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Adam Kownacki Stays on World Title Track, Decisions Chris Arreola

Posted on 08/04/2019

By Robert Aaron Contreras

As a part of a Brooklyn homecoming show on FOX, Adam Kownacki (20-0, 15 KO) extended his perfect record against the recognizable slugger Chris Arreola (38-6-1, 33 KO), pouring it on over the entire 12 rounds, a punch output apparently unmatched by any heavyweight fight in the CompuBox history.

The judges had it 118-110, 117-111 and 117-111 for Kownacki, who showcased his talent in front of a familiar partisan crowd at the Barclays Center. Competing there for the ninth time, finally on the main stage.

“I thought it was a good fight,” Kownacki told PBC correspondent Heidi Androl. “Close—but I know I pulled it out. Chris is an Aztec Warrior. I gotta keep sharpening my skills. Hopefully next year I get a title shot.”

The fireworks were off from the opening round. Thee proper heavyweight slugfest, Kownacki chugged along, moving forward behind his jab. Arreola was there to fight. The veteran did his best work up close and personal. Neither man’s fists stopped oscillating.

Almost entirely, and in both directions, the punches remained upstairs. Kownacki continually plugged away at one-two combinations. Hardly bending at the waist, he simply slung leather from an upright stance. Still generating power, his crisp blows reminded champion-turned-broadcaster Deontay Wilder of a poor man’s George Foreman.

Arreola had his own assortment of winging punches. But sometime in the the third round he took back the center of the ring only to have his head snapped back from uppercuts. It was that array of creative punching that was hedging the fight in Kownacki’s favor.

But in the fourth frame, Arreola’s best combo—a sloppy jab followed by an awkward, stiff overhand right—did find its target. Between rounds, his trainer Dan Goosen’s implored his fighter to double up on his punches.

Kownacki, however, outworked the older man. He strung together punches from every angle. His one-two began to vary, not always ending in a straight right hand but also the occasional chopping blow. He pelted away at the giant in front of him at a rate that amazed even heavyweight legend Lennox Lewis who was commentating ringside.

The opposing heavyweights mixed it up through the middle stages. And in the ninth round, Kownacki had seemed to make a dent in Arreola, who would drop his hands, and step back in exhaustion (or despair) with every exchange. Up close, Kownacki adjusted and took advantage of Arreola putting his head down, drumming the sides of the Mexican-American’s head.

Pushing 270 pounds, Kownacki had never seen the championship rounds of 11 and 12. So Arreola thought he was out of gas and sat back, willing to catch blows, waiting—one, two three shots bouncing off of him—and then return singular punches of his own.

In the end, Kownacki still delivered more accurate shots, more often. He connected on 35 percent of his total punches, compared to 26 percent for Arreola. Together, Compubox numbers recorded over 2,000 punches between both of them.

Arreola, 38, was still happy with his work. And, as it turned out, his career too.

“I honestly feel like it’s about time,” Arreola said, suggesting his retirement. “I let it hang out. Even after breaking my hand—there was no quitting. I know I cracked him with a few punches. But he kept coming.”

Kownacki, 30, is on an opposite trajectory. Now in prime position for a world title. Saturday marked his second victory of 2019, coupled with a quick knockout in January of Gerald Washington. He ranks in the Top 5 by both the WBC and IBF, making him eligible to fight either one of the world’s beltholders in Wilder and Andy Ruiz Jr.

Jean Pascal upsets Marcus Browne for light heavyweight title

Pascal (34-6-1, 20 KO) rolled into Browne’s (23-1, 18 KO) backyard to take away his WBC light heavyweight belt—overcoming +1300 odds—knocking down the champion three times and eventually mauling him in the latter stages of a fight that would come to a screeching halt in the eighth period from a clash of heads.

Browne, dethroned, and blood above his eye, was not in the ring to hear the technical decision: 75-74 across the board for Pascal, who reclaimed championship gold at 36 years old.

“I dropped him three times,” Pascal said after the fight. “Even though it was close, I was winning the fight. We have the best rapper in the game—Drake. We have the NBA championship. And now I’m taking the light heavyweight belt back to Canada.”

Canadian faithful must have been holding their breath through the first three rounds, their man Pascal clearly on the losing end. Browne and his challenger traded power blows in the opening round, but Browne secured a lead, jabbing, and throwing at a higher output.

It was the same routine in the fourth frame. More jolting jabs from Browne before he began sitting down on winging lefts that backed up Pascal. But overconfident, he never saw the right hand Pascal would uncork later in the round that stretched out the champion.

Browne popped up and flashed a wide grin, beating the count, wherein Pascal chased him around with punches to close the inning.

The action picked up in the fifth, highlighted by a handful of phone booth exchanges. But with an adjustment, aiming punches to the midsection, Browne seemed to have stolen back the momentum, nicking the next two rounds.

As Pascal’s output continue to dwindle, Browne racked up more points: extending his right hand and timing a slashing left hook into Pascal leaning over. But lo! another buzzing right hand eventually clipped Browne, dropping him—again.

The champ got up smiling—deja vu setting in. But he was back on the canvas before the end of the seventh from a short exchange along the ropes, his legs unsteady.

Pascal did what he had to in the eighth round, bullying his opponent, chippy shots reigning down from all over. Just enough to snatch the remaining moments of this grudge match.

Eventually, the opposing fighters leaned into one another, a burst of sweat exploded from their colliding foreheads. Referee Gary Rosado immediately called for the ringside physician and the title tilt was over.

There was not word from Browne, who left early to lick his wounds. Tragic happenstance following his last fight, a title winning performance over Badou Jack, who was similarly cut open—cartoonishly gashed across the forehead.

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PBC on FOX Doubleheader: Kownacki, Browne Meet Notable Opponents

Posted on 08/01/2019

By: Robert Aaron Contreras

On Saturday, August 3, PBC on FOX was due for a tripleheader from the Barclays Centers in Brooklyn, New York where a trio of big names would have carefully matched opponents in front of them.

Now with former welterweight champion Andre Berto out, Adam Kownacki, who takes on Chris Arreola, and light heavyweight beltholder Marcus Browne, fighting Jean Pascal, are bolstering the bill on their own.

The FOX broadcast begins at 8 p.m. ET.

Adam Kownacki vs. Chris Arreola

Kownacki is more than familiar with the Barclays Center, having been born in Poland but becoming a man in Brooklyn. He competed there eight times on his way to this pivotal moment, his first headliner on such a grand stage.

And despite no championship belt on the line, his hometown backing puts him and Arreola in the main event.

