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Caleb Plant Details What Went Wrong In Canelo Alvarez Fight Negotiations, Including What He Deems As “Absurd” Demands

Posted on 07/28/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Everything appeared to be going smoothly between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant. The two sides were working out intense negotiations behind the scenes for an upcoming September 18th showdown.

The moment Alvarez landed the deleterious blow on Billy Joe Saunders in early May to rip away his WBO super middleweight world title, he made it no secret that he wanted Plant and his IBF belt. With a win, the Mexican star would become the first undisputed world champion in super middleweight history.

But while Alvarez has vehemently stated on numerous occasions that he would love nothing more than to face Plant, the Nashville, Tennessee native is of the belief that the pound for pound star is all talk.

“His bark is bigger than his bite,” said Plant to ESPN. “I question whether legacy or money is their real motive.”

As of yesterday afternoon, negotiations for their September showdown hit a bump in the road. Plant, 28, is incredulous that there having any issues at all. In his opinion, he’s acquiesced to nearly every demand Alvarez has asked for but that seemingly isn’t enough.

“Canelo was offered the highest guarantee of his career,” continued Plant. “He was set to make $40 million plus Mexican TV rights and his Hennessy Sponsorship. No problem, let’s fight. We gave it to him. Then they wanted upside of gate and PPV revenue; no problem, let’s rumble.

It was always agreed that it was a unification, no rematch for either fighter. Towards the end of negotiations, they asked for a rematch when they lose. No problem, you can have the rematch as well, I just wanna fight. We tried to give him everything he wants and more to make this fight.”

Although Plant believes both he and his team have been more than accommodating, he can’t say the same for team Alvarez. After successfully defending his title for the third consecutive time this past January against former titlist, Caleb Truax, Plant turned his direction towards Alvarez. The 28-year-old has made his feelings known that becoming an undisputed champion has been on his mind since he turned pro in 2014.

Nevertheless, with Alvarez making what Plant maintains as outrageous demands, he believes the sand inside the hourglass is wasting away.

“One that is absurd: If I get injured or sick then he gets a late replacement for the same amount of guaranteed money, but if he gets sick or injured, then we gotta wait for him. We’re at seven-and-a-half weeks from the fight; we’ve lost valuable time that should be spent promoting and drug testing for a fight of this magnitude.”

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Canelo Alvarez Vs. Caleb Plant Talks Reportedly Breakdown

Posted on 07/27/2021

By: Hans Themistode

For the past few weeks, Canelo Alvarez saw himself move closer and closer to his ultimate goal of becoming an undisputed world champion at 168 pounds. However, as first reported by Mike Coppinger of ESPN, his dream of holding all four world titles will have to wait.

Initially, all appeared well in negotiations. In fact, many of the contract details were reportedly hashed out. A date of September 18th was officially agreed upon, so we’re the financial part of their arrangement.

According to reports, Alvarez was set to earn a career-high payday of more than $40 million. As for Plant, his purse came in north of $10 million, also a career-high. While it’s been years since Alvarez was last seen on the pay-per-view stage, the Mexican star was set to return to the platform in his showdown with Plant on Fox.

At the moment, there were no specific details in terms of why their negotiations broke down. No matter the case, as claimed by Coppinger, Alvarez vs. Plant is “dead in the water.” At least for now.

While Alvarez has made his feelings known that he would love nothing more than to become the first undisputed world champion at 168 pounds, promoter Eddie Hearn continued to express that if a deal isn’t agreed upon, that Alvarez has a bevy of options. Amongst them, would be two showdowns at 175 pounds.

Current WBA light heavyweight titlist Dmitry Bivol and unified champion Artur Beterbiev, are said to be in the driver’s seat as secondary options. In the case of Beterbiev, Hearn revealed that Alvarez “sickly” wants a matchup with him soon. Outside of move up in weight, a possible third showdown against Gennadiy Golovkin has also been mentioned.

As reported several weeks ago, DAZN officials approached Golovkin about the possibility of facing Alvarez in September. From there, Golovkin didn’t mince words, stating he was “ready, willing and available.”

Both Golovkin and Alvarez shared the ring on two occasions. The first, which took place in September of 2017, ended in a controversial draw. The two would do it again one year later. This time, Alvarez eked out the majority decision win.

Still, despite their history, Alvarez has shown little to no interest in facing him. The pound-for-pound star is firmly of the belief that if they were to cross paths in the ring once more, he would violently put an end to their rivalry.

