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Evan Sanchez Returns To The Ring, Post Covid, “Like Nothing Ever Happened.”

Posted on 07/24/2020

By: Sean Crose

“It’s going to be an amazing fight,” 7-0 welterweight Evan Sanchez says of his scheduled Friday bout against the 18-4 Issouf Kinda. The scheduled 6 rounder will be the opening fight on Golden Boy’s Vergil Ortiz Jr – Samuel Vargas card, which will be aired live on the DAZN streaming service from Indio’s Fantasy Springs Casino. Without a doubt, it will be a chance for the 22 year old Sanchez to show his stuff in front of a live international audience. Golden Boy clearly sees a bright future in the California native, something the the 6 foot tall Sanchez is grateful for. Describing the company as “amazing,” the fighter goes on to explain that “they’ve been taking care of me, giving me the fights.”

Sanchez didn’t originally seem like the type of individual who would someday become a professional boxer. Describing himself as a “shy kid,” Sanchez explains that it was his father who introduced him to the sweet science. “He put me in the sport for self defense,” says Sanchez. The shy kid eventually found himself as a tall, power punching prospect in one of the sport’s top glamour divisions. Having all but one of his fights ending by knockout has clearly helped Sanchez’ career – not that he relies solely on his power. “If the knockout comes, the knockout comes,” he says.

Like all fighters, Sanchez was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than sit around the house playing video games all day, however, the fighter made the best of a bad situation. “It was a little difficult,” he admits. “We had to make our gym.” Once he was allowed to train as he always has, Sanchez jumped at the opportunity. “I’ve been in the gym,” he says of the relative return to normalcy, “like nothing ever happened.” 

Sanchez credits his family and those close to him for giving him the support needed to succeed in the ring. “They understand that I have to stay focused,” he claims. Not that Sanchez avoids basic human interactions. He just wants to keep his eye on the prize. “I have a girlfriend,” he says, while making it clear that otherwise, he’s “just focusing on the sport.” Provided he continues on with his winning ways, Sanchez and his team plan on quickly moving beyond the prospect stage. “We’re going after a Junior Belt,” he says.  

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Emilio Sanchez – Ready To Make His Move

Posted on 05/10/2020

By: Sean Crose

He was throwing punches, quick punches, in all varieties. Even when he was going backwards, he was landing the harder, more accurate shots. John Bustos tried to work the body, but his own punches were ineffective. By the end of the second round, it was clear that Emilio Sanchez, the 23 year old super bantamweight from Los Angeles, was the stronger, sharper fighter of the two. Bustos was game and extremely brave, but the fight wouldn’t see the final bell. The referee stopped things in the eighth and final round. Those who watched the ESPN card live as it aired that night in 2017 likely walked away thinking they had just seen a fighter worth watching in Sanchez. 

Three years later, Golden Boy Promotions is ready for the now 18-1 Sanchez to make his move among the featherweight division’s bigger names. Xu Can, the WBA World Featherweight Champion, is a real possibility. “I just want to get in the ring as soon as possible,” Sanchez tells me over the phone. “I’m in shape. I just can’t wait to get back in.” With the likes of the Xu Can on the horizon, it’s hard to fault him for wanting to return to business ASAP. Unfortunately, however, COVID-19 has put the sport of boxing, as well as virtually the entire world, on hold. 

“I do my roadwork in the morning,” Sanchez says of life under self quarantine, “come back at around ten or eleven. I have a bag at the house and (I) start hitting it.” Good enough to keep in shape, no doubt, but, like most everyone, the California native longs for a return to normality. “I’m missing the gym,” he says. Sadly, the gym, as well as Xu Can and all other fighters, will have to wait – at least for the time being. Not that it will dull Sanchez’ drive. “Right now,” he says, “I’m just focusing on the sport.”

Being something of a problem child as a youth, Sanchez found himself being introduced to boxing courtesy of his parents. “My parents put me in the boxing gym,” he says. “I fell in love with it.” Like countless other kids over time, Sanchez found a new direction to take once he discovered the sweet science. “I was kind of a troublemaker,” he tells me of his life before boxing. The sweet science, however, put an end to the wayward behavior. “It was the opposite of football,” he says. “I would want to go to the boxing gym.”

And now the man is on the cusp of creating a legacy in the sport he’s dedicated his life to. “This,” he says, “is what I do.”  