The 30-year-old Kownacki (19-0, 15 KO) is a banger, always looking to string together chippy punches from every angle. His appearance earned him the nickname Babyface. He has compiled a nice resume, one of B-level talent like Artur Szpilka and a former beltholder in Charles Martin, putting him in line to take a crack at the world level sooner rather than later. In January of this year, he jumped Gerald Washington—again on primetime FOX.

The Polish puncher took out Washington in under four minutes. Quicker work than even Deontay Wilder had with Washington. Kownacki could beat Wilder’s KO mark again if he takes Arreola (38-5-1, 33 KO) out in less than eight rounds.

Arreola, 38, took a lumping from Wilder, who injured his dominate hand, and didn’t make it out of the corner for the ninth period. It was title opportunities like that that make Arreola
arguably Kownacki’s most notable opponent, even if that doesn’t mean the best.

Arreola is back mainstream TV for reasons that are hard to understand outside of simply being a heavyweight. One who used to have a good chin. But one that can punch a little and fights in the same mold as his younger counterpart.

He has never shied away from the spotlight. His is a spotty record since being promoted as possible the man to claim that notional title of first Mexican heavyweight champion before being easily stamped out by Vitali Klitschko. He relied on that heritage and slapdash soundbites to keep him in business and eventually a mainstay with the PBC.

Marcus Browne vs. Jean Pascal
WBA champion Marcus Browne (23-0, 16 KO) is one of a quartet of remarkably talented light heavyweight champions. With Artur Beterbiev scheduled to unify two belts with Gvozdyk, the American of the bunch it could be said is fighting them as much as he is Jean Pascal (33-6-1, 20 KO), to the extent tat as they are all compared against each other for recognition of the true 175-pound kingpin.

Pascal, 36, was once the lineal light heavyweight ruler. That was a decade ago. Still in the Year of Our Lord 2019 this weekend will mark the second consecutive world title challenge for Pascal, of Canada. Despite falling way short against an operator like Dmitry Bivol, the respected former champ has the pull and reputation to remain relevant in the title picture.

Browne, Staten Island’s own, was on big promoter’s wishlist coming out of the London Olympics. He has spent time with Golden Boy Promotions and like many other East Coast talent thriving under Lou DiBella for a stint. Browne’s highlight being a first-round knockout of longstanding gatekeeper Gabriel Campillo

Fighting out of New York, Browne signed with Golden Boy out of the London Olympics. But soon like most east coast fighters, he thrived under Lou Dibella. The highlight being a first-round thumping of longstanding gatekeeper Gabriel Campilloin 2015. But a fickle decision over puncher Radivoje Kalajdzic that left a sour taste in the mouth of fight fans who then became ready to scrutinize Browne as an overhyped prospect. His reoccurring legal trouble were no help.

Browne eventually stomped Thomas Williams Jr. in six rounds as well as the previously undefeated Sean Monagham, also of New York. Now campaigning with Al Haymon’s crew, Browne can boast an incredible win over Badou Jack, a star-making unanimous decision victory.

Still undefeated and untouched, Browne can only hurt himself this weekend. No matter how ferociously he takes out a reputable veteran like Pascal, the Canadian is a shell of his former self—hardly throwing punches these days. The matchup pales in comparison to a delectable unification like Beterbiev-Gvozdyk.

Browne should keep an eye out on the winner.

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Adam Kownacki and Chris Arreola Discuss Their Showdown

Posted on 07/31/2019

By: Hans Themistode

The Heavyweights are taking over Brooklyn New York, as both Adam Kownacki (19-0, 15 KOs) and Chris Arreola (38-5-1, 33 KOs) will headline the Barclay Center, this coming Saturday on August 3rd.

With the Heavyweight division now seemingly wide open, this will be perfect opportunity for both men to make a statement. For Kownacki it is especially memorable for him to be headlining a card in his hometown of Brooklyn.

“I feel blessed. I grew up there, I grew up in Brooklyn,” said Kownacki. “It’s a big deal to be the headliner. Having all my friends, all my family, my community being there having my back. It’s very rewarding.”

Kownacki’s story may have a feel good theme to it, but his opponent, Chris Arreola, won’t allow there to be a happy ending.

“I’m looking to knock him out,” said Arreola during a recent media conversation. “He’s a really good fighter but right now he’s in my way. I still have championship goals in my head and I know that if I can beat this guy then I’ll get another crack at a world title.”

For Kownacki, he has placed himself on a specific pathway. Current WBC belt holder Deontay Wilder is who the undefeated Kownacki currently has his eyes set on. Arreola will represent the third opponent that both Kownacki and Wilder have fought in their respective careers.

Kownacki does not want to simply stop Arreola, but he wants to do so in a much more dominant fashion than what Wilder did to him when they matched up in 2016. In that contest Wilder dropped Arreola in the fourth and stopped him in the eighth round.

“I have been with two guys that Deontay Wilder fought with Artur Szpilka and Gerald Washington,” said Kownacki. “It took Wilder ten rounds to knock out Artur Szpilka in a very competitive fight when I just walked right through him. And the same thing with Gerald Washington. I knocked him out in two rounds. My next fight against Chris Arreola, another fight Wilder and I have in common, and I plan to do the same thing, walk right through him. I think if I could beat him in a better fashion than Deontay beat him before, then that’s a good statement!”

A shot at a title would undoubtedly be awaiting the winner of this contest. Kownacki just might be coming into this contest even more motivated than ever. Earlier this week he revealed that he had received a phone call a few months ago to be an opponent for former unified Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s U.S. debut. Kownacki turned down the fight. Stating that he was not in shape at that moment.

We all have seen what has happened since then as Andy Ruiz took the opportunity and went on to knock Joshua out in the seventh round. Kownacki does have a few regrets about missing out on his shot, and vows to never allow that to happen again.

“I’m making sure I stay in shape from now on. When I seen Andy Ruiz pull off the upset against Joshua I was just thinking that it should have been me. I only turned down the fight because it was short notice and I was not in shape at that time. I’ll make sure I am ready at all times now.”

With a motivated Kownacki, Arreola seems to be in a world of trouble come fight night. Still, this is a fight he can’t afford to lose. If he does however, come up short against Kownacki, then this will mark the end of his 16 year pro career.

“If I lose this fight, I will retire, plain and simple” said Arreola.

With so much riding on the line, expect this contest to be bombs away from the opening bell.

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Adam Kownacki vs. Chris Arreola Full Fight Card Press Conference Recap

Posted on 06/19/2019

By: Hans Themistode

On Saturday August 3rd, the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York, will play host to a night of boxing. In the first televised bout of the night, it will be former Light Heavyweight champion Jean Pascal (33-6-1, 20 KOs) against WBA interim Light Heavyweight champion Marcus Browne (23-0, 16 KOs).