Although Alvarez seemingly has plenty of options to choose from outside of Plant, the IBF 168 pound belt holder remains his preferred option. With three title defenses under his belt since winning gold against Jose Uzcategui in January of 2019, Plant has continued to claim that while he respects the skillset of Alvarez, he presents the sort of complex puzzle that the Mexican product wouldn’t be able to solve.

Nonetheless, while both fighters remain confident in the outcome of their possible showdown, they’ll have to work out the wrinkles of their fight agreement before anything is set in stone.

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Mike Tyson Believes Caleb Plant Has Absolutely No Chance Against Canelo Alvarez: “He’s Going To Get F*cked Up”

Posted on 07/21/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant continue to inch closer and closer to their undisputed showdown.

The pair are currently locked in negations on a proposed September 18th, showdown that would take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. With Alvarez holding the WBC, WBA, WBO and Ring Magazine super middleweight world titles, and Plant in possession of the IBF strap, the winner of their contest would produce the division’s first ever undisputed world champion.

In the mind of many, Alvarez has the clear advantage heading into their possible matchup. With the Mexican star gracing the top of virtually every pound for pound list, most believe it’s inevitable that Alvarez relieves Plant of his world title. Amongst those who are backing Alvarez, is 2011 Hall of Famer, Mike Tyson.

Not only does the former undisputed heavyweight champion believe that Alvarez will dispose of Plant, but he’s also fully convinced that he’ll do so quite easily.

“Caleb Plant ain’t lasting the distance,” said Tyson on his podcast, Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. “I saw this guy fight (Plant), he’s going to get slaughtered. He’s going to get clocked. He’s going to get so f*cked up. This guy is going to f*cking kill him.”

Alvarez, 31, has run through his competition as of late. Earlier this year, the Mexican product scored two devastating knockouts. The first came against fringe contender Avni Yildirim in late February. Alvarez wasted no time in getting rid of his man, doing so in the third round. He then followed that up with another comprehensive win. This time, at the expense of Billy Joe Saunders.

The British star fought Alvarez on fairly even terms in early May at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. However, his night came to an abrupt end due to a right uppercut by Alvarez that shattered his right orbital bone and simultaneously crushed his eye socket. With the win, Alvarez picked up his third world title at 168 pounds and immediately began targeting Plant.

As for the IBF belt holder, he’s also taken care of business against whoever has stepped foot inside the ring with him, albeit they’ve been against much lesser names. After winning his world title against Jose Uzcategui in January of 2019, the Nashville, Tennessee native has defeated fringe contenders Mike Lee and Vincent Feigenbutz. Recently, he outpointed former titlist, although long faded, Caleb Truax.

Those who back Plant to pick up the win against Alvarez point to his movement and boxing ability. The 29-year-old has prided himself on hitting his opponents and receiving little to no punishment in return. But while Tyson notices that Plant does have good abilities in the ring, he believes that once Alvarez attacks his midsection, it’ll be all she wrote.

“Wait until Alvarez hit that mother f*cking body. He’s gonna f*cking kill him.”

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Jake Paul Believes He’s A “Much Better Fighter” Than Both Avni Yildirim And Billy Joe Saunders

Posted on 07/14/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Not only does Jake Paul continue to reiterate that at some point, he’ll take on a professional boxer but also, in the near future, he’ll be well equipped to take on Canelo Alvarez.

For now though, the social media star will face someone who isn’t well versed in the boxing ring. On August 29th, Paul will take on former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. While Paul has openly admitted that Woodley will present him with a much more difficult fight than Ali Eson Gib, Nate Robinson and Ben Askren, his three previous victims, he’s also extremely confident that he’ll still pick up the knockout victory.

With the win virtually guaranteed in his mind, Paul would like to shift his focus to Alvarez. Currently, the Mexican native is in possession of the WBC, WBA, WBO and Ring Magazine super middleweight titles. He’s also considered by most as the number one fighter in the world.

Still, regardless of the superlative words used to describe him, Paul believes that in just a few short years, he’ll be able to compete with him. Although Alvarez stopped his two most recent opponents in Avni Yildirim and Billy Joe Saunders, Paul has absolutely no doubt that at this very moment, his overall skills dwarfs that of those previously mentioned names.

“I’m a much better fighter than both of those boxers,” said Paul to a group of reporters. “I’m bigger, faster, stronger, and more athletic.”