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Evan Sanchez Begins to Make His Mark At Super Welterweight

Posted on 01/29/2020

By: Sean Crose

The entire fight lasted less than half a minute. The young man from Parlier, California named Evan Sanchez had made the trip to the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles aiming to impress – and impress he did. Coming right out at the bell with a long, sharp jab, the 21 year old southpaw proceeded to strike at Hector Hernandez, his overmatched opponent, with bad intentions. Hernandez was down and out just 23 seconds into the first round. Because of his frighteningly effective performance that night, Sanchez was signed by the famed Golden Boy Promotions. “It’s a big honor” he says over the phone of now fighting under the Golden Boy banner. “It’s a blessing.”

Although quite young, Sanchez is a professional who takes the fight game seriously. Boasting a record of 6-0 with 5 knockouts, the six foot super welterweight aims to fight “hopefully 5 or 6” times this year. His next trip to the ring will be on Valentines’ Day when he fights on the undercard of the Ryan Garcia – Francisco Fonseca bout in Anaheim, California. Although he’s been fighting professionally less than two and a half years, Sanchez is looking to be one the card’s highlights, if not THE highlight of the evening. 

“I hope everybody’s ready to see me,” he says. “I’m going to put on a good show.” A confident, good natured individual, Sanchez starts his day at four in the morning when he “head(s) down to Fresno for strength and conditioning.” After he gets some rest, Sanchez proceeds to engage in a “five to six mile run at noon.” He eats and unwinds a bit afterwards. In the evening, however, Sanchez works on his boxing with his father.

It’s a routine that’s served Sanchez well so far, as has his six foot frame. “It works perfect for me,” says Sanchez of his height.
Dedication to craft means the young man from Parlier doesn’t have a whole lot of time for himself, at least at the moment (“No girlfriend right now,” he says). Coupled with his impressive ring performances, however, Sanchez is showing the kind of dedication that catches the eyes of those whose job it is to catch such things. Although he “spent some time in the amateurs,” Sanchez is eager to grow as a professional. As striking a force as he’s proven to be in the ring so far, the fighter is still looking to improve on his power. “We’ve been working on my strength,” he says. Further opponents might be well advised to work considerably on their defense.  

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Golovkin Breaks With Sanchez – And It’s Ugly

Posted on 04/25/2019

By: Sean Crose

“I would like to announce that I have made a major decision for myself and for my career,” Gennady Golovkin informed the media on Wednesday. That decision? To break with longtime trainer Abel Sanchez, the Big Bear cornerman who many have felt led Golovkin to the pinnacle of the fight game. Golovkin went on to claim that he would announce who his new trainer will be at a later date. As for Sanchez, Golovkin essentially stated that he was thankful for all the man had done for him, but that it was simply for the best that he, Golovkin, move on.

A short time later, Sanchez himself responded to the the breakup. “After a great nine year run,” Sanchez claimed , “records set, and equaled, developing a Hall of Fame career and making it possible to sign a 6 fight $100 million with DAZN, he (Golovkin) proposed and insisted on an insulting new trainer compensation schedule.” Clearly bitter over this latest development, Sanchez went on to claim his “dignity and honor” would not allow him to indulge his former protege’s wishes. To Sanchez, the relationship with Golovkin ended because of GGG’s “being greedy, being ungrateful,” and having no “ethics, honor, or integrity.”

Seen as a kind of dynamic duo, Golovkin and Sanchez first joined forces in 2010. Since that time, Golovkin has earned a record of 20 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw. The loss and draw, it should be added, were both delivered courtesy of Vegas judges in highly controversial fashion when Golovkin faced Canelo Alvarez for middleweight supremacy in 2017 and 2018 respectively. When Golovkin faces his next opponent, Steve Rolls, on June 8th at Madison Square Garden, it will be his first time fighting without Sanchez in his corner in almost a decade.

Golovkin teamed up with the DAZN streaming service back in March, to much ballyhoo. At the time, it seemed as if he and Sanchez were still close, as the trainer went so far as to comment on how his fighter, who was almost 37, was holding up as the years pass on. “I can only gauge in the fight,”Sanchez stated at the time. “There’s not anyone that has dominated him or in the gym. He’s fighting at his top level.” Someone may indeed prove that Golovkin is showing his age. Sanchez, however, will not be by the man’s side if and when it happens.

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Macias, Sanchez and Robles lll on ESPN2 Thursday for Golden Boy Promotions

Posted on 11/07/2018

By: Ken Hissner

Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions will be featuring three 10 round bouts all qualified to be main events at the Fantasy Springs Casino, in Indio, CA, over ESPN2 Thursday night. All three California boxers are looking to enter the world rankings with victories.

The main event features unbeaten Super Welterweight southpaw Neeco “Rooster” Macias, 17-0 (10), of Lancaster, CA, in his toughest test yet against upset minded veteran Mexican Jesus “Renuente” Soto Karass, 28-13-4 (18), out of N. Hollywood, CA, in a 10 round bout.

