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Jake Paul Vs. Tyron Woodley Undercard Results: Former NBA All-Star Deron Williams Drops, Decisions Former NFL Running Back Frank Gore

Posted on 12/18/2021

By: Hans Themistode

It was a bit of a wacky matchup. Both Frank Gore and Deron Williams made their names at the highest level of athletics. Williams, in the NBA as a multiple-time All-Star and Olympic Gold medalist. Gore, on the other hand, ran over defenders in the NFL as a Pro Bowl running back. In the process, Gore has accumulated the third most rushing yards of all-time. However, the moment both men stepped into the ring, Williams proved why he was considered the favorite heading into their contest.

Although neither man had traditional experience, both claimed to have been training in the boxing world for years. To kick things off, both sides played it safe. Gore attempted to use head movement while Williams flicked out a strong and consistent jab. On numerous occasions, Williams connected with shots to the body which seemed to zap some of the energy out of the former NFL running back.

As the round came to a close, Williams peppered his man with stinging right hands. The last of which saw Gore retreat.

To start the following round, Williams picked up exactly where he left off. He ruthlessly bullied Gore into the ropes. But, just as the former NBA star had the clear edge, Gore landed an overhand left which left Williams on wobbly legs.

With the momentum firmly in his corner, Williams wrestled it away. He landed a clean one-two combination which saw Gore fall into the ropes, Williams then pounded his man until he hit the deck. Though Gore made it back to his feet, he appeared visibly winded.

In the final period, Williams and Gore fought on most even terms as both were out of gas. Though the action came to a screeching halt, Williams did more than enough to earn his victory. The former NBA All-Star, however, would be forced to settle for a split decision win.

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