Alvarez, 30, made things look incredibly easy against Yildirim earlier this year, stopping him in the third round. As for Saunders, he proved to be much more difficult. The British native and former two-division titlist gave Alvarez fits during their showdown in early May. Ultimately though, Alvarez stopped his man in the eighth round, breaking his right orbital bone and shattering his eye socket in the process.

Regardless of the end result, Paul was seemingly unimpressed with the way things played out. While he wouldn’t go as far as to say that he’s prepared to challenge Alvarez at this very moment, Paul does believe that in only a handful of years, he just might be able to hold his own.

“If Billy Joe Saunders, who fights like a wild chicken, can go in there and get a payday and fight Canelo and last that many rounds or Yildirim the Turkish Warrior can last three rounds, can Jake Paul in three years go 12 rounds with him and beat him? We’ll see.”

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Bernard Hopkins: “Canelo Can Compete All The Way Up To Cruiserweight As Far As I’m Concerned”

Posted on 07/14/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Over the past few weeks, there’s been considerable chatter surrounding Canelo Alvarez and unified light heavyweight titlist, Artur Beterbiev. Currently, though, the unified super middleweight champion is hoping to finalize an agreement to take on IBF belt holder Caleb Plant.

But while becoming the first undisputed world champion at 168 pounds is the immediate goal of Alvarez, promoter Eddie Hearn has floated around the idea that the Mexican star could take on either Beterbiev or WBA titlist, Dmitry Bivol.

Whether it’s a matchup against the hard-hitting Beterbiev, the fundamentally sound Bivol, or newly crowned WBO titlist Joe Smith Jr., it simply doesn’t matter. In the opinion of former two-division champion Bernard Hopkins, every single one of those aforementioned names would fall in a hypothetical matchup against Alvarez.

“The light heavyweight division, I think he sweeps through that,” said Hopkins during an interview with FightHype.com.

Just two years ago, Alvarez proved that he’s more than capable of taking on bigger men. In November of 2019, the Mexican product moved up to the light heavyweight division to take on than belt holder, Sergey Kovalev. Although he had his difficulties, Alvarez would ultimately prevail, scoring the stoppage win in the 11th.

Considering how sharp he looked in dismantling Kovalev and how he’s taken his game to a whole other level over the past few years, Hopkins is confident that if Alvarez wanted, he could move up even higher in weight.

“Canelo can compete all the way up to cruiserweight as far as I’m concerned.”

Throughout Hopkins 28 year career, he was never considered the fastest, most elusive, or the hardest hitting. Still, through constant preparation and a clean lifestyle, he was able to forge a Hall of Fame career. As he continues to stare at the consistent improvements Alvarez has made, Hopkins can only admire the work ethic of the pound-for-pound star.

“He’s willing to put the work in,” continued Hopkins. “He’s willing to go through anything that he has to go through to be great. He just wants to do great things from here on out.”

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Canelo Alvarez Vs. Gennadiy Golovkin Could Reportedly Be Next

Posted on 07/13/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Although Canelo Alvarez wants nothing more than to create history, he could be forced to travel down a familiar road instead.

As first reported by Lance Pugmire of The Athletic, DAZN officials have recently had a word with current IBF middleweight titlist and long-time rival of Alvarez in Gennadiy Golovkin. The topic of discussion between both sides was to get a clear understanding of whether or not the Kazakhstan star would be available for a fall showdown against Alvarez. Upon hearing the news, Golovkin reportedly replied that he is “ready, willing and available.”

At this time, it is unclear if Alvarez would be willing to move back down to 160 pounds, if Golovkin would be traveling eight pounds north or if both sides will settle upon a catchweight agreement.

As negotiations between team Alvarez and IBF super middleweight belt holder Caleb Plant continue to drag on, team Golovkin isn’t quite sure if there is serious interest in staging a third fight or if team Alvarez is using his name as a negotiating chip against team Plant.

Alvarez, 30, has shared the ring with Golovkin on two separate occasions. In September of 2017, Alvarez made his middleweight debut by challenging the former unified titlist. While most fans at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and those watching around the world believed Golovkin did more than enough to earn the win, he was forced to settle for a highly controversial split decision draw.

The two would face off once more one year later. This time, although their contest was extremely competitive, Alvarez eked out a majority decision win. Golovkin has since bounced back from his lone defeat, stopping two of his past three opponents. But while the Kazakhstan native has continued to campaign at 160, Alvarez has made frequent trips up and down the scale.

Following the win against Golovkin, Alvarez captured world titles at super middleweight against Rocky Fielding, Callum Smith and Billy Joe Saunders. The Mexican star also made a brief cameo appearance at 175, knocking out Sergey Kovalev to wrap his WBO light heavyweight title around his waist.

Currently, Alvarez is in possession of the WBA, WBC, WBO and Ring Magazine 168 pound titles. He’s since urged his team to negotiate a showdown against Plant, the weight division’s remaining belt holder. If Alvarez were to face Plant and pick up the win, he would become the first undisputed world champion at 168 pounds.

All along, Plant has been the preferred choice of Alvarez. However, if negotiations continue to stall, Golovkin appears to be waiting on standby.

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Eddie Hearn: “Artur Beterbiev Is A Fight That Canelo Sickly Wants”

Posted on 07/02/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Eddie Hearn is very familiar with Canelo Alvarez and his tendency to take tough assignments. Having watched from his ringside seat as the Mexican star dismantled several fighters that Hearn promotes in Daniel Jacobs, Callum Smith and Billy Joe Saunders, there is absolutely no doubt in the mind of Hearn that Alvarez is the number one fighter in the world.

Still, even with that, Hearn was somewhat taken aback with the latest name Alvarez is interested in fighting.

“Artur Beterbiev is a fight that Canelo sickly wants,” said Hearn on the DAZN Boxing Show.

While Hearn has revealed that Alvarez would love to get his hands on the current unified light heavyweight titlist, he appears to be on his way to attempting history instead. With three 168 pound world titles safely tucked underneath his arms, Alvarez is currently pursuing a showdown against IBF titlist, Caleb Plant. If Alvarez were to not only secure a fight date with Plant but also win, he’ll become the first undisputed champion in super middleweight history.

Still, even with history on the line, Hearn believes Alvarez is very much serious about moving up in weight. If the pound-for-pound star does in fact opt to face Beterbiev, this won’t be his first time in the ring against a much bigger man. In November of 2019, Alvarez moved up two weight classes to take on then, WBO champion, Sergey Kovalev. Alvarez would go on to stop the former Russian star in the 11th round.

For as great Alvarez has proven to be though, Hearn has seen the power of Beterbiev up close and personal. Just a few short months ago, Beterbiev flatlined another opponent, this time, fringe contender Adam Deines. Every fighter that has stepped foot inside the ring with Beterbiev has suffered the same fate.

But while some fighters may shy away from moving up in weight to face such a dangerous puncher, Hearn believes that the more people warn Alvarez of stepping into the ring with Beterbiev, the more likely he is to do it.

“He knows how hard Beterbiev punches. Canelo’s a competitor, you tell him that’s not the fight to take, he’ll wanna take it. You tell him that’s a dangerous fight, he’ll want to do it. It’s very, very risky moving up to 175.”

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Calvin Ford, Head Coach Of Gervonta Davis, Reveals That Canelo Alvarez Nearly Walked Him Out In Mario Barrios Showdown

Posted on 07/02/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Although they’ve never met face to face, there has always been a deep amount of admiration between Gervonta Davis and Canelo Alvarez.

Whenever posed with the question of who’s the number one pound for pound fighter in the world, Davis has never hesitated in siding with Alvarez. As for the Mexican star, he’s stated on numerous occasions that Davis is one of his favorite young fighters to watch.

This past Saturday night at the State Farm Arena, in Atlanta Georgia, Davis moved up two weight classes to challenge former WBA “Regular” super lightweight champion, Mario Barrios. Accompanying Davis to the ring on the night was famed rapper Lil Baby, former four-division champion Adrien Broner and a long entourage as well. While his entrance was as star-studded as ever, head coach of Davis in Calvin Ford, revealed that they were oh so close to having Alvarez chaperone Davis to the ring.

“He came close,” said Ford during an interview with ESNews. “He kept saying that he wanted to come. If he would’ve came, I would’ve been a fan that day.”

While Alvarez ultimately had other business to attend to, Davis still went out and dominated his much bigger opponent. The Baltimore native scored three knockdowns on the night before closing the show in the 11th.

Despite Alvarez not attending the event, Davis still showed his support for the pound for pound star by rocking his name brand gloves, No Boxing No Life, for his showdown against Barrios.

As for what could be next for both Alvarez and Davis. For starters, Alvarez continues to work behind the scenes in an attempt to secure an undisputed showdown against current IBF super middleweight titlist, Caleb Plant.

The future of Davis on the other hand, is currently filled with more options. With the concussive knockout artist holding world titles at 130, 135 and 140 simultaneously, he has shown an openness to face all comers in each weight class.

