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Stephon Burgette loses a majority decision to Matt Probin at the Lodge, in Scranton, PA, Saturday!

Posted on 10/09/2016

Stephon Burgette loses a majority decision to Matt Probin at the Lodge, in Scranton, PA, Saturday!
By: Ken Hissner

Long Productions in association with North East Boxing promoted a very good show with good matchmaking by Rene Aikin.

In an exciting main event Middleweight Stephon Burgette, 5-3-1 (1), of Scranton suffered a mild upset losing to Matt Probin, 2-1 (0) Lewistown, ME, but originally from Blackpool, UK, in a 4 round bout.

In the opening round both fighters had their moments. Burgette would get a flurry of punches in while Probin who shows excellent balance would come right back with a flurry of his own. In the second round it was another close one but Probin seemed to land more than Burgette.

In the third round both boxers had their moments with Burgette landing more punches. In the fourth and final round Burgette had Probin’s nose bloody. Probin fought back with straight arm punches while Burgette was landing the heavier punches of the two.

Judges Castellani 39-38, Frisca 38-38 and Rubenstein 39-37 while this writer had it 38-38. Referee was Gary Rosato.

“I thought I won but was surprised I got the decision in his back yard. My background is in martial arts and I’m originally from Blackpool, UK,” said Probin.

Local favorite middleweight Jimmy Kelleher, 2-0 (2), of Scranton, stopped Jermaine Corley, 0-2 (0), of Concord, NC, at 2:15 of the second round.

In the opening round fan favorite Kelleher by the mid round had Corley in trouble with a hard left hook to the head causing Corley to hold on and spend the rest of the round on the defense. Kelleher had a very good round. In the second round Kelleher landed half a dozen punches without return by Corley. Corley looked spent staying against the ropes as Kelleher landed an assault of punches to the thrill of the crowd before referee Dali saved Corley from anymore punishment. “It was good to again win in front of my hometown crowd. I’m originally from Cooperburg but moved to Scranton last year. I have 3 younger brothers who box,” said Kelleher. He will be a main event attraction after about 10 fights if not sooner.

Heavyweight Mike Barrase, 0-1 (0), of Scranton, took on too much experience and was stopped by Solomon “Solo” Maye, 3-6-2 (3), of New Haven, CT, who scored his second straight win in a week at 2:00 of the second round.

In the opening round it was Maye using a jab and following with rights while Barrase used a body attack. 15 seconds to go in the round when a Maye left hook to the chin dropped Barrase. Referee Rosato took a long look at Barrase’s condition upon rising. In the second round a short left hook to the side of the head of Barrase caused a delay knockdown with referee Rosato wisely calling it a halt.

Middleweight Ryan “Mighty” Wilczak, 2-0 (1), of Scranton, won a close majority decision over Rasheed Johnson, 0-1 (0), of Bethlehem, PA, over 4 rounds.

In the opening round the taller Johnson used a jab that fell short more than landing. Wilczak would pick his spots to attack to the head. In the second round a left hook to the chin by Wilczak got the attention of Johnson. Johnson landed his first solid right hand to the chin of Wilczak during this round. Too much posing by Wilczak as Johnson’s jab started landing.

In the third round a counter right by Johnson rocked Wilczak. Just prior to the bell Wilczak flurried having Johnson on the defense. In the fourth and final round a Johnson right to the chin rocked Wilczak. Finally Wilczak worked his way inside to score well and just prior to the bell was landing some heavy punches to the head of Johnson. The Johnson corner was not happy with the decision.

Judges Frisca had it 39-37, Rubenstein 38-38 and Castellani 40-36 with this writer having it 38-38. Referee was Dali.

Bantamweight Vinny Scarantino, 0-1-1 (0), Pittston, PA, and Jeffrey Dorsey, 0-3-1 (0), Easton, PA, fought to an exciting 4 round draw.

In the opening round both fighters scored well until halfway thru the round when Dorsey landed 4 punches without return only to have Scarantino come back with a combination of his own having Dorsey covering up on the ropes. In the second round Scarantino rocked Dorsey with a left hook to the head. Scaranttino landed 8 consecutive punches without a return from Dorsey. The rest of the round it was toe to toe.

In the third round a counter right by Dorsey rocked Scarantino who suffered a bloody nose. Near the end of the round Scarantino and then Dorsey had their mouthpieces knocked out. Close round. In the fourth and final round a Dorsey right uppercut to the chin rocked Scarantino. Dorsey landed 3 right hands to the head on separate occasions rocking Scarantino. Scarantino looked exhausted but fought back with nothing but heart. This fight had the fans cheering all the way.

Judges all had it 38-38. This writer 39-37 Dorsey. Dali the referee.

Lightweight Luis Porozo, 4-0 (2), of Richmond Hill, NY, easily defeated Cameron Cain, 0-3 (0), Jefferson, IND, scoring a pair of knockdowns over 4 rounds.

In the opening round it was all Porozo rocking Cain with a left hook to the head then going with a solid body attack. A right hand by Porozo had Cain hurt and out on his feet before being saved by the bell. In the second round Cain turned southpaw and fought defensively in order to survive as Porozo was loading up his punches.

In the third round it was more of the same but with Cain showing some offense. In the fourth and final round a vicious left hook to the body by Porozo dropped Cain. Within seconds Porozo repeated this with another knockdown. Cain showed a lot of heart beating the count twice. Referee Rosato was watching him very carefully upon rising each time.

Judges scores were 40-31, 40-34 and 40-35. This writer had it 40-34.

In the opening bout Bantamweight Raheem Robinson, 2-0 (2), Stroudsburg, PA, scored a stoppage over southpaw Christopher Nelson, 0-2 (0), Louisville, KY, at 1:25 of the second round.

In the opening round Robinson scored a pair of knockdowns with combinations to the head of Nelson. In the second round a vicious straight right hand from Robinson had Nelson out on his feet and a bloody nose when referee Dali wisely stopped the fight.

It was said the crowd was over 800.

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