Photo Credit: Golden Boy Promotions Twitter Account

In the co-feature Super Bantamweight Emilio Sanchez, 16-1 (8), out of N. Hollywood, CA, takes on veteran Enrique “Duende” Bernache, 24-11 (12), out of Guadalajara, MEX, in a 10 round bout.

Unbeaten Featherweight Manny “Chato” Robles lll, 16-0 (8), out of L.A., CA, takes on tough Jose “El Torito” Gonzalez, 23-6 (13), out of Guadalajara, MEX, in a 10 round bout.
In addition, unbeaten Super Middleweight D’mitrus “Big Meech” Ballard, 18-0 (12), out of Temple Hills, MD, taking on Alan “Amenaza” Campa, 17-3 (11), out of Sonora, MEX, winner of 4 of his last 5 fights, in an 8 round bout.
There will be additional bouts featuring top prospects unbeaten Aaron McKenna of Ireland out of L.A., Jordan White, 5-1, out of D.C. and unbeaten Elnur Abduraimov, out of Uzbekistan.

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GGG Trainer Abel Sanchez: “Emotions Never Get In The Way”

Posted on 08/23/2018

by: Sean Crose

“I don’t think it’s imperative,” Gennady Golovkin trainer Abel Sanchez said to me during a Wednesday conference call to promote his fighter’s September 15th rematch with Canelo Alvarez. I had just asked the noted corner man if he felt Golovkin needed to knock Canelo out in order to win fairly in Las Vegas, a town with a reputation, fair or not, for bias when it comes to boxing. “I think the onus and the microscope is on the judges,” Sanchez added. There’s no doubt the three judges: Dave Moretti, Glenn Feldman, and Steve Wisefield, will be in the spotlight. The first Golovkin-Canelo clash, which went down last year, ended in an insanely controversial draw (most felt Golovkin deserved the nod).

Since that time, matters have only gotten more controversial, as Canelo was suspended for testing positive for the banned substance Clenbuterol last winter. Canelo blamed the incident on tainted meat. No matter. The Golovkin rematch, which was supposed to happen in May, was pushed back to September, and Canelo’s reputation has subsequently taken a considerable hit. Also of note is the fact that the relationship between the two fighter’s camps, which was previously cordial and professional, has deteriorated considerably. “There have been no insults on our side,” said Sanchez. “Everything I said has been the truth…they’ve been the ones with the insults.”

When asked if he would apologize to Canelo, who team Golovkin has been publicly critical of since the clenbuterol revelation, Sanchez remained firm. “No, I wouldn’t apologize,” Sanchez said. “He (Canelo) tested positive. Why should I apologize?” Sanchez was also asked about a report that Canelo would not shake his hand in the ring. “I will make an effort (to shake Canelo’s hand),” said Sanchez. “That’s what adults do….if he doesn’t want to, that’s okay. That’s what children do.” It was clear on the call that there was a notable amount of bad blood between both camps. Canelo’s trainers, the father-son team Chepo and Eddie Reynoso, were quick to defend their fighter. “There’s nothing to show,” Reynoso said when asked if Canelo now had something to prove. “Canelo’s career has always been clear.”

Sanchez would beg to differ. “Of course I’m mad (about the failed test),” the trainer said. “These things did happen. We cannot sweep this under the rug.” Sanchez may be put off, but he stated he has no intention to bring his emotions into the T-Mobile arena come fight night. “Emotions,” he argued, “never get in the way…I’ve got a job to do.”

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Abel Sanchez Looking To Prolong GGG’s Legendary Career

Posted on 05/01/2018

By Vishare Mooney

Is age becoming an issue for Gennady Golovkin, the 37-0-1, 33KO machine who, with a body seemingly made of iron, a mind like a chess champion, who has never been downed, never been hurt and boasts the highest knockout ratio in middleweight history? Will age be a factor as he enters the storied StubHub Center in his 20th consecutive title defense against Glendale, California’s Vanes Martirosyan 36-3-1. 21KO, also known as, given the unexpected circumstance, the fighter who is not Canelo? If trainer Abel Sanchez has done his job, the answer is probably not, and frankly, probably never. As GGG gets older, it is Sanchez’s desire to prolong his legendary fighter’s career in the ring with a mix of tactics outside the ring. I spoke with him on a recent media workout as he explained how.

Photo Credit: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos/GGG Promotions

When asked if we can expect to see Golovkin’s hard hitting, aggressive approach in the ring change as he becomes a more mature fighter, Sanchez replied with an emphatic no. “I don’t look at his age in terms of what he can or can’t do. His style will remain basically the same. I’m trying to prolong his career as much as possible without interfering with his actual fighting style,” said Sanchez.