Most recently, former 140-pound belt holder Regis Prograis called for a showdown between the pair for later on this year.

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David Benavidez To Jermall Charlo: “We Both Want Canelo, Let’s Earn The Shot At Him By Fighting Each Other”

Posted on 06/24/2021

By: Hans Themistode

David Benavidez and Jermall Charlo flat out don’t like each other. The two have spent the past several months throwing verbal haymakers at one another through social media and whenever a microphone is present.

Although Charlo campaigns at a lower weight class, the WBC middleweight titlist expressed a desire to go up in weight to face Benavidez. Yet, once the former two time super middleweight titlist openly took him up on his offer, Charlo seemingly backtracked, claiming that he wouldn’t face anyone under the age of 25 and also stating that if Benavidez wanted to fight him, he would have to squeeze down to the 160-pound limit.

While Benavidez and Charlo appear to be polar opposites with a clear disdain for one another, they do share one thing in common. The pursuit of a showdown against pound-for-pound star Canelo Alvarez. Although Charlo continues to lobby for the fight to take place next against the Mexican star, Benavidez has an idea.

“We both want Canelo,” said Benavidez on his Instagram account with a picture of himself and Charlo. “Let’s earn the shot at him by fighting each other. Winner gets Canelo, how about that?”

If Charlo was to take Benavidez up on his offer, the Houstonian will first have to rest up. Just this past weekend, the former two-division champion defended his WBC crown against Juan Macias Montiel. In what many believed would be a walk in the park, it was anything but that, as it turned into an absolute dog fight. Charlo had his hands full in front of his hometown Houston fans at the Toyota Center. Despite the back and forth war, Charlo would walk away from their contest with hands raised in victory but was visibly beat up.

As for Benavidez, the 24-year-old made it look incredibly easy against Ronald Ellis in his most recent ring appearance, stopping him in the 11th round. Now, the Phoenix, Arizona native will look to send another body to the canvas when he takes on former 168-pound belt holder, Jose Uzcategui. The two are scheduled to get it on August 28th at a yet to be named venue.

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Tyson Fury Against Billy Joe Saunders Retiring: “It’ll Probably Haunt Him Forever That He Went Out With A Loss, Come Back, Win Another World Title”

Posted on 06/16/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Most of the boxing world believed that Billy Joe Saunders was in for a world of hurt when he took on Canelo Alvarez. The two faced off roughly one month ago at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Regardless of the consensus surrounding their showdown, WBC/Ring Magazine heavyweight titlist, Tyson Fury, stood firmly in his corner.

While Saunders gave it everything he had, he was ultimately stopped in the eighth round due to a broken right orbital bone and fractured eye socket. Since then, the normally chatty Saunders remained silent.

Recently, however, Saunders revealed that following his brutal defeat and subsequent surgery which placed several metal plates into his face, that retirement was on the table. While Saunders has ultimately left the final decision up to his father, if Fury has anything to say about it, hanging up the gloves wouldn’t be an option.

“He should recover from his injuries and come back,” said Fury during an interview with SecondsOut. “Win another world title for sure. Don’t go out like that.”

According to reports, Saunders received a career high payday of $8 million for his efforts against Alvarez. The British native acknowledged that with the generational money he received, along with the money he’s amassed over a career that’s spanned well over a decade, if he chooses, he doesn’t have to work ever again.

Yet, no matter how fat Saunders wallet has gotten, Fury believes that if he opted to walk away, it’ll be one of the worst decisions he’s ever made.

“I’ve been in this game a long time and I believe that Billy Joe needs to fight again for his own inner spirit,” continued Fury. “He doesn’t need it for the money cause he’s made a lot of money. He’s a very clever guy, he invests in a lot of stuff outside out of boxing so he’ll never be broke. But it’s more than that. It’s about going out on the right causes. I think if he doesn’t fight again, it’ll probably haunt him forever that he went out with a loss, an injury loss as well.”

From his ringside seat in Dallas Texas, Fury thoroughly enjoyed their matchup. Although Alvarez was considered a heavy favorite, Fury believes his good friend was more than holding his own. Things changed rapidly of course, in that eighth round. Saunders attempted to land a looping left hand in the final seconds. Alvarez, to his credit, avoided the shot and landed the fight-ending right uppercut.

As Saunders staggered to his corner, trainer Ben Davison waved off their contest as the cornermen were unable to successfully open the right eye of Saunders.

In the mind of Fury, it would be one thing if Saunders got outclassed, but considering how competitive their contest was, he believes the time to retire simply isn’t now.

“If he got knocked out or smashed to bits in a fight, then he knows that he wasn’t good enough but I believe he was in that fight. It was a close fight obviously until he got his face smashed in.”

At the time of the stoppage, judge Tim Cheatham had Alvarez ahead, 77-75. Max DeLuca and Glenn Feldman, the two remaining judges, had Alvarez ahead 78-74.

As for what Fury ultimately expects his long-time friend to do, he isn’t exactly sure. Still, not only is the WBC/Ring Magazine heavyweight titlist firmly of the belief that Saunders has plenty in the tank, he has an idea as to who Saunders should target next.

“I think he can come back, regroup and win another world title for sure. Maybe try and get the (Demetrius) Andrade fight.”

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Billy Joe Saunders On Claims He Quit Against Canelo Alvarez: “As A Fighter, I Wanted To Go On, I Would Have Loved To See How The Next Four Or Five Rounds Go”

Posted on 06/10/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Billy Joe Saunders has always been loquacious. Recently, however, the former two-division world champion has been abnormally quiet.

Approximately one month ago, the British native talked and fought his way into a super middleweight unification contest against Canelo Alvarez. During the lead-up to their showdown and for years before that, Saunders claimed that if he were ever given a chance to face Alvarez, he would hand him the second loss of his career. However, when the two stood across the ring from one another at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, Saunders realized how wrong he was.

While the moment was intense, when Saunders began swapping fist with the pound-for-pound star, he claims that he didn’t feel overwhelmed or out of his element. In fact, as he evaded the oncoming onslaught of Alvarez and landed a few big shots of his own, there were moments where he believed the Mexican star was a bit overrated.

“When I got in the ring with him, I thought was this it?” Questioned Saunders during an interview with Talk Sport. “I expected more but I suppose everyone is going to be sort of like that going into that sort of fight you know.”

As Saunders continued to question if Alvarez had anything more to give, the unified super middleweight titlist immediately answered him. During the eighth round, Alvarez avoided a left hand of Saunders and landed a right uppercut. The British star immediately stumbled back and held on to Alvarez for the remainder of the round. Although Saunders kept his poker face on and appeared fine, he admits that the moment the shot landed, he knew something was wrong.

“I thought, ‘Ooh, that’s a good shot, that’s a good shot.’ And I started bouncing about, but my eye had dropped down. I could see like two or three all the time and I realized after 30 seconds it wasn’t my legs, it was my eye. It’s a bad injury, an injury I thought I’d never get, but you never know what’s gonna happen in boxing.”

After attempting to reopen his right eye, team Saunders came to the conclusion that their fighter couldn’t go into the ninth round in his condition. Reluctantly, trainer Ben Davison waved off the contest. Despite suffering a broken eye socket and orbital bone, many have accused Saunders of quitting. Ultimately though, Saunders says that simply wasn’t the case, if it was up to him, he would have gladly gone out on his shield.

“The people who were in my corner know the conversations,” continued Saunders. “I was going out for the ninth round orthodox. My team is there to do a job. They are there to look out for my best interest. I’m there to go on all night. When we step in that ring, that’s our lives and I’m willing to put that on the line. Never would I say I’m finished, I’m done or go down. I boxed a minute and 20 seconds with a broken eye socket. That was the corner man’s decision.

“As a fighter, I wanted to go on. It was the right stoppage. No one wants to lose and it’s gut-wrenching. The better man won on the night. I would have loved to see how the next four or five rounds go.”

If Saunders had somehow avoided the fight ending blow, the scorecards were just close enough for him to mount a second-half rally. Judge Tim Cheatham had it 77-75 in favor of Alvarez while Glenn Feldman and Max DeLuca each had it 78-74 for Alvarez as well.

Still, regardless of how close the scorecards were, Saunders won’t waste any time wishing and wondering what could have happened had he been able to continue. While he has never been fond of Alvarez, all Saunders could do at this point is give him his respect for a job well done.

“He’s a world-class fighter and he caught me with a world-class shot. You got to give that man that credit and respect. He’s a very, very good fighter, very tricky.”

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Canelo Alvarez Fed Up With Oscar De La Hoya: “Go F*ck Yourself”

Posted on 06/03/2021

By: Hans Themistode

At one point, Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez were seemingly the best of friends. The promoter/fighter relationship they shared appeared to be just fine over the years as De La Hoya sought to find Alvarez the biggest fights possible.

Whenever asked, De La Hoya wouldn’t hesitate to name Alvarez the best fighter in the world. With that said, things have changed ever since the pair split.

After several years of working closely with one another, Alvarez legally broke free from De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. Since then, De La Hoya has proceeded to criticize Alvarez and that trend continued once again.

In what appeared to be a picture of Alvarez on Instagram giving a young fighter tips in the ring, De La Hoya took the time to bash the Mexican star for his technique and accused him of ducking a certain fighter.

“Please, this guy does everything wrong,” said De La Hoya on his Instagram account. “Head up when he throws hooks, on his heels, flat footed. What else? Oh he avoids @twincharlo.”

The Instagram handle De La Hoya is referring to belongs to current unified Jr middleweight world champion, Jermell Charlo. While De La Hoya did point him out, the long-time promoter and former multiple division champion could have been alluding to current WBC middleweight champion and twin brother of Jermell in Jermall Charlo.

For a number of years now, Jermall has called for a showdown with Alvarez at every turn. When both De La Hoya and Alvarez were working together, De La Hoya claimed that he sent a lucrative offer to Jermall for a matchup with Alvarez. Yet, he also claimed that Jermall turned it down.

Although Alvarez has mostly ignored his former promoter, this time around, he let him have it.

“Do me a favor and go f*ck yourself,” said Alvarez in response to De La Hoya.

While Jermell Charlo initially stood back to watch the explosive responses between the pair, he chimed in to accuse De La Hoya of lying several years ago and seemingly took the side of Alvarez.

“Listen [I don’t know] if @OscarDeLaHoya lying or not, but in 2014 he promised me or @KingGabRosado the winner get @Canelo..I Won, but he ended up fighting Kirkland, @OscarDeLaHoya Gotta sick again, HOW DO U GO AGAINST YOUR OWN COUNTRYMAN viva Mexico !!!”

Despite it all, Jermell Charlo admits that at one point, a showdown with Alvarez was the one he craved the most. However, with four Jr middleweight titles currently wrapped around his waist and an undisputed contest with WBO belt holder Brian Castano set to take place on July 17th, Charlo isn’t complaining about the path he ultimately took.

“I’m the 154, twin. I WANTED THAT FIGHT 8 years ago, that ship sailed. The road I wanted to take God didn’t let me. Followed his plan and still made it to a satisfying position in my career & life.”

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Tim Bradley On Canelo Alvarez vs. Caleb Plant: “He’s Going To Beat The Dog Hell Out Of Plant”

Posted on 06/01/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Although Canelo Alvarez has yet to claim the fourth and final world title at 168 pounds, in the mind of Tim Bradley, it’s already a foregone conclusion.

After defeating Billy Joe Saunders via eighth-round stoppage for his WBO title just a few weeks ago, Caleb Plant remains the only super-middleweight belt holder outside of Alvarez. The Mexican star made it no secret that his next target will, in fact, be Plant for an undisputed showdown this coming September.

While Bradley does admire the skills that Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) brings to the table, in his opinion, Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) is simply the best fighter in the world and he’ll make it look easy against Plant in a few more months.

“Canelo is the number one fighter in the world, by far,” said Bradley during an interview with Behind The Gloves. “In nine months, he captured three straps, bout to be four cause he’s going to beat the dog hell out of Plant. No disrespect, I like Plant, he got skills but he makes a ton of mistakes and he’s going to have to raise his game if he’s going to beat a guy like Canelo.”

Plant, 28, continued his dominant title run with an easy win over former belt holder, Caleb Truax on January 30th earlier this year. While he has barely lost a single round during his career, Plant hasn’t exactly fought a who’s who of names either. Still, even with the lack of big-time opposition plastered on his resume, the Nashville, Tennessee native believes he’s fully prepared to strip Alvarez of his world titles and become the first 168 pound undisputed champion of all time.

That notion, however, is simply laughable to Bradley. With the Hall of Fame names that Alvarez has shared the ring with, the pound-for-pound star simply appears to be several steps ahead of the competition at the moment.

“Just too much experience,” explained Bradley. “He’s fighting at the ultimate level, at the top of his game, things have slowed down for him inside the ring. He’s see’s stuff come before it even happens. He can predict things, he understands where he needs to be at all times.”

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Demetrius Andrade On Canelo Alvarez Refusing To Fight Him: “You Can Give People The Opportunity To Make A Legacy But I Can’t Do That?”

Posted on 05/17/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Reality is slowly setting in for Demetrius Andrade. The current WBO middleweight belt holder has always had an eye on a showdown against Canelo Alvarez. Following the Mexican native’s recent win over Billy Joe Saunders roughly a week and a half ago, Andrade took it upon himself to crash the post-fight presser.

In a playful yet serious tone, Andrade congratulated Alvarez on the win and asked him when he would be given the opportunity to face him. Seemingly annoyed with his presence, Alvarez savagely lashed out at Andrade.

“Get the fuck out of here,” said Alvarez. “You are a horrible fighter, horrible fighter. You are never going to get the fight.”

As the curse words between both men continued, Andrade was escorted out of the building by security. Having had several days to digest the words of Alvarez, Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs) simply can’t understand why everyone else is getting the opportunity to prove themselves on the biggest stage while he’s forced to sit on the sidelines.

“He’s a coward,” said Andrade during an interview on the Ak and Barak show. “That’s some coward shit. You can give people the opportunity to fight and get in there and make a name for themselves, make a legacy but I can’t do that?”

No matter how badly Andrade would love to get Alvarez in the ring, the 30-year-old is fully focused on a unification showdown against Caleb Plant. A win for the Mexican star would allow him to become the first undisputed super middleweight champion of all time.

By and large, the resume of Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) is viewed as one of the best in all of boxing. In the case of Andrade, on the other hand, the Rhode native knows he hasn’t shared the ring with many of the top names. Although he won’t fulminate with anyone in defense of his level of opposition, Andrade is left incredulous when he compares his accomplishments and skillset, to several opponents that Alvarez has recently stepped into the ring against.

“If you look at my record, okay but what did Billy Joe do to get that fight? You’ll go in there and fight Rocky Fielding but what has he done for the sport of boxing. What about (Avni) Yildirim? What has he done for the sport of boxing?”

With Alvarez digging his heels behind his refusal to face Andrade, the former two-division titlist is seemingly running out of ideas. Although he’s tried on several occasions, promoter Eddie Hearn continues to pace up and down his office when trying to land a big fight for Andrade.

On several occasions, Hearn has stated that he has attempted to drag several high-caliber fighters into the ring with Andrade including, Gennadiy Golovkin and Jermall Charlo. Now, with Alvarez also completely taking himself out of the mix, Hearn expressed his level of frustration.

“Demetrius Andrade is the most difficult fighter I’ve ever had to make a fight for,” said Hearn during an interview with BoxingInsider.com. “By far.”

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David Benavidez On Canelo Alvarez: “He Calls The Shots I Got No Power, I’ll Fight Him In My Backyard If That’s What It Takes”

Posted on 05/16/2021

By: Hans Themistode

The sport of boxing has always had a specific pecking order. Those who are at the top have constantly dictated terms on when, how and where a showdown will take place.

Long before Floyd Mayweather became the top dog several years ago, he was forced to acquiesce to the demands of Oscar De La Hoya when the two faced off in 2007. Mayweather openly admitted that De La Hoya even chose the gloves he would wear on fight night.

Following that exact same blueprint, is pound-for-pound star, Canelo Alvarez. The Mexican native continues to rack up the wins and world titles but before a contest with him can be made, Alvarez makes it clear that he is the A side of the promotion. While some fighters have a problem forfeiting such power, super middleweight contender David Benavidez has no issue with playing second fiddle to Alvarez.

“He calls the shots, I got no power, I don’t got no belt,” said Benavidez during an interview with FightHype.com. “I’ll fight him in my backyard if that’s what it takes.”

Benavidez, 24, stood back and watched as Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) took care of business last weekend against British native Billy Joe Saunders. The two faced off at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas with three of the four super middleweight titles on the line. After a fairly competitive eight rounds, Alvarez ended things violently with a right uppercut in the eighth round. The moment it landed, Saunders winced in pain and held on to his man until the end of the round. As Saunders slumped into his corner, his team attempted to work on his right eye but to no avail.

With another dramatic win under his belt, Benavidez (24-0, 21 KOs) is convinced that Alvarez is a heavy hitter. With that said, the 24-year-old is extremely confident that he has all of the necessary tools to give him one helluva fight.

“His power is legit, he’s a f*cking great fighter but I feel like I’m the one who can give him that great fight. The type of people that have been fighting him, they’ve all been running from him. If you look at the (Danny) Jacobs fight, you look at the (Gennadiy) Golovkin fight, they stood there and fought with him. That’s why Canelo didn’t stop them. I got the power, I got the jab, I got great body shots so I feel like I can make it happen. We’re just waiting for the opportunity.”

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