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Ryota Murata Reportedly Eyeing June Return, Then GGG Showdown At Years End

Posted on 04/19/2021

By: Hans Themistode

With the biggest fight of his life possibly taking place at year’s end, WBA middleweight champion, Ryota Murata, will reportedly begin working the rust off.

As first reported by Chris Mannix, Murata (16-2, 13 KOs) is currently engaged in conversation to take on IBF belt holder Gennadiy Golovkin. The bout would take place in Murata’s hometown of Japan on New Year’s Eve. With their showdown becoming more and more likely, Murata is currently sifting through names for a stay-busy fight in the meantime.

The former Olympic gold medalist was last seen in the ring a year and a half ago against fringe contender Steven Butler, starching him in the fifth round of their showdown. As a contest with Golovkin grows more and more likely, Murata refuses to head into the biggest match of his career with a considerable amount of ring rust.

While no names have officially come to the forefront, Mannix notes that the likely date would be sometime in June.

As for Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs), the future Hall of Famer has also suffered from inactivity as of late. Before his December 18th, pummeling of mandatory challenger, Kamil Szeremeta, Golovkin was absent from the ring for well over a year. At the age of 39, Golovkin is now at the tail end of his career but still receives his fair share of callouts from many of the top names in the division including WBC belt holder Jermall Charlo and WBO titlist, Demetrius Andrade.

Still, even with those previously mentioned names throwing their name into the mix, hoping that Golovkin chooses them as his next opponent, it appears as though the Kazakstan star will head in another direction.

In addition to a showdown with Murata, Golovkin has also had discussions with middleweight contender Jaime Munguia for a showdown that would take place sometime this year as well.

While everything surrounding Golovkin is still a bit unclear at the moment, it appears as though he has his eyes set on two of the more respectable names in the division.

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Demetrius Andrade Questions Canelo Alvarez And Gennadiy Golovkin: “You’re Looking To Fight All Of These Other People, Like What Do They Have That I Don’t Have?”

Posted on 04/12/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Demetrius Andrade is quite frankly sick and tired and of talking about it. The former two-division world champion and current WBO middleweight belt holder has been heavily criticized for the opponents he’s stepped into the ring against. His upcoming title defense against British native Liam Williams isn’t helping matters either.

The two are slated to face off this coming Saturday on April 17th, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, in Hollywood Florida.

Andrade, 33, has screamed until he’s blue in the face in the direction of the bigger names in the boxing world. Yet, no matter how hard he tries, no one of note has taken him up on his offer to face him in the ring. The ongoing theme surrounding Andrade’s career is that he’s simply too high risk for such little reward.

In his mind, however, that makes absolutely no sense.

“How is that realistic to say,” said Andrade during a recent interview with Manouk Akopyan. “How do you have nothing to gain when you’re fighting a world champion?”

Just as Andrade mentions, he believes his championship status should allow certain fighters to become more enticed with fighting him. While he’s willing to face many of the big names in or around his division, Andrade has placed a certain emphasis on IBF middleweight titlist Gennadiy Golovkin and unified super middleweight champion, Canelo Alvarez.

Although both have heard Andrade express an interest in fighting them, neither appear to be in a rush to accept his challenge. Instead, both Alvarez and Golovkin continue to place their attention elsewhere.

When glancing at the resume of both champions, Andrade can’t help but laugh when he reads off some of the names that have gotten the opportunity he’s been craving. With world titles in two separate weight classes and a dozen years as an unbeaten pro, Andrade simply doesn’t understand how certain fighters got their chance to face them while he continues to wait.

“You’re willing to fight (Kamil) Szeremeta, you’re willing to fight (Avni) Yildirim, you’re willing to fight Rocky Fielding. You’re looking to fight all of these other people, like what do they have that I don’t have? That talk is just excuses.”

In the case of Golovkin, he annihilated Szeremeta via seventh-round stoppage this past December. Alvarez, on the other hand, made it look easy against mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim on February 27th, earlier this year, stopping him in the third.

Following those aforementioned wins, neither Alvarez nor Golovkin mentioned Andrade as a possible opponent. Alvarez is currently in the midst of training camp as he prepares to take on WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders. In the case of Golovkin, his next fight hasn’t been revealed as of yet but he is reportedly interested in a showdown with middleweight contender Jaime Munguia.

Regardless of both men continuing to go in another direction, Andrade claims that his focus is on his own career and his upcoming title defense against Williams.