Which is good news and bad news for future contenders to the throne. Good news is GGG won’t suddenly be adding a frustrating Mayweather type defense or Lomachencko’s blustery footwork. The bad news is Golovkin will continue to outthink you, force you in a corner, and knock you out.

If there are any changes to Golovkin’s boxing, Sanchez says, it is in the gym. “I try to keep things as constant as possible. I have been tweaking things in the gym for the last 7 or 8 fights. It’s not that I see anything deteriorating in the gym. I have reduced amount of rounds, I reduced a lot of the things we do so that I can conserve as much as I can for the fight.”

How much does nutrition play in keeping Golovkin’s body in top shape throughout his career? Sanchez disclosed he is not a fan of supplements and vitamins and prefers to keep nutrition in his camp basic, old school, but nonetheless clean.

“I want him to eat what he eats..Obviously we don’t have sodas, we don’t have liquor and the breads and the sugars, we stay away from. I think basic nutrition is something that we can’t overlook.”

Sanchez added, “ All these new supplements, (Golovkin) takes no vitamins. I have another fighter in the gym who is also a feared fighter like him, who takes no vitamins either and yet they are the two of the strongest guys in their divisions.”

”I think you have to feed yourself, you have to eat. Gennady loves mexican food, he loves ribs he loves shrimp quesadillas.”

Sanchez ended the interview and joked that Golovkin bleeds hot salsa. Que viva el alcalde de Cinco de Mayo, GGG!

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The Legend of Salvador Sanchez

Posted on 08/15/2017

By: Kirk Jackson

Salvador “Chava” Sanchez 44-1-1 (32 KO’s) was an amazing fighter accurately fitting the mantra, “A talent gone too soon.” He passed away 35 years ago, yet his influence still permeates throughout the boxing world.

On August 12, 1982, Sanchez perished in a collision involving his white 1981 Porsche and two trucks on a highway north of Queretaro, Mexico.

Trainers, fighters, fans still to this day remark on the extraordinary skill set of Sanchez and wonder what could have been.

Although he passed long before I was even thought of, I can’t help but look back and pay respect to one of boxing’s greatest fighters. Plus Sanchez possessed a cool curly fro.

The Hall of Famer was a complete boxer possessing speed, power, an endless supply of energy and excellent counter-punching abilities.

Analyzing Sanchez’s style, one of his greatest strengths was his balance and footwork. This allowed Sanchez to thrive offensively and defensively as he was renowned as a great counter-puncher.

When observing Sanchez, one may say, “He has a tendency to move and bounce around a lot.” And what may appear as wasted movement, is actually Sanchez finding his rhythm, range and timing his opponents.

Sanchez was always able to effectively transfer his weight from the back foot to the front foot, transitioning from offense to defense seamlessly.

This required balance, maintaining proper distance between his feet, bending of the knees, shifting weight; intricate stuff. The movements are subtle but masterful when a lens is placed on the significance.

These movements along with balance allowed Sanchez to thrive off punching in between the exchanges; a rare skill not many fighters possess.

For example, long reigning middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin rarely counter punches his opponents. He doesn’t really have to.

Golovkin is so effective from an offensive standpoint with his ability cut the ring off and force fighters into retreat mode with his precision and power punching.

When fighters actually attempt to fight back or better yet initiate the attack, they can push back Golovkin and temporarily nullify his momentum.

Examples include former welterweight champion Kell Brook and former middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs.

When someone throws combinations at Golovkin, he has a tendency to shell up with his high guard, not utilizing head movement or trying to punch in between the exchange.

One of Sanchez’s patented moves was to dip down and shoot a punch from a low angle; an awkward punch often catching opponents by surprise.

From a defensive standpoint, although an elite counter-puncher, Sanchez had a tendency to get hit every now and then.

What Sanchez did effectively however, was roll with the incoming punches; by rolling with the punches, the defender can lessen the impact and mitigate the damage.

Comparatively speaking, Floyd Mayweather for instance is a different type of counter-puncher. Mayweather has a series of defensive tactics and tricks to smother punches and effectively dodge attacks.

Mayweather is prone to dodge the incoming punch with a pull-back countering motion; straightening his spine and snapping his neck back, pulling his head out of range and countering (typically with a right hand) in return.

Many times when Sanchez would avoid a punch he would come back with a series of punches (as opposed to one) in return.

Even while eating a punch, he is bouncing off his toes, springing into action and hurling several punches back in return.

Sanchez also had a tendency (much like Mayