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Josue Vargas: “I’m Just Going To Keep Knocking These Guys Out.”

Posted on 03/05/2019

By: Sean Crose

“It’s going great,” Josue “The Prodigy” Vargas (12-1) says of training camp in the leadup to his Saint Patrick’s Day clash with Adriano Ramirez (10-2) at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater. Vargas, a rising super lightweight, has now found himself sharing a card with the likes of Luis Collazo, and Michael Conlon. “I have a lot of fans in New York,” he says, “mainly in the Bronx.” Needless to say, the New Yorker expects to have his supporters on hand come the 17th. “A lot of people bought tickets,” he adds.

Vargas, who has eight KO’s on his record, has stopped all of his last four opponents within the distance. “I’m getting older,” he says, “so my power’s getting there.” Vargas says he’s now shooting for knockouts in the fourth or fifth rounds. “I’m just going to keep knocking these guys out,” he claims. Vargas can take inspiration from Mikey Garcia, who he’s helped train for Garcia’s upcoming superbout with welterweight star Errol Spence Jr. “It was great,actually,” says Vargas of the experience. “I sparred fifteen rounds with him. It was amazing.” Although he trains with the famed Robert Garcia, Vargas is also trained by his own father, which makes boxing a family affair for the Vargas’, just like it does for the Garcia family (Robert, a former champion himself, is Mikey’s brother).

Being part of Top Rank Promotions’ stable of fighters has certainly proved beneficial for the New Yorker, as well. “Everything’s going great,” Vargas says in reference to his relationship with his promoter. With an amateur pedigree that saw him face the likes of Shakur Stevenson, Vargas is being led through the pro ranks in a manner that allows him to steadily rise while appearing on attention getting cards. “I’m getting closer to the world title,” he says. All Vargas has to do is keep winning. Ramirez, who Vargas will be facing on the 17th, is a fighter Vargas has made sure to familiarize himself with. A short, affable seeming individual who fights in a crouched style and likes to hook his shots, Dominican Republic native Ramirez is undoubtedly looking to come back strong after suffering a loss to Matt Conway last December.

Vargas, however, is not only stepping into the ring with strong backing and a strong pedigree. He’s also stepping in with the knowledge that an impressive win can help him climb up the ranks at a rapid pace. After all, the man makes it clear he’s getting closer to a world title. The March 17th Hulu Center card will be aired live on the ESPN+ streaming service.

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Money Prince Duarte: “My goals are to knock every person I fight out”

Posted on 05/28/2017

Money Prince Duarte: “My goals are to knock every person I fight out”
By Matthew N. Becher

​Money Prince Duarte is a 7 year old boxing prodigy that we spoke with a little over a year ago and will be keeping tabs on to see how he develops in the boxing game. He calls Las Vegas his home and is a constant staple at The Mayweather Boxing Club. Money Prince is currently trained by Roger Mayweather and shares boxing royalty with his God Father Zab Judah.


It is the 1 year countdown until young Money turns 8 years old and can officially start boxing as an amateur in tournaments and begin collecting some hardware.

Boxing Insider: Since we spoke a year ago, what have you been working on?

Money Prince Duarte: I have been working on my complete package, getting stronger, punching harder, getting smarter in the ring, and learning more about being a true champion.

Boxing Insider: How often do you spar? How big/old are the kids you are sparring with?

Money Prince Duarte: Over the past year, I have sparred a few times, the kids I was sparring, two were my age and one was a year older. I dominated all of them and knocked each one down. I’m going to start back sparring next month, once a week. I just love to fight, I love being in the ring, its home to me.

Boxing Insider: You are officially on the 12 month countdown to when you can compete as an 8 yr. old amateur. What are the goals for your first year?

Money Prince Duarte: My goals are to knock every person I fight out, show the boxing world I’m the real deal and not just a cute kid that can box. I want to at least be 10-0 before I turn 9. I also want the world to know my name and for the kids to be very afraid when they have to fight me.

Boxing Insider: Do you try and imitate any professional fighters?

Money Prince Duarte: No I don’t imitate any individual boxer but I would say I try to punch hard like Mike Tyson every time, with uncle Roger training me I try to keep my defense tight like Floyd Mayweather and I would say I can really go in for the kill like my GOD father Zab Judah. I’m fast like Ali I guess you can say I’m a mixture of the past legend to become the world’s greatest in the future.

Boxing Insider: Who is your favorite fighter right now?

Money Prince Duarte: it has never changed my favorite boxer is MIKE TYSON

Boxing Insider: what does a 7 year old boxer do, in a normal day?

Money Prince Duarte: I wake up around 7am for breakfast then run 2-3 miles, come home have breakfast around 8:30am shower, then I nap for 30 mins before starting my home school work around, 9:30-11:30am then I go to Mayweather boxing club at 1:30-5pm and train with my uncle roger. I do 50-75 rounds on mitts, 5-10 rounds of 100 jumps on the jump rope, 3 rounds of 10 pull ups and dips, 10 rounds on the heavy bag. 200 pushups and 300 sit ups. After the gym I go to dinner with my family and then watch cartoons or boxing films and then to bed.

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