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Jermaine “989 Assassin” Franklin Wins Split Decision over Jerry Forrest

Posted on 07/13/2019

By: Ken Hissner

The Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington, on Friday night was the host site Forbes ShoBox the New Generation with promoters Brian Halquist Productions and Salita Promotions. Jermaine “989 Assassin” Franklin, of Saginaw, MI, competed against Jerry “Slugger” Forrest in the Main Event.

In the Main Event Jermaine “989 Assassin” Franklin, Jr., 19-0 (13), 240 ¼, of Saginaw, MI, won a split decision over southpaw Jerry “Slugger” Forrest, 25-3 (19), 222 ¾”, of Newport News, VA, over 10 rounds.

In the first round halfway through Franklin had Forrest against the ropes with both having a good exchange until Franklin’s mouthpiece went out.

In the second round both did more boxing than slugging with Forrest having an edge. In the third round Forrest used and effective jab. In the fourth round mostly on the inside Franklin outworked Forresst.

In he fifth round at the halfway mark Franklin flurries while inside. In the sixth round it was close with it going either way. In the seventh round Franklin landed some effective punches to the chin of Forrest.
In the eighth round Forrest seemed to have an edge in an all inside fighting round. In the ninth round Forrest seemed to pull out the round being held by Franklin but landing his free hand, the left, to the head of Franklin.

In the tenth and final round both exhausted fighters let it all hang out with the ten second warning ending the round.

Judge’s Alan Krebs 97-93 Franklin, Tim Wood 96-94 Forrest and Hunter Walton 97-93 Franklin. This writer had it 95-95. Referee was Bobby Howard.

Super Featherweight southpaw Giovanni Cabrera Mioletti, 17-0 (7), 129 ½, of Seattle, WA, via Chicago, IL, defeated Luis Porozo, 14-1 (7), 129 ½, of Santo Domingo, ECU, over 10 rounds.

In the first and second rounds Porozo was much more active than the defense minded Mioletti. In the third round Mioletti suffered a small cut on his left eyebrow. He’s had trouble cutting off the ring. His best punch so far was a left to the chin making Porozo’s legs buckle.

In the fourth round Mioletti finally got in some lead lefts to the chin. In the fifth round Mioletti got in some body shots as Porozo started to slow down. In the sixth round Mioletti had his best round landing more than the running Porozo with the same in the seventh round. That was the first time Porozo went past six rounds.

In the eighth round referee Howard continued warning Porozo for holding. What effective punches landed were by Mioletti. In the ninth round it was more of the same with Mioletti chasing until he got Porozo against the ropes and threw combinations.

In the tenth and final round Mioletti used a good body attack.
Judge’s Krebs 98-92, Wood 98-92 and Walton 97-93, same as this writer all for Mioletti.

Cruiserweight Constantin Bejenaru, 14-0 (4), of Moldova, out of Brooklyn, NY, stopped Jose “Olimpico” Humberto Corral, 20-25 (12), of Sonora, MEX, at 2:02 of the sixth round.

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