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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Official Rules Breakdown

Posted on 06/05/2021

By: Hans Themistode

While the anticipation has intensified, so has the confusion.

In approximately 24 hours, Floyd Mayweather will return to the ring to take on Logan Paul in an exhibition contest set to take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Despite Paul holding a significant height, reach and weight advantage heading in, most, if not all of the boxing world, fully expects Mayweather to get the win. However, the rules of their bout have made it seem as though both Mayweather and Paul will walk away with their hand raised.

As noted by ESPN, an official winner will not be determined. The customary three judges scoring a bout will not be present but, knockouts are allowed. In addition to that, the three knockdown rule is also in effect. Meaning, if either Paul or Mayweather scores three knockdowns in the same round, the contest will be immediately waved off.

Although originally, both Mayweather and Paul had agreed to fight in 12 oz. gloves, they have decided to increase the likelihood of a knockout by wearing 10 oz. gloves instead. Still, even if a stoppage victory is recorded, an official winner will not be announced.

As for the rest of their contest, it will very much resemble a normal boxing match. There will be no headgear and their showdown is scheduled to last eight, three-minute rounds.

While Mayweather is the prohibited favorite, the newly inducted Hall of Famer has given Paul a break of sorts. With the weigh-ins taking place shortly, Mayweather is expected to tip the scales at roughly 160 pounds. As for Paul, he is allowed to weigh as high as 190. In addition to that, Mayweather has not enforced a rehydration clause. In other words, Paul will be allowed to weigh as much as he wants come fight night.

With Mayweather stating on numerous occasions that his matchup with Paul is strictly to entertain the fans, considering the rules of their contest, it appears as though it will be just that, entertainment.

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