Brazil 1-69 stopped 41 times. Lajos Orsos of Hungary 1-54-2 stopped 21 times. Cristian Nicolae of Romania 2-76 stopped 16 times finally retired. Rudolf Murko of CZ is 3-80-2 stopped 40 times. Qasim Hussain of the UK is 4-76-2 but only stopped once. Moses Matovu of the UK from UG is 5-64-4 stopped 7 times. Stefan Stanko of Slovokia is 6-67-1 stopped 59 times. Dan Blackwell of the UK is 7-63 but only stopped once.
Looking at a boxer from Mexico that seems to win “every other fight” you have Roberto Valenzuela 69-75-2 stopped 40 times.

Other active boxers who qualified for the 100+ loss club are Kevin McCauley a Hungarian out of CZ 13-142-11 stopped 11 times. Ibar Rivas an Albanian out of the UK is 34-119-4 only stopped 3 times. Jozef Kubovaky of Slovokia is 13-109-14 stopped 36 times. William Warburton of the UK is 23-114-9 stopped only 3 times. Elemir Rafael also from Slovokia is 34-106-4 stopped 34 times. Finally Yousef Al Hamidi of the UK 14-109-3 stopped only 3 times.

The bottom line is “when will a losing record boxer know when it’s time to retire?” How about the commissions in the UK and DR?

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