Throughout the long and storied career of Pascal he has never ducked a challenge. He is looking to once again challenge for a world title, but now, at age 36, many have wondered if he has anything left in the tank.

“I’ve heard all of the talk of me being washed up, come August 3rd, I’ll show you how washed up I am.” Said Pascal.

His challenger Marcus Browne, conceded to Pascal that he does hold the edge in terms of experience but that won’t matter come fight night.

“He’s a former champion and I respect what he has done in the ring but he’s way past his prime. I’m knocking him out come fight night.”

As for the co main event, there will be no shortage of fireworks. Former two time Welterweight champion Andre Berto (32-5, 24 KOs) will return to the ring after a year off to take on Miguel Cruz (18-1, 12 KOs). For the former champion, he was last seen in the ring winning a close split decision over fellow former champion Devon Alexander. A win over Cruz could vault Berto right back into the title hunt.

“A win over Cruz would be big time for me. It’s all about keeping that momentum. I’m always in the championship mix, so I know a win could mean a title shot is coming pretty soon,” said Berto.

For Cruz the thought of him losing the second bout of his career hasn’t entered his mind. Instead, he believes that his time is now.

“Berto had his run, he’s old now. I need a win like this on my resume. I can’t let this opportunity pass me by.”

The first two fights on this card will bring excitement to the Brooklyn crowd but, the main event is sure to leave everyone on the edge of their seats.

Three time world Heavyweight title changer Chris Arreola (38-5-1, 33 KOs) is pushing all of his chips to the middle of the table. The 38 year old has received multiple cracks at a world title but has fallen short. He’s now hoping that a win over the undefeated Adam Kownacki (19-0, 15 KOs) will lead him to one more shot at gold.

“If I can beat a guy like Kownacki it’ll put me right back in position to challenge for a world title,” said Arreola during his Brooklyn, New York, press conference. “He’s one of the hottest guys in the division right now so if I can beat him then I’ll be in a real good position. This is do or die for me. If I lose this fight then I will retire. He will not beat me come August 3rd.”

To say that Kownacki is on an impressive run would be putting it mildly. He has knocked out five of his past six opponents. Kownacki has a goal in mind. He is slowly but effectively placing himself in position to challenge WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Arreola will be the third opponent that both Wilder and Kownacki have in common. Kownacki has successfully been able to stop his previous two common opponents in, Gerald Washington and Artur Szpilka in faster and more devastating fashion than the current WBC champion. The undefeated contender will look too out due Wilder once again.

“The most important thing is to get the win, but with this being the third opponent that me and Wilder have in common, I’m hoping to knock him out faster than what Wilder did. I know Arreola is tough but I need to make a statement.”

The common theme in all of these matchups are, making a statement. On August 3rd, they will all receive their chance.

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PBC on Fox Results: Wilder Obliterates Arreola, Lubin and Diaz Win by Decision

Posted on 07/16/2016

PBC on Fox Results: Wilder Obliterates Arreola, Lubin and Diaz Win by Decision
By: William Holmes

Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) series returned to Birmingham, Alabama for another World Heavyweight Title fight featuring the lone American champion in that division, Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder.
The Fox Network televised tonight’s fight card from the Legacy Arena and Lou Dibella was the lead promoter.

image1 (5)
Photo Credit: Ryan Hafey / Premier Boxing Champions

The opening bout of the night was between two time Iraq War veteran Sammy Vasquez (21-0) and former Olympic Gold Medalist Felix Diaz (17-1) in the welterweight division.

Both boxers fought out of a southpaw stance, and it was Vasquez that was backing up Diaz in the first two rounds with a steady jab while remaining out of the range of Diaz. There was more action in the second round than the first, but it appeared Diaz was having difficulty solving the height and range of Vasquez.

Diaz had a solid third round by getting in tight and landing some wild punches and short uppercuts. The difference in power was also evident in the fourth and fifth rounds as Diaz has Vasquez backing up and at times caught him by the ropes or corner with quick combinations.

Vasquez’s punches looked like they were losing it’s snap in the sixth and seventh rounds as Diaz continued to lay traps and pop Vasquez when he came in forward. Vasquez had blood coming out of his nose in the seventh round, and his mouth was wide open in the eighth round and he was visibly tiring.

Diaz knocked Vasquez’s mouthpiece out of his mouth again in the eighth round with several hard combinations. Vasquez’s mouth was bleeding badly and he was taking some hard shots.

Vasquez mounted a small comeback in the ninth round and showed he was willing to take a punch in order to land a punch, but he didn’t appear to seriously hurt Diaz, though he did threaten at times.

The last round featured some hard exchanges by both boxers, but Vasquez’s mouthpiece was popped out again by Diaz and Vasquez lost a point by the referee. Vasquez suffered a bad cut near his right eye in the final round.

It was a good bout with several close rounds but it looked like to this author that Felix Diaz had done enough to win the bout, but the judges scored it 96-94 Diaz, 95-95, and 95-95 for a majority draw.

However, the Alabama Comission recalculated the scorecards and found out the scores should have been 96-93, 95-94, and 95-94 for Felix Diaz. The final round point deduction helped Diaz squeak out the victory.

The second fight of the night was between Erickson Lubin (15-0) and Ivan Montero (20-1) in the super welterweight division.

Lubin, a southpaw, looked in control early with accurate check right hooks and strong body shots. He was walking Montero down in the second round with combinations to the body and head, and several hard left hands.

Lubin was in complete control in the third round, but was warned by the referee twice for low blows in the fourth warned and was told he would be deducted a point if he landed another low blow. Montero was also warned for landing a low blow.

Lubin dominated Montero in the fifth and sixth rounds. He stunned Montero in the fifth round with a straight left hand and did it again in the sixth round with a left hook to the chin preceded by a combination to the body.

Montero clearly needed a knockout in the final two rounds in order to win the fight, but instead he got battered by the more talented Lubin.

Lubin won the decision with scores of 80-72 on all three scorecards.

The main event of the night was between Deontay Wilder (36-0) and Chris Arreola (36-4-1) for the WBC Heavyweight Title.

Even though this bout took place in Wilder’s hometown, the crowd appeared to be somewhat subdued during the ring walk and fighter introductions.

The opening round was a slow round. Arreola circled to his right in order to avoid the right hand of Wilder but threw little. Wilder threw a pawing jab and threw a couple of right hands, but was also pretty passive.
Arreola tried to press forward a little more in the second round but had to eat several jabs in the process and was cut on the bridge of his nose at the end of the round after Wilder made him pay with hard right hand counters.

Wilder landed several hard jabs in the third round that snapped the head of Arreola backwards. Arreola was able to land some body shots, but was stunned at the end of the round.

Arreola was badly wobbled from a two punch combination in the fourth round and went to the mat. He was able to get back up before the ten count, but was immediately attacked by Wilder and badly hurt and wobbly as the round came to an end.

Wilder started off the fifth round aggressively but Arreola still had some fight left in him and kept coming forward despite being badly hurt the previous round. Arreola tried to throw some shots at the head of Wilder,
but most of them were blocked. Wilder was able to land a vicious right uppercut in the fifth round when his back was near the ropes.

Wilder’s jab was extremely accurate in the sixth round. Arreola just was not able to get past that jab and within range to hurt Wilder.

Wilder continued to obliterate Arreola in the seventh round and was showboating while doing so. Arreola went back to the stool on wobbly legs at the end of the seventh and his face was badly bruised.

Arreola had little ot nothing left in the eighth round and had blood streaming from the bridge of his nose. Wilder just continued to land shots at will and the referee looked like he was close to stopping it.

Arreola survived the eighth round, but his corner wisely went to the referee and told him he was stopping the fight before the ninth round could begin. Arreola showed incredible heart, but Wilder was just too big and too powerful for him.

Deontay Wilder wins by TKO at the end of the eighth round.

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PBC on Fox Preview: Wilder vs. Arreola, Vasquez vs. Diaz

Posted on 07/14/2016

PBC on Fox Preview: Wilder vs. Arreola, Vasquez vs. Diaz
By: William Holmes

On Saturday night in Birmingham, Alabama Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) will return to the hometown of Deontay Wilder as he defends his WBC Heavyweight Title against former title challenger Chris Arreola.

A welterweight matchup between Sammy Vasquez and Felix Diaz will open up the telecast.

Fox will televise this heavyweight fight live from the Legacy Arena and the telecast will begin at 8:00 PM.

The following is a preview of both of the televised bouts.

Photo Credit: Chris Farina/Premier Boxing Champions (PBC)

Sammy Vasquez (21-0) vs. Felix Diaz (17-1); Welterweights

Sammy Vasquez served two tours in Iraq for the United States Army and is a fan favorite. He’s been very active the past two years and fought six times in 2014, three times in 2015, and once in 2016. He had a successful amateur career and was able to make it in the semi finals of the 2012 US Olympic Boxing Trials and was the runner up in the 2008 Golden Gloves competition.

His opponent, Felix Diaz, had a more successful amateur career and was a Gold Medal winner in the 2008 Summer Olympics and also competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics for the Dominican Republic.

Both boxers are southpaws. Vasquez will have a five inch height advantage and a four inch reach advantage. He is also two years younger than Diaz.

Diaz has not been anywhere near as active as Vasquez. He fought twice in 2014 and in 2015.

Vasquez has defeated the likes of Aaron Martinez, Jose Lopez, Wale Omotoso, Emmanuel Lartey, James Stevenson, and Juan Rodriguez Jr. Diaz’s only notable victories have come against Emmanuel Lartey by split decision and Gabriel Bracero. Diaz lost his last fight to Lamont Peterson in a close bout.

Vasquez would be wise to use his height and reach advantage and stay on the outside. However, if Diaz is able to work his way in, Vasquez does appear to have an edge in power. He has stopped fifteen of his opponents while Diaz only has eight stoppage victories.

This should be a close fight, and is a competitive matchup for the PBC opener. Vasquez should be considered a slight favorite.

Deontay Wilder (36-0) vs. Chris Arreola (36-4-1); WBC Heavyweight Title

The one thing most fight fans are pretty sure about is that this fight will end in a knockout.

Deontay Wilder has stopped every single one of his opponents except for one, and that was Bermane Stiverne. Arreola has stopped thirty one of his opponents and is also known for his vicious power.

Wilder will have a four inch height advantage and a very large seven inch reach advantage on Saturday night. He is also five years younger than his opponent.

Both boxers fight out of an orthodox stance. Wilder has been the more active of the two, as he fought three times in 2015 and twice in 2014, while Arreola fought once in 2014 and three times in 2015.

Wilder, obviously, has won thirty six fights in a row and has yet to taste defeat. Arreola has gone 2-2-1 in his past five fights and only one once in 2015. His last good win was in 2013 when he defeated Seth Mitchell.

This will be the third time that Wilder has fought for the heavyweight title in Alabama and he has successfully defended his title three times. He hasn’t faced any of the elites in the heavyweight division at this point, but he has defeated the likes of Bermane Stiverne, Artur Szpilka, Johann Duhaupas, Eric Molina, Bermane Stiverne, Malik Scott, and Siarhei Liakhovich.

Arreola has lost to Bermane Stiverne twice, as well as Tomasz Adamek and Vitali Klitschko. He has defeated the likes of Chazz Witherspoon, Travis Walker, Jameel McCline, Eric Molina, and Seth Mitchell.

Both boxers have had successful amateur careers. Wilder is a bronze medalist in the 2008 Summer Olympics and is a former National Golden Gloves Winner. Arreola was the 2001 National Golden Gloves Champion in the Light Heavyweight division.

Arreola recognizes that father time is working against him and stated, “Deontay is a very tough opponent so I have to come hard this time. This is my third world title shot and I have to make it count. The first time I was too young, the second time I got caught with a shot, but this time I’ll be ready for anything..”

Wilder, as always, is looking for the knockout and stated, “Arreola definitely has a style prone to a knockout. He’s a pressure fighter who will come forward all night. That plays to my style. I love pressure fighters who give me a challenge. They keep me moving and thinking. I love the sweet science and the art to it.”

This would have been a much more interesting fight in Arreola’s prime. It will likely feature some suspenseful moments, but Wilder will likely continue to roll and stop Arreola before the end of the bout.

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The Working Class Charm Of Chris Arreola

Posted on 07/08/2016

The Working Class Charm Of Chris Arreola
By: Sean Crose

I remember the conference call like it was yesterday. I was on the phone with boxing media and Chris Arreola…foul mouthed Chris Arreola. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed – but Arreola proved my pre conceived notions to be wrong. Sure enough, the experience reminded me not to judge a book by its cover. For Arreola was, for lack of a more professional term, really cool. Friendly, gregarious, personable – he had all the traits needed to be well liked. Whatever his flaws might have been as a pro athlete, it was hard not to leave the conference call impressed with Arreola’s proficient renegade people skills.


Truth be told, I don’t think I was much different than a whole lot of fans that day. People, simply put, like Arreola the person, if not the fighter. Think about it, here’s a guy who actually admitted that he doesn’t deserve the heavyweight title shot he’s getting next week against the very colorful – and, admit it, talented -Deontay Wilder, yet few are condemning the state of boxing for creating such a match up.