“I’m going to put an ass whopping on Liam Williams, come April 17th.”

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Jaime Munguia Admits He Is Targeting Gennadiy Golovkin This Year: “We Are Trying To Get That Fight”

Posted on 02/12/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Jaime Munguia has always had a difficult time calling out anyone. It could be because of his soft-spoken approach or the fact that he doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers. Whatever the case is, the former Jr middleweight titlist has always gone with the more diplomatic approach when deciding who he wants to face next.

Yet, with rumors that he is heading towards a showdown with Gennadiy Golovkin getting louder and louder, the Mexican native admitted that he is in fact chasing after him. Having been out of the ring for roughly three months, Munguia (36-0, 29 KOs) knows good and well that jumping straight into a contest with the future first-ballot Hall of Famer may not be the best idea. However, if that’s how the chips fall, then so be it.

“We are trying to get that fight,” said Munguia during an interview with Fight Hub TV. “Me and my team were thinking to have a tune-up fight before we face GGG. But if the opportunity presents itself then we’ll make the fight happen. Honestly, I know GGG isn’t just any fighter. He has left a great legacy in his career. I respect what he has done and I admire him also.”

Narrowing down a date for their possible showdown would be thinking too far ahead. At the moment, talks haven’t exactly progressed that far along just yet. However, with two Mexican holidays in Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence Day taking place in May and September, in a perfect world, Munguia would rather add to the historic list of great fights that have happened on those day’s by attaching his own clash with Golovkin to the renowned date.

“I would love to put on a show if it’s on Cinco De Mayo or in September. It would be a great fight.”

For Kazakhstan’s Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs), a date with Munguia is something that he would seemingly embrace. Approximately two and a half years ago, team Golovkin attempted to lure a much younger Munguia into the ring. At when he was considered the height of his powers, many believed a matchup between the two at the time was about as one-sided as can be. In fact, the Nevada State Athletic Commission refused to sanction the fight due to Munguia’s age, then 21, and lack of experience against top opposition.

Fast forward almost three years later and Munguia is not only older at 24 years of age, but he also had a lengthy title run in the Jr middleweight division. Now, he is considered a top contender at 160 pounds.

In spite of their showdown viewed as a much closer contest as opposed to the one-sided bloodbath many years ago, Munguia is fully aware that Golovkin is as dangerous as they come. The long-reigning middleweight titlist recently annihilated mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta via seventh-round stoppage roughly two months ago.

Similarly, Munguia made a statement of his own approximately two months prior against Tureano Johnson, stopping the contender in the sixth round. At the moment, Munguia is on a roll as he has stopped both of his opponents since moving up to the middleweight division.

Still, with his confidence through the roof, Munguia won’t let his recent success get to his head. In facing someone like Golovkin, albeit 38 years of age, he still has the power to turn off just about anyone’s lights in the most vicious way possible.

“When it comes to facing him, we have to alert for whatever he throws. He can go to the body, so I have to keep my distance. Throwing combinations, staying busy, but it’s easy to say right now but being inside the ring it can be different.”

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Bernard Hopkins: “GGG Declines Every Year, Oscar Would Win By Unanimous Decision”

Posted on 01/17/2021

By: Hans Themistode

The laughs were both loud and immediate.

The mere thought of Oscar De La Hoya being competitive with anyone in the top ten of the middleweight division, let alone someone the likes of Gennadiy Golovkin (GGG) was just sheer lunacy. Yet, no matter how many people laughed in his face and warned him of the beating he would receive, De La Hoya continued to push the notion that he could not only compete with Golovkin but flat out beat him.

While the laughter surrounding their possible showdown continues, newly elected hall of famer Bernard Hopkins, simply can’t understand what’s so funny.

“GGG declines every year,” said Hopkins during an interview with Fight Hub TV. “What he has left is always his punch. If Oscar was going to come back and I had a say in it, I would take GGG.”

That aforementioned punch Hopkins alluded to is still alive and well. In Golovkin’s most recent ring appearance the current IBF middleweight belt holder punished mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta, dropping him four times before ultimately stopping him in the seventh round. But while many viewed his performance as a vintage one, Hopkins wasn’t fooled with what he saw.

“GGG always had and always will have a punch but that is declining. Even in the win recently, don’t let that fight fool you. It don’t fool these eyes.”

Regardless of Hopkins’s assumption that Golovkin is slowing down, many in boxing circles believe De La Hoya’s chances of winning their showdown would be slim to none. For the former multiple division belt holder, he last appeared in the ring nearly a decade a half ago in 2008. On a cold December night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, De La Hoya received the worst beating of his career at the hands of Manny Pacquiao which resulted in an eighth-round stoppage defeat.

Still, De La Hoya is reportedly working on his craft behind the scenes as he continues his comeback story. Should he get his wish and face Golovkin next, not only does Hopkins back his business partner in picking up the win but he also has a date in mind.

“GGG is a hall of famer, no doubt. He earned his position but Oscar has seen every style and been in there with better talent. Oscar would win by unanimous decision. I would let Oscar know that let’s start calling this guy out for September. I would like to see that fight before 2021 is out.”

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Chris Eubank Jr. Eyes Golovkin Showdown: “It’s No Secret, I’ve Wanted That Fight For Years”

Posted on 01/13/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Chris Eubank Jr. is ready to hit the ground running. After spending the entirety of his 2020 campaign on the sidelines, the British native is ready to get active and participate in the biggest fights possible. To help in his search for the most prominent fights out there, Eubank Jr. has changed promotional outfits, going from Premier Boxing Champions to Sauerland Promotions.

Now that the business of boxing has taken care of itself, the 31-year-old is eyeing a showdown with IBF middleweight belt holder Gennadiy Golovkin. While he admits that everyone holding a golden trinket at 160-pounds can get it, he’s made it abundantly clear that Golovkin is the name he wants above all others.

“Absolutely,” said Eubank Jr. when questioned if he wants Golovkin in 2021 by IFL TV. “It’s no secret, I’ve wanted that fight for years. It’s a win, win. Everybody wins, the fans win and the fighters win. Hopefully, we can get that fight in 2021 but all the guys with belts in the middleweight division are on the Hitlist. They’re all on the radar.”

For Eubank Jr., stepping into the ring immediately with someone the level of Golovkin wouldn’t be the best idea. Aside from the former title challenger failing to step into the ring at all this past year, in 2019, the British product’s most recent contest lasted a mere two rounds. In early December of that year, Eubank Jr. faced off against Matt Korobov. The early goings of their contest saw Eubank Jr. outboxed in the first round. However, Korobov failed to keep the momentum going as he suffered a shoulder injury and was forced to withdraw.

The win for Eubank Jr. allowed him to wrap the WBA interim middleweight world title around his waist. Still, he doesn’t believe he’s quite ready to face the likes of Golovkin yet. At least, not without getting himself reacclimated.

In terms of who would be best suited to help him wipe some of the dust off, names such as Liam Williams and Kell Brook have been thrown around. Whomever is chosen from the two makes no difference to Eubank Jr. As far as he’s concerned, he’ll bust up anyone of them.

“I need a warm-up fight so if they want to throw one of those guys in there with me within the next month or so to get me warmed up for my title fight, then I wouldn’t say no. I’ve been out of the ring for 13 months and my last fight was two rounds. So if they want to throw me one of those guys to smack them up a little bit I’m happy to do that.”

In addition to a showdown with Golovkin as well as either Brook or Williams, Eubank Jr. is under the impression that he is in the perfect position to face Ryota Murata. Thanks to Canelo Alvarez officially vacating his WBA “Super” world title, then “Regular” titlist Ryota Murata was elevated to the position Alvarez recently forfeited. With Eubank Jr. holding the interim crown, outside of a matchup with Golovkin, he views a contest with Murata as one that makes the most sense.

“Murata has been elevated now to Super champion in the WBA. I’m the WBA interim world champion so that’s a fight that makes sense. That’s a fight that I want this year for sure and would definitely win.”

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Canelo Alvarez On Possible Third Showdown Against Gennadiy Golovkin: “I Could Do Some Serious Damage”

Posted on 01/05/2021

By: Hans Themistode

According to Canelo Alvarez, the timing is all wrong for Gennadiy Golovkin.

For years now, the long-standing middleweight champion has dished out beating after cruel beating. Marred faces after brutal combinations, along with bloody knockout wins are spewed across Golovkin’s career highlight reels.

Having shared the ring with him on two occasions, Alvarez (54-1-2, 36 KOs) knows good and well just how dangerous Golovkin is. Or, at least was.

With back to back contests taking place in 2017 and 2018 respectively, Alvarez doesn’t view Golovkin in the same light as he once did. Pair those thoughts with the pound for pound star coming into his own, leads him to believe that only one detrimental outcome will occur should they face off one final time.

