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Money Prince Duarte: “My goals are to knock every person I fight out”

Posted on 05/28/2017

Money Prince Duarte: “My goals are to knock every person I fight out”
By Matthew N. Becher

​Money Prince Duarte is a 7 year old boxing prodigy that we spoke with a little over a year ago and will be keeping tabs on to see how he develops in the boxing game. He calls Las Vegas his home and is a constant staple at The Mayweather Boxing Club. Money Prince is currently trained by Roger Mayweather and shares boxing royalty with his God Father Zab Judah.


It is the 1 year countdown until young Money turns 8 years old and can officially start boxing as an amateur in tournaments and begin collecting some hardware.

Boxing Insider: Since we spoke a year ago, what have you been working on?

Money Prince Duarte: I have been working on my complete package, getting stronger, punching harder, getting smarter in the ring, and learning more about being a true champion.

Boxing Insider: How often do you spar? How big/old are the kids you are sparring with?

Money Prince Duarte: Over the past year, I have sparred a few times, the kids I was sparring, two were my age and one was a year older. I dominated all of them and knocked each one down. I’m going to start back sparring next month, once a week. I just love to fight, I love being in the ring, its home to me.

Boxing Insider: You are officially on the 12 month countdown to when you can compete as an 8 yr. old amateur. What are the goals for your first year?

Money Prince Duarte: My goals are to knock every person I fight out, show the boxing world I’m the real deal and not just a cute kid that can box. I want to at least be 10-0 before I turn 9. I also want the world to know my name and for the kids to be very afraid when they have to fight me.

Boxing Insider: Do you try and imitate any professional fighters?

Money Prince Duarte: No I don’t imitate any individual boxer but I would say I try to punch hard like Mike Tyson every time, with uncle Roger training me I try to keep my defense tight like Floyd Mayweather and I would say I can really go in for the kill like my GOD father Zab Judah. I’m fast like Ali I guess you can say I’m a mixture of the past legend to become the world’s greatest in the future.

Boxing Insider: Who is your favorite fighter right now?

Money Prince Duarte: it has never changed my favorite boxer is MIKE TYSON

Boxing Insider: what does a 7 year old boxer do, in a normal day?

Money Prince Duarte: I wake up around 7am for breakfast then run 2-3 miles, come home have breakfast around 8:30am shower, then I nap for 30 mins before starting my home school work around, 9:30-11:30am then I go to Mayweather boxing club at 1:30-5pm and train with my uncle roger. I do 50-75 rounds on mitts, 5-10 rounds of 100 jumps on the jump rope, 3 rounds of 10 pull ups and dips, 10 rounds on the heavy bag. 200 pushups and 300 sit ups. After the gym I go to dinner with my family and then watch cartoons or boxing films and then to bed.

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