This may have something to do with Alexander Povetkin, who was supposed to face Wilder, testing positive for a banned substance, of course. An immediate replacement was needed and Arreola was available. Still, I think there’s something more at work here. Arreola, as has been pointed out (I think by Dan Rafael and a fan during one of Dan’s online chats), is apt to enter the fight out of shape and unprepared. Understandable, perhaps, since he took the bout on short notice – but still perfectly in keeping with Arreola’s reputation for being less than disciplined.

Sure enough, Arreola is likely to enter the ring on any given occasion as big as a figurative three family house. He’s also likely to struggle against less than lauded opposition. Yet through it all the man fights and fights. Ultimately, Arreola strikes fans as being a working class guy, a jovial tough customer who might not be the picture of industry, but is still all heart. He’s the guy to bear hug you a party, the kid in grammar school who would take care of the playground bully for you. He’s the guy who steps up to the plate each and every time and gives it his all – whether he’s bothered to properly prepare himself or not.

So yeah, there’s a lot to like about Chris Arreola. With that in mind, it would be one hell of a shock to see him get past Wilder, a fighter with his own charms…and heart. Say what you will, this fight won’t be a snooze fest.

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Boxing Insider Notebook: Pacquiao, Wilder, Arreola, Diaz, Vasquez, Rising Promotions, and more…

Posted on 07/05/2016

Boxing Insider Notebook: Pacquiao, Wilder, Arreola, Diaz, Vasquez, Rising Promotions, and more…
By: William Holmes

The following is the Boxing Insider notebook for the week of June 28th to July 5th, covering the comings and goings in the sport of boxing that you might have missed.

Pacquiao Macau Arrival_140824_002a-2

Deontay Wilder and Chris Arreola Submit to VADA Testing

Heavyweight world champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder and two-time title challenger Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola have both enrolled with the world-renowned Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (“VADA”) to conduct the anti-doping program leading up to their Saturday, July 16 showdown that headlines Premier Boxing Champions on FOX & FOX Deportes from Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. Televised coverage begins at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

“Despite the short lead time to Wilder vs. Arreola, I am happy to report that VADA is in place as the anti-doping agency in accordance with the WBC Clean Boxing Program,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment. “VADA is a preeminent and reliable service and its relationship with the WBC evidences a commitment to a cleaner sport.”

This marks the second straight training camp in which Wilder has enrolled with VADA. VADA testing, in accordance with the WBC Clean Boxing Program, was in place for Wilder’s scheduled May 21 defense versus Alexander Povetkin, which was canceled following Povetkin’s positive test for Meldonium. In addition, Wilder has submitted paperwork to VADA and the WBC to participate in year-round anti-doping testing that is expected to commence later this summer.

Bob Arum Reserves Mandalay Bay for Manny Pacquiao

Nothing is official, and it appears to be an unlikely possibility since Pacquiao is now a Senator of the Philippines, but Bob Arum has caused a stir in reserving the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for October 15th just in case Pacquiao decides to come back and fight.

There are many possible opponents for Pacquiao if he decides to return and fight. Two leading candidates are Terence Crawford and Adrien Broner.

However, this is just pure speculation at this point. http://www.latimes.com/sports/boxing/la-sp-sn-boxing-pacquiao-arum-crawford-broner-thurman-20160629-snap-story.html

Undefeated Domonique Dolton to Face Levan Ghvamichava

Undefeated Domonique Dolton (17-0-1, 9 KOs) battles Georgia’s Levan Ghvamichava (16-2-1, 12 KOs) in the 10-round super welterweight main event of Premier Boxing Champions TOE-TO-TOE TUESDAYS on FS1 and BOXEO DE CAMPEONES on FOX Deportes Tuesday, July 12 from Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino in Nice, California.

Ghvamichava was originally scheduled to take on Olympic Gold medalist Felix Diaz, who is now facing undefeated welterweight Sammy Vasquez Jr. in PBC on FOX and FOX Deportes action Saturday, July 16 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Televised coverage on July 12 begins at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT and features undefeated prospect Malcolm McAllister (7-0, 7 KOs) battling Brazil’s Gilberto Pereira (7-2, 4 KOs) in eight-rounds of super middleweight action while undefeated prospects Thomas Hill (6-0, 1 KO) and Marcos Hernandez (7-0, 2 KOs) compete in an eight-round super welterweight fight.

A highly regarded fighter out of the late Emanuel Steward’s Kronk Gym, the Detroit-native Dolton battled to a draw in an exciting matchup against Oscar Molina on FS1 and FOX Deportes last September. The 26-year-old took home victories over Victor Fonseca and Juan Carlos Rojas in 2015 and owns wins over Donatas Bondorovas, Richard Gutierrez and Jonathan Batista in his eight-year career.

Ghvamichava will look to rebound from a defeat in his last bout after riding a five-fight win streak that had dated back to 2013. The 30-year-old took down previously unbeaten fighters Jonathan Garcia and Chris Singleton in 2014 and followed it up with triumphs over Cameron Kreal and Cosme Rivera in 2015. Originally from Poti, Georgia, Ghvamichava now trains out of Hayward, California.

Orozco and Diaz to Headline HBO Latino Boxing

As California battles through a sizzling heat wave, the Summer of 2016 will get even hotter on Saturday, July 30, as two of SoCal’s undefeated top rising stars return to the ring. Undefeated welterweight Antonio “Relentless” Orozco (24-0, 16 KOs) of San Diego is set to participate in 10-round main event while Golden Boy Promotions stable mate and undefeated NABF Featherweight Champion Joseph “Jojo” Diaz, Jr. (20-0, 11 KOs)of South El Monte, Calif. will be featured in the 10-round co-main event. Both fights will be televised on HBO Latino Boxing.

With Orozco ranked as number one by the WBC and in the top 10 by all major world sanctioning bodies and with Diaz crashing the WBC, IBF and WBO rankings, the stakes have never been higher as world-class boxing returns to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif. Opponents for Orozco and Diaz will be announced shortly.

“Antonio Orozco and Joseph Diaz, Jr. are two fighters quickly rising to the top in Golden Boy’s stable of talent, with both poised to become world champions in the near-future,” said Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. “This card will be action-packed, making for an exiting summer event that fans should not miss on July 30 at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino and HBO Latino Boxing.”

Sammy Vasquez to Face Felix Diaz

Undefeated welterweight rising star Sammy “The Sergeant” Vasquez Jr. (21-0, 15 KOs) is set to battle former Olympic Gold medalist Felix Diaz (17-1, 8 KOs) in the 10-round co-main event of Premier Boxing Champions on FOX and FOX Deportes Saturday, July 16 from Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama.

Diaz replaces former world champion Luis Collazo, who was forced to withdraw from the bout due to a torn calf muscle.

“Sammy Vasquez Jr., a U.S. Army veteran and undefeated contender, against once-beaten former Olympic Gold medalist Felix Diaz is an excellent matchup between two rising stars in the welterweight division,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment. “Following last week’s tremendous battle between Thurman and Porter, I am excited that PBC on FOX is showcasing the welterweight division once again on network television.”

Ruiz to Face Gormley in Heavyweight Showdown on July 16th

An intriguing heavyweight showdown will go down on Saturday, July 16, as WBO #5-, IBF #5-, and WBC #7-rated and current NABF heavyweight champion Andy “The Destroyer from Mexicali” Ruiz (27-0, 18 KOs) has agreed to face comebacking KO artist Joshua “Josh Dempsey” Gormley (22-4, 21 KOs) in his next ring appearance.

26-year-old Ruiz, from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, will face the determined and upset-minded 41-year-old Gormley, from Torrance in a non-title fight in the 10-round main event of Salita Promotions’ next “Detroit Brawl” installment at the Masonic Temple in Downtown Detroit.

Ruiz has made four successful defenses of his NABF Championship. Before that, he held the WBO Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship and made an additional three successful defenses before relinquishing. In his last in-ring appearance, he stopped former world title challenger Ray Austin in the fourth round on May 14 in Studio City, California.

Gormley, who bills himself as a distant relative of former champ Jack Dempsey, reportedly trains with Dino Spencer and Luis “Chiro” Perez at the 5th St. Gym in Miami, Florida. He is on a three-fight KO streak since coming back from a 16-year layoff in late 2015. Despite having had no amateur boxing career, Dempsey fought his way to up-and-comer status in the late 90s and was a fan favorite. He also worked with former champion Lennox Lewis as a sparring partner. Gormley is a former California State Wrestling Champion and MMA fighter and the older brother of UFC fighter Chase Gormley.

Anthony “Juice” Young to Headline Next Rising Promotions Card

On Friday night, July 22nd, welterweight, Anthony “Juice” Young will headline a great night of boxing against Ariel Vasquez in a scheduled 8-round welterweight bout at The Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City.
Welterweight Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna will take part in a six-round co-feature bout against Eduardo Flores.

The card is promoted by Rising Promotions.

“We are excited to be running our fourth show in seven months at The Claridge,” said Debra LaManna of Rising Promotions.

“We are starting to build a reputation for putting on well matched and exciting cards at The Claridge and July 22nd will be no different.”

Young of Atlantic City has a record of 12-2 with five knockouts will be looking for his second consecutive victory.

The 28 year-old won his first ten bouts that was highlighted by a victory over Jose Javier Calderon (4-1).

This will be Young’s 6th (and 4th consecutive) fight in his hometown.

He is coming off a 6-round unanimous decision victory over Juan Rodriguez on April 29.

Vasquez of Managua, Nicaragua has a record of 12-14-2 with eight knockouts.

Vasquez, 29 years old turned professional in 2005 and fought his first 11 fights in his native Nicaragua. He twice fought Juan Antonio Rodriguez for the WBC Youth Featherweight title and held undefeated Eliezer Landas (10-0) to a draw in a bout for the WBA Fedecentro Super Bantamweight title.
He has faced six undefeated fighters including his last two. In his last outing, Vasquez lost a unanimous decision to Jose Felix Quezada (9-0) on May 17 in Carlton, Minnesota.

LaManna of Millville, New Jersey has a record of 20-1 with eight knockouts.

The 24 year-old LaManna turned professional in 2011 and won his first sixteen bouts that were highlighted by wins over Ashandi Gibbs & Jamaal Davis.

Since suffering his only loss to world ranked Middleweight Antoine Douglas on ShoBox: The New Generation, LaManna has won four straight which includes a 6-round unanimous decision over rugged Ayi Bruce on September 26th in Beach Haven, New Jersey. In his last bout, LaManna stopped Kendal Mena (20-3) in four rounds on March 19th at The Claridge in Atlantic City.

With a win, LaManna will be back in September in a high profile bout.

But he will have to get past Flores, who is a veteran of 47 professional fights (23-21-3, 15 KO’s).
Flores of Quito, Eciador is a battle tested fighter who has faced a bevy of champions and top contenders

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Don’t Blame Deontay Wilder

Posted on 06/19/2016

Don’t Blame Deontay Wilder
By: Sean Crose

Perhaps I’m a bit biased here. Truth be told, I’m not one of those people who has a problem with WBC world heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder. I know, I know, he hasn’t exactly fought a murderer’s row of opposition in his 36-0 career. That, however, is no longer his fault. He won the belt via decision win over Bermane Stiverne in a masterful performance. Stiverne clearly wasn’t at his best for that fight, but that’s no fault of Wilder’s. Nor is it Wilder’s fault that Alexander Povetkin, his 30-1 mandatory, got busted having a banned substance in his system recently.


Keep in mind that Wilder, despite what many had predicted, decided to fight Povetkin in the Russian’s home country rather than giving up his belt. That’s saying something when you realize that Russia isn’t exactly known as the land of good sportsmanship. Needless to say, the Wilder-Povetkin bout has been postponed at the very least and Wilder has decided to move on. Who can blame the guy? Still, people are complaining now because Wilder is going to fight eternal contender Chris Arreola in Wilder’s home state of Alabama in July.

While it’s true Arreola isn’t the greatest opponent out there (indeed, it’s worth wondering how this guy keeps getting so many high profile bouts), he’s essentially a last minute replacement for an opponent people were saying would beat Wilder and who, again, Wilder had agreed to fight. Honestly, I’m not sure what Wilder is doing wrong here by facing Arreola. Some people wish the knockout artist (all but one of Wilders’ fights have ended in a knockout) would face a more formidable opponent, but top opposition means a top training camp specifically geared for that opposition. Wilder trained for Povetkin and now he needs someone to fill the dance card.

Besides, Arreola is fun. He brings it. He often brings a lot of extra pounds, too, but he brings it. I’ve spoken with the fighter and have found him to a be a good natured tough guy. Sure, he swears a lot, but so do a lot of likeable people. In a strange way Arreola reminds me of “Two Ton” Tony Galento, a comical, tubby slugger, who once managed to briefly drop Joe Louis before having Louis subsequently punch his lights out. He may not be great, but like Galento, Arreola is generally puts on a good show for the fans.

And let’s face it, the sport is in need of some entertaining fights right now.

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Boxing Insider Notebook :Wilder, Arreola, Canelo, Golden Boy, Lubin, Crolla, Linares, Sosa, and more…

Posted on 06/14/2016

Boxing Insider Notebook :Wilder, Arreola, Canelo, Golden Boy, Lubin, Crolla, Linares, Sosa, and more…
By: William Holmes

The following is the Boxing Insider notebook for the week of June 7th to June 14th, covering the comings and goings in the sport of boxing that you might have missed.

005 Wilder vs Scott IMG_1385

Deontay Wilder to Face Chris Arreola on July 16th

Undefeated heavyweight world champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (36-0, 35 KOs) will defend his title in his home state when he battles two-time world title challenger Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (36-4-1, 31 KOs) in the main event of Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) on FOX and FOX Deportes Saturday, July 16 from Legacy Arena at the BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama with televised coverage beginning at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Wilder returns to the ring after he was set to travel to Russia and defend his title against Alexander Povetkin on May 21 before the challenger failed a drug test that caused a cancellation of the fight. Now, Wilder will showcase his exceptional skills in primetime on network television as he takes on Arreola. It will be Wilder’s fourth defense and third in his home state of Alabama.

“I’m always excited about coming home and being in front of my people where I’m the most comfortable,” said Wilder. “I’ve been traveling a lot, going over to Sheffield, England to train before I was supposed to fight Alexander Povetkin in Moscow. But because of his decision to use a banned substance, the fight didn’t happen. I’m disappointed about that, but it’s not going to stop me from being an active heavyweight world champion. It has also given me the opportunity to again defend my title before my hometown fans. It’s always good to come home.

“This is the longest stretch that I’ve been out of the ring and I’m anxious to get back in and continue my quest to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world,” continued Wilder. “This is another fight in that process. I respect Chris Arreola for getting into the ring with me, but we all know who the real champion is and I’m going to prove it. I’ve been training long and hard for a fight and now I’m going to take it out on Arreola on July 16.”

“I’m thankful to Deontay for this opportunity, he has proven a great deal by winning the heavyweight title and by defending it three times,” said Arreola. “I’m very excited to step into the ring with him, put on a great show, be victorious and make history by becoming the first Mexican heavyweight world champion.”

Golden Boy Promotions Issues Statement on Canelo Lawsuit

“We are extremely pleased that not only did the jury find that no contract ever existed between Canelo and All-Star Boxing, but issued a judgment against All-Star Boxing and ordered them to pay Golden Boy’s substantial legal fees.

Over the last five-plus years, many questioned why we wouldn’t just settle the case before trial. The answer is simple: We would not be extorted. It was clear from the beginning that neither Canelo Alvarez nor Golden Boy Promotions had acted inappropriately in any way. We are grateful that the jury was able to see that.

However, it is absurd to think that All-Star Boxing provided anywhere near that amount of value that the jury awarded under a separate claim. We will appeal this part of the decision, and are confident we will win, just as we did on the contract dispute.”

Outside of appealing the financial damages, we now look forward to putting this episode behind us and working with Canelo Alvarez to continue his meteoric rise though the boxing ranks.”

Anthony Crolla to Face Jorge Linares on September 24th

Current WBA Lightweight World Champion Anthony “Million Dollar” Crolla (31-4-3, 13 KOs) will face WBC Lightweight World Champion Jorge “El Niño de Oro” Linares (40-3, 27 KOs) in a huge unification blockbuster for the WBA, WBC and The Ring Magazine Lightweight World Championships at the Manchester Arena on September 24, 2016, live on Sky Sports.

Crolla will make the second defence of his crown in his hometown fortress following his brilliant knockout victory over Venezuelan danger man Ismael Barroso in May, having ripped the title from Darleys Perez with another body shot knockout in November.

“I’m so excited to have the chance to unify the Lightweight division,” said Crolla. “Jorge is a fantastic fighter and it’s another mountain to climb, but these are the tests that I thrive on and I’ve beaten two great fighters in Perez and Barroso and I’m confident that I can beat Jorge too.

“I’m having to pinch myself after everything that’s happened. I’m fighting the number one fighter in the division for the WBC, WBA and THE RING title; it doesn’t get any better than this. I’m very proud and privileged to be able to bring this fight to Manchester.

“I’ve been a fan of Jorge Linares for years now and he’s technically brilliant at times but like any other fighter, he has vulnerabilities. It’s up to me to expose those vulnerabilities and I truly believe that I can and I will. Linares is a great champion but these are the fights you want to be in boxing for.

“He looked well against (Ivan) Cano last time out but he hasn’t been very active, whereas I’m coming off a career-best performance over (Ismael) Barroso. I really believe I’m coming into this fight in the form of my career and as I’ve shown in the fights against (Darleys) Perez and Barroso, I’m capable of improving my game when I have to.

“The last two nights in the Arena have been unbelievable and I think that we’ll take it to another level against Jorge. He’s boxed all over the world and taken on some of the best – but fighting me in front of a packed Manchester crowd is not something you can prepare for.”

“This is my first unification fight and a great personal challenge for me and my career,” said Linares. “Last year was an unbelievable year; I had the opportunity to fight in England against Kevin Mitchell in front of a crowd of passionate fight fans in one of the greatest fights of my career. This unification fight for the WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine Lightweight World Championships is another personal accomplishment for me and a great opportunity for me to fight in England once more, to be in front of a strong fight fan base.

“Crolla is a very strong contender and I know with both our passions for the sport will deliver an exciting fight for all the fans in Manchester. I know that Crolla is coming off a victory against my fellow Venezuelan countryman, so I am coming in with a lot of determination, pride and hunger for a victory.

Jason Sosa Media Workout Open to the Public

Super Featherweight Jason Sosa (18-1-4) is set to fight for the WBA Super Featherweight Title against Javier Fortuna (29-0-1) of the Dominican Republic on June 24th at the Capital Gym in Beijing China.

He’ll be holding a public workout at Victory Boxing and Fitness at 600 Kresson Road in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on Wednesday, June 15th at 1:00 P.M. This event will be open to the public for photos and meet and greet.

Erickson Lubin to Make Primetime Debut on NBC

PBC star Erickson Lubin is set to make his primetime debut on NBC on June 18th. He offered the following quotes about himself in advance of his fight.

On his family’s involvement in his career:

“My family didn’t really want me boxing at a young age. They wanted me to be into other sports. But I loved it so eventually they had no choice. They’re very supportive now and my dad tries to make it to every fight.

“My family is filled with athletes. I have four sisters and two brothers. One of my sisters is a professional dancer and my older brother played football at a high level. Another older brother boxed and got me into the sport when I was about six.”