“I feel like I’m at my peak,” said Alvarez during a recent interview with Ring Magazine. ” If it happens a third time, I feel so good that I could most likely knock him out and do some serious damage.”

For the Mexican superstar, he’s seemingly put Golovkin in his rearview mirror. Immediately following his 2018 win over him, Alvarez has jumped from weight class to weight class.

In December of 2018, Alvarez bulldozed Rocky Fielding via third round stoppage in his first bout at super middleweight. From there, he made one last cameo at middleweight, defeating Daniel Jacobs before stopping Sergey Kovalev in his lone appearance at light heavyweight. Now, the 30-year-old Alvarez has settled in at super middleweight, capturing the WBA/Ring magazine titles from Callum Smith in a one-sided performance just a few weeks ago.

As for Golovkin, he’s gone on to win three straight. The Kazakhstan product took care of business against Steve Rolls mid 2019. He then followed that up with a close decision victory over Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

Most recently, Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs) took on mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta. As expected, Golovkin handed him a beating of a lifetime, dropping his virtually unknown opponent four times before the referee mercifully ended the onslaught in the seventh.

With the win, rumors of the two facing each other for a third time began circulating. But while the hand of Alvarez was raised in their second contest, their first encounter ended in a controversial draw. With that said, the pound for pound star could care less what the official outcome was. To Alvarez, their rivalry was one-sided.

“I don’t have to prove anything to anyone,” said Alvarez. “I did my job already by beating him twice.”

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Gennadiy Golovkin And Jaime Munguia Possible For The First Half Of 2021

Posted on 12/31/2020

By: Hans Themistode

At one point in time, a matchup between Gennadiy Golovkin and Jaime Munguia was considered a massacre. At least on paper.

After a highly controversial draw with Canelo Alvarez in September of 2017, Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs) attempted to set the record straight a few months later. However, with Alvarez failing two drug tests during their subsequent rematch, the pair’s sequel was postponed. Not wanting to sit on the sidelines for a protracted amount of time, Golovkin opted to face a replacement opponent. Amongst the names floated around was an undefeated, yet unproven, 21-year-old in Jaime Munguia.

Despite Munguia’s efforts to secure the bout, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) considered Munguia in over his head and refused to sanction the event.

While Munguia (36-0, 29 KOs) sulked at first, he’s spent the past two years building both his experience and resume. Shortly after getting rejected from the NSAC, Munguia would go on to annihilate then WBO Jr middleweight titlist Sadam Ali. With six title defenses under his belt, Munguia opted to drop his title and move up to the middleweight division. So far, the now 24-year-old has picked up two stoppage wins in his new weight class. That, along with his massive improvements, has made him a potential front runner for Golovkin’s next bout.

“I think we have a good chance of having this fight,” said co-promoter of Munguia Fernando Beltrán. “Right now we are just talking.”

As for Golovkin, the current IBF belt holder now stands alone in boxing history as he made the 21st defense of his middleweight title, breaking a tie with newly inducted hall of famer Bernard Hopkins. The now 38-year-old punished mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta, dropping him four times before stopping him in the seventh.

In terms of his next opponent, seemingly everyone near the long-reigning middleweight champion is pulling him in a separate direction.

Regardless of the exploratory talks with team Munguia, Golovkin has long wanted to settle the score with Canelo Alvarez. Furthermore, promoter Eddie Hearn recently revealed his desire to matchup Golovkin with WBO belt holder Demetrius Andrade.

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Gennadiy Golovkin vs Kamil Szeremeta: Officially Fight Prediction

Posted on 12/18/2020

By: Hans Themistode

The aura invincibility is difficult to place back on once it has been removed. So when IBF middleweight belt holder Gennadiy Golovkin looked not only vulnerable but downright beatable in his last ring outing against perennial contender Sergiy Derevyanchenko in early October last year, the writing of his demise appeared to be on the wall.

Yet, with so much time passing from his last contest, it has been out of sight and out of mind. Golovkin’s pedestrian performance against Derevyanchenko is now a distant memory. Now, in just a few more hours, he’ll receive a chance to place even more distance between himself and his subpar outing.

In the main event slot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, 38-year-old Golovkin (40-1-1, 35 KOs) will take on IBF mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta (21-0, 5 KOs). For the previously mentioned Szeremeta, Golovkin will represent the toughest challenge of his career by far.

There is plenty of the line for both men coming into this one. For Szeremeta, legitimacy is what he aims for. As a relative unknown, the Polish native finds himself being overlooked in the eyes of boxing fans. With no wins against any former champions, or, at the very least, someone in the top five of the division, Szeremeta has been given a long shot by oddsmakers at 25-1 to pull off the monumental upset.

For what it’s worth, Szeremeta has barely lost a round during the course of his eight-year career. During the build-up of his contest with Golovkin, the 31-year-old has appeared as confident as ever. But while it may sound good, the chances of him leaving the ring tonight with Golovkin’s world title are slim to none.

With most boxers, every contest is viewed as the same. The focus and meticulous attention to detail that is placed into one opponent, is the same across the entirety of their career. In this case however, Golovkin can’t escape the magnitude of this event.

With a win over Szeremeta, Golovkin would stand alone in boxing history with the most middleweight title defenses with 21. Opportunities such as these don’t come every day and don’t expect Golovkin to waste his.

Official Pick: Gennadiy Golovkin

This one won’t be particularly close. Szeremeta, to his credit, is a good boxer. But with little to no power, expect Golovkin to walk right through his man. He’ll get tagged here and there, but for the most part, it’ll be all Golovkin.

Try not to blink cause this won’t last very long.

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Gennadiy Golovkin 159.2 Pounds – Kamil Szeremeta 159 Pounds – Fight Officially On

Posted on 12/17/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Although Gennadiy Golovkin (40-1-1, 35 KOs) is nearly 40 years of age and although he has campaigned at 160 pounds for the entirety of his 14-year career, the current IBF belt holder did what he always did. Make weight.

Showing off an impressive physique, Golovkin stepped onto the scales at 159.2 pounds. His opponent tomorrow night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, in Hollywood Florida, in Poland’s Kamil Szeremeta (21-0, 5 KOs), tipped the scales at 159 pounds even.

For Golovkin, a heavy favorite on the night, stepping into the ring as a world champion is something that he has grown accustomed to. However, there will be a slight difference should he pick up yet another win. At the moment, the Kazakhstan native is tied for the most middleweight title defenses of all-time with 20, alongside newly inducted hall of famer Bernard Hopkins. A win for Golovkin will push him to the front of the line as the sole leader in that category.

Aside from the historical implications that this bout holds, Golovkin will look to prove that the light at the end of his boxing tunnel is still some ways away. In his last ring appearance, the soon to be 39-year-old was expected to make quick work of perennial contender Sergiy Derevyanchenko. With a quick first-round knockdown on the night, Golovkin appeared to be on his way to just that.

Of course though, things played out much differently as Golovkin struggled mightily and was forced to settle for a close decision win. The win may have crowned him as a world champion once again after losing his titles to Canelo Alvarez the year before, but many believed that Derevyanchenko did more than enough to pick up the victory.

Now, roughly one year later, Golovkin will look to pick up a more emphatic win. One that will presumably push him to the head of the line for a third contest against Alvarez sometime in 2021.

To catch the action, fans can tune in on the DAZN streaming app tomorrow night at 8 pm.

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Gennadiy Golovkin Warns Oscar De La Hoya: “If I Got An Opportunity To Legally Kill A Person In The Ring, I Might Seize It”

Posted on 12/15/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Following most of his contests, Gennadiy Golovkin’s smile is often time’s drenched in blood. Reason being is because he has dealt an unnatural amount of damage to his opponent’s. Despite his seek and destroy nature, Golovkin has always wished his opponents well either before they face off in the ring or after they leave said ring in a stretcher.

In the case of 2014 hall of famer Oscar De La Hoya however, Golovkin doesn’t have any kind words to share with the former six-division champion, only a cruel and deadly warning.

“Everything involving Gennady Golovkin for him is a nightmare,” said Golovkin to AFP during a recent interview.

The words of Golovkin stem from an apparent call out from De La Hoya just a few months ago. Although he officially hung up the gloves in December of 2008 following a one-sided loss against Manny Pacquiao, De La Hoya expressed a desire to make a return to the ring. Unlike other former all-time greats such as Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Roy Jones Jr. who have decided to partake in exhibition bouts, De La Hoya is interested in taking on some of the best fighters in the world, including Golovkin.

Throughout the entirety of his 14-year career, the Kazakhstan product has never been viewed as a walk in the park. For De La Hoya though, beating Golovkin would be a breeze, even at the age of 47.

“You know how easy GGG would be for me? Oh, my gosh,” said De La Hoya during an interview with BoxingScene. “I always took a good shot and I always took apart fighters like him. In my mind, it would be that easy.”

Golovkin (40-1-1, 35 KOs) of course, didn’t appreciate becoming the target of a De La Hoya comeback fight but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t welcome it. Considering the disdain that the current IBF middleweight belt holder has for the former pound for pound star, a simple win wouldn’t placate him, even if it came via stoppage. No, if Golovkin and De La Hoya were to meet, he would attempt something much more sinister than a knockout victory.

“You know Oscar, you know how dirty his mouth is? He can say whatever. But let me put it this way – If I got an opportunity to legally kill a person in the ring, I might seize it.”

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Oscar De La Hoya Views GGG Matchup As A Walk In The Park: “You know how easy GGG would be for me?”

Posted on 11/27/2020

By: Hans Themistode

With Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. set to end their retirement to face one another, Oscar De La Hoya has been quietly working on his own comeback. The former six-division world titlist announced his intentions to pick up the boxing gloves once again after being push through the retirement door by Manny Pacquiao in 2008.

On the night, De La Hoya, a 2-1 favorite, was outboxed thoroughly before getting pummeled in the eighth round. Shortly after his defeat, De La Hoya would announce his retirement.

Up until recently, the former Olympic gold medalist appeared perfectly content as the head man of Golden Boy Promotions as he helped push the next generation of stars. Yet, with many of his contemporaries announcing comebacks after long hiatuses, De La Hoya did the same.

An opponent for the 2014 hall of famer was non-existent. With that being said, De La Hoya did express a desire to compete against the best at either 154 or 160 pounds. At the moment, Gennadiy Golovkin (GGG) would fit into that criteria. He currently holds the IBF world title and has always been viewed as one of the biggest punchers in all of boxing. Although he has mostly annihilated everyone in his path, De La Hoya believes he would make it look easy against him, even at the age of 47.

“You know how easy GGG would be for me?” said De La Hoya to Boxingscene.com. “Oh my gosh. It would be a high-profile fight, that’s for sure. I always took a good shot and I always took apart fighters like him. In my mind, it would be that easy. I would definitely consider it.”

Before Golovkin can even consider tangling with De La Hoya, he will have to get past mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta on December 18th. Should the Kazakhstan star pick up the win, he will be all alone in middleweight history as a victory would represent his 21st title defense, a middleweight record.

Still, even if Golovkin does what most expect, which is to win dominantly, the long time belt holder could be on the cusp of his third contest with Canelo Alvarez in March of 2021.

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Gennadiy Golovkin vs Kamil Szeremeta In Play For December 18th, Trilogy Bout With Alvarez Eyed For Spring Of 2021

Posted on 11/18/2020

By: Hans Themistode

With Canelo Alvarez officially returning to the ring On December 19th, against WBC super-middleweight belt holder Callum Smith, it appears that a familiar face will align himself with a close date as well.

According to reports, former unified middleweight champion and current IBF titlist Gennadiy Golovkin, is working on making his return to the ring on December 18th, one day before Alvarez. His opponent on the night would be the undefeated Kamil Szeremeta.

A contest between the two was thought to take place several months, however, due to a calf injury and the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, their bout has taken a backseat. Now though, it appears that they are back on track. A location hasn’t been set in stone just yet but sources familiar with the situation believe that Florida or Texas, where fans have been allowed into boxing venues, would be the likely play.

The thought process behind scheduling Golovkin near the end of the year not only stems from his injury woes and lack of a fight date this year, but also because the streaming service DAZN is eyeing a trilogy bout between the pair for May of 2021.

Both Golovkin and Alvarez share a long history with one another. After spending years calling for a showdown with the Mexican native, Golovkin (40-1-1, 35 KOs) got his wish in September of 2017. Following 12 rounds of nonstop action, a crowd of 17,318 was incredulous as a majority decision was announced. Having believed he did more than enough to score the victory, Golovkin lobbied for an immediate rematch and was rewarded with one nine months later.

Unfortunately for the long reigning champion however, he would be forced to wait an additional four months as Alvarez (53-1-2, 36 KOs) was given a six month suspension for testing positive for the banned substance Clenbuterol.

Going into their rematch in September of 2018, Golovkin was seen as a slight favorite to continue his middleweight reign which was one win shy of breaking the all-time title defense record.