On his interests outside of the ring:

“I think I would have kept pursuing my basketball career if I hadn’t gotten into boxing. I played small forward in high school. My game was kind of like James Harden. I liked to score and I was tough to stop.
“I’ve always been really into music. My brother is a music producer so sometimes I’ll get on the mic and spit something. It’s just for fun but I like doing it.”

What motivates you and what kind of mentality do you have in the ring?

“I usually don’t get too motivated by specific opponents. I just want to take them out. On fight night, I’m going to be there ready to go.

“I try to emulate the mentality of Kobe Bryant. He’s a killer. He has the strongest mentality in sports. I just want to take my opponent out.

“Other fighters definitely motivate me. I idolized Muhammad Ali and he’s always meant a lot to me. I looked up to fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson and Meldrick Taylor. There are a lot of guys out there now motivating me. Daniel Jacobs is a fighter that I look up to and Errol Spence is a guy that can really fight. Seeing guys perform on a high level makes me want to get to that level as well.”

Quick Facts

Favorite Music: “Rap and Hip-hop. I listen to a lot of Drake.”
Favorite Movie: “Scarface.”
Favorite Television Show: “PBC, because it’s on all the networks.”
Favorite Healthy Food: “Grilled Chicken and fish. I love tilapia. I go to Whole Foods during camp to maintain my diet.”
Favorite Junk Food: “I like every kind of seafood. Lobster, shrimp, scallops, oysters and clams, I love it all. It’s nice to live in Florida.”
Celebrity Crush: “Angelina Jolie. She’s beautiful and a great character. I loved the Tomb Raider movies.”

Phil Lo Greco Loses to Joseph Elegele

Joseph Elegele (16-2 11 KOs) showed his strength and power Sunday night in the main event of Premier Boxing Champions: The Next Round on Bounce TV as he went toe-to-toe with Phil Lo Greco (27-3, 15 KOs) for 10 hard-fought rounds from The Lakeland Center in Lakeland, FL. Both combatants left it all in the ring, exchanging punches throughout the bout with close rounds that left the audience wanting more.

Elegele of nearby Winter Haven, FL started the bout coming forward, slightly stunning Toronto’s Lo Greco with several flurries of punches that set the tone for a hard fought back and forth battle. The action picked up in round two as Lo Greco came in on the attack early in the round, pinning Elegele against the ropes and continuing to pepper him with punches to the body and the head.

Despite being taken aback by the attack, Elegele came roaring back in the final seconds of round two and out of the corner to kick off round three. Lo Greco remained in the pocket, not afraid to continue to throw wide left hooks as the fighters traded punches back and forth.

As the fight continued, Lo Greco backed Elegele up against the ropes, smothering him with punches despite Elegele’s four-inch height advantage. But round six was completely controlled by Elegele as he threw a combination of bruising punches that very well could have sent Lo Greco to the canvas. However Lo Greco remained in the pocket. In the 10th and final round, Lo Greco came out strong, outworking Elegele, but with less than 20 seconds to go in the bout, Elegele stunned Lo Greco with a barrage of punches up against the ropes. Judges scored the bout 97-95 and 96-94 twice, all for Elegele, the winner by unanimous decision.

Cano to Face Gibson

Golden Boy Promotions is set to bring an Event of The Year to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on July 15, airing live on Estrella TV’s Boxeo Estelar. In the main event, former WBA Interim Super Light Weight World Champion and Mexican warrior Pablo Cesar “El Demoledor” Cano (29-5-1, 21 KOs) of Tlanepantla, Mexico returns to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino to face top welterweight contender KeAndre “The Truth” Gibson (15-0-1, 7 KOs) of St. Louis, Mo. in a 10-round welterweight battle sure to bring fireworks to
the Coachella Valley.

Part of the live telecast, former world title challenger Jayson “La Maravilla” Velez (23-2-1, 16 KOs) of Juncos, Puerto Rico will face Nicaraguan warrior and former WBC Silver Featherweight Champion Rene “Gemelo” Alvarado (23-7, 16 KOs) in a 10-round super featherweight Fight of the Year candidate.

The exciting fight card will be in contention as one of the best events of the year as the night promises non-stop action from four top fighters willing to leave it all on the mat on July 15.
Part of the non-televised undercard and streaming on RingTVLive.com, Cesar Diaz of Palmdale, Calif. will make his professional debut in a scheduled four-round super bantamweight fight. Undefeated prospect Rigoberto Hermosillo (5-0-1, 3 KOs) of Victorville, Calif. will participate in a six-round featherweight fight and Jhon Leon of Los Angeles will also make his professional debut in a four-round welterweight fight. All opponents will be announced shortly.

“Watching a great fight live at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino is one of the best ways to celebrate summer,” said Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. “This card on July 15 will pit veteran fighter Cano against rising welterweight contender Gibson in a main event fight that is sure to please and thrill fans. Additionally, Velez vs. Alvarado will be a can’t-miss event as these two guys give it their all everytime they enter the ring.”

USA Junior Olympic Team Goes to Puerto Rico

A group of the best young boxers in the United States will head to Puerto Rico on Thursday to compete with some of the best amateur’s in the world.

The competition will take place on June 17th and 18th.

13 year-old
Jalil Hackett (108 lbs-Silver Gloves & Jr. Olympic National Champ)

14 year-old’s
Vito Mielnicki (101 lbs-4-time Jr. Golden Glove & Silver National Champion)
Gabriel Gerena (125 lbs–Jr. Golden Gloves National Champion)

16 year-old’s
Luis Morales (114 lbs–Jr. Golden Gloves National Champion)
Rajon Chance (119 lbs–Jr. Golden Gloves National Champion)
Oscar Lopez (125 lbs),
Otha Jones III (132 lbs–4-time Jr. Golden Gloves champion, Jr. Olympic National Champion & 2 time Silver Gloves national Champion,
Gabriel Flores (138 lbs–3-time Jr. Golden Gloves National champion, 3-time Silver Gloves National Champion & Jr. Olympic National Champion),
Harley Mederos (132 lbs–3-time Jr. Golden Gloves National Champion, 4-time Silver Gloves National Champion & Jr. Olympic National Champion),
Kahshad Elliot (154 lbs–2-time Jr. Golden Gloves National Champion, Silver Gloves National Champion, 2-time Jr. Olympic National champion)
Dagoberto Medros will head down to Puerto Rico and train and stay at the Puerto Rican Olympic training Center.

The team will be joined by coaches Willie Moses, Robinson Velez, Gabriel Flores, Edgar Gerena, Bernard Hackett Jr. & Dagaberto Mederos.

After competing and training in Puerto Rico, the team will head to Dallas, Texas for the United States Junior Olympics

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