Despite that, the Kazakhstan product would fall short on the cards, losing via majority decision. Since then, he has implemented several changes including axing his former head trainer Abel Sanchez and bringing in previous head man of long time heavyweight titlist Wladimir Klitschko, Johnathon Banks. Their new partnership has worked out fairly well as Golovkin has won back to back contest including a razor-close decision against Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

As for Alvarez, he’s spent the better part of two years jumping from weight class to weight class and piling up the world titles.

In December of 2018, the pound for pound star made quick work of WBA regular super middleweight champion Rocky Fielding, stopping him in the third round. He would then move back down to the middleweight division five months later to unify titles with Daniel Jacobs. Six months following his win, Alvarez would jump up two weight classes to become the fourth Mexican born fighter to win world titles in four separate weight classes when he scored an 11th round knockout over Sergey Kovalev.

Although Golovkin hasn’t expressed an interest in moving up to the super middleweight division, a weight class where Alvarez is currently campaigning, the Mexican star is said to be able to make the 160-pound limit given more time, according to his trainer Eddy Reynoso.

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If Saunders is Out, Who Should Canelo Face Next?

Posted on 03/31/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Billy Joe Saunders scored the golden ticket. Then, in true Billy Joe Saunders like fashion, he lost it. Or at least that’s what it seems like. 

Getting a contest against pound for pound star Canelo Alvarez isn’t easy. When you campaign at three different weight classes, the options are endless. Yet, Saunders did enough both in the ring, and with his words, to land the biggest fight of his career. 

On May 2nd, in Las Vegas Nevada, Saunders was set to take on Alvarez with his WBO Super Middleweight title on the line. Even with the Coronavirus pandemic pressing pause on all sporting events around the world, Saunders had nothing to worry about. Alvarez already agreed to fight him. So when boxing officially opened its doors, Saunders was the first man in line to take on boxing’s biggest star. 

The WBO Super Middleweight champion didn’t need to do anything. Just find a way to stay in shape and prepare for the fight of his life. 

Hell, if Saunders simply locked himself inside of his room and chose not to re-emerge until the date of the fight, he would be a happy man. But, with boredom getting the best of him, Saunders thought it would be funny to release a video of himself punching a heavy bag. 

Seems innocent right? 

That would be true until you realize Saunders made said heavy bag play the role of wives all over the world. With everyone quarantining at home to prevent the spread of the virus, Saunders thought it would be funny to record a video of what all husbands should do to their wives should they get on their nerves too much. 

Not only did several people find it not funny, but now, Saunders had his boxing license taken away. 

It’s too early to tell, but his chances of facing Alvarez now looks a bit bleak. 

So what should Alvarez do? If Saunders is officially out, then who should replace him? Keep reading to find out some viable options. 

Gennady Golovkin 

Before the Coronavirus sent boxing to the sidelines, not only was Alvarez set to take on Saunders, but he was also ready to fight fellow Middleweight champion Gennadiy Golovkin for a third time. But with boxing on an indefinite hiatus, and with Saunders seemingly out as an opponent, then why not just jump straight into a contest against Golovkin? 

If we’re lucky, boxing will return during the second half of the year, sometime in the fall. Although Alvarez usually gets two fights in per year, he could be forced to settle for one. If that’s the case, then allow these two to put an end to their rivalry once and for all. 

Jaime Munguia 

23 year old Jaime Munguia has some pretty big aspirations. Not only does he want to win a world title in his second weight class, but he also wants to be known as one of the greatest Mexican fighters ever. He can accomplish the first part of his goals with some careful matchmaking. But in order to achieve the second part, he’ll need to take on some big names. In the case of Canelo Alvarez, it doesn’t get any bigger. 

If Alvarez is steadfast on fighting twice this year and doesn’t simply want a soft touch, then a fight against Munguia makes sense.

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Carl Froch on Gennadiy Golovkin “In My Opinion I’d Beat Him Up”

Posted on 03/23/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Former unified Super Middleweight champion Carl Froch has always been confident. Maybe even too confident. But wins over Jean Pascal, Jermain Taylor, Andre Dirrell, Arthur Abraham, Lucian Bute, Mikkel Kessler and George Groves gives him the perfect ammunition to think he was the best. 

When Froch retired in 2014, he believed that he had nothing left to prove. Other than a rematch with Andre Ward, Froch fought and beat just about everyone in his weight class. 

With that being said however, the former unified champ does believe that one fight got away from him. 

While Froch was busy winning world titles, there was another fighter in another weight class that was doing the same thing. The only difference is that he was doing so in much more dominant fashion. 

— Photo Credit : Chris Farina – K2 Promotions April 20, 2016 , Santa Monica,Ca. — Boxing Superstar and Unified World Middleweight Champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, 34-0 (31KO’s) works out during media day Wednesday at the Wild Card West in Santa Monica, California. Boxing Superstar and Undefeated, Unified World Middleweight Champion Gennady, “GGG” Golovkin, 34-0 (31KO’s) will defend his titles (WBA, IBF, IBO and WBC “Interim’) against Undefeated Mandatory Challenger Dominic Wade, 18-0 (12KO’s) on Saturday, April 23 at the Fabulous Forum in the main event at UNDEFEATED. Co-featured will be Consensus #1 Pound-For-Pound Fighter and WBC Flyweight World Champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, 44-0 (38KO’s) battling World Ranked Contender McWilliams Arroyo, 16-2 (14KO’s) of Puerto Rico. Both bouts will be televised Live on HBO World Championship Boxing® beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT. Tickets for UNDEFEATED, priced at $400, $300, $200, $100, $60 and $30, are now on sale through Ticketmaster (Ticketmaster.com, 1-800-745-3000) and the Forum Box Office. Golovkin vs. Wade is promoted by K2 Promotions, GGG Promotions and in association with TGB Promotions. Gonzalez vs. McWilliams is presented by K2 Promotions in association with Teiken Promotions and PR Best Boxing Promotions.

Gennadiy Golovkin didn’t just beat fighters, he beat them down. It didn’t make much sense for the unified Middleweight champ to look for competition at his own weight class. So instead, he began looking elsewhere. 

Much like this current Coronavirus pandemic, Golovkin was avoided by just about everyone. 

The dominance shown by Golovkin made most fighters turn a blind eye to him. Froch on the other hand, turned his attention straight to Golovkin.

The two never jumped into the ring against each other despite nonstop rumors. But that wasn’t from a lack of trying.

“We were in talks with his manager. They were trying to get me down to 166-pounds. That don’t sound like much weight, two-pounds below the [super middleweight] limit. I was a machine at [super middleweight]. I could not have lost another two-pounds and performed. They were just trying to drag me down that bit further. I just said, ‘Look, let’s make the fight and make it at [super middleweight]. You think you’re too much for me, you’ll back me up and knock me out, let’s do it at [super middleweight],” Froch said on the ‘Froch on Fighting Podcast.’

“Don’t forget I was out the ring, this was after I’d been retired a year. Then the talks started to get a bit serious. They were just trying to drag me down to a weight division I wouldn’t have been able to do it in. At the time when we were talking, I was [186-pounds], a lifetime heaviest, so I’ve got to get myself down to [super middleweight] which would’ve been hard. And they were trying to drag me down even further and that’s why the fight didn’t happen.”

At the time, Golovkin was viewed as a monster. The moment he stepped foot inside of the ring with anyone, apprehension immediately set in. In short, the fight just wasn’t going to end well for his opponents. 

With 23 straight knockout wins from 2008-2016, Golovkin was being placed in the conversation as the hardest hitting fighter of all-time. For as great as Froch had been throughout his career, many believed that he would have been just another knockout victim. A statement that he finds incredulous to say the least. 

“In my opinion I’d beat him up because I’m too big and too strong for him. I might be wrong, we’ll never know, but I would back myself to be beat him. There will be a lot of people listening to this saying, ‘No, no, no, load of b-llocks, Golovkin would beat you. Eventually Golovkin’s power would tell, he’d land on you, he’d hurt you, break you down and stop you. What I’d say to that is I’ve never been stopped, I’ve only ever been put down twice in my career and I got up to win both times,” Froch said.

“You can say either of us are a clear winner. I think I beat him by stoppage. I’d be hitting him that much, that hard. A little bit like the Lucian Bute fight. Back him up to the ropes, back him up, smash him to bits, you know how I roll. What a great fight that would’ve been, and I’m man enough to admit I could’ve come unstuck. I could’ve got my nose broke, I could’ve got my eye cut and been blinded in one eye, I could’ve even got ironed out.

“I never think I’d be knocked out because I’ve been hit with some big, big shots in my career and I’ve felt them, but they never bothered me that much. I’ve never been flattened like Amir Khan, have I.

With Golovkin seemingly past his prime at the age of 37 and Froch retired for six years, there is absolutely no chance that this dream matchup will ever take place. The former Super Middleweight champ simply wanted to set the record straight that he didn’t duck a contest against Golovkin. In his opinion, it was the other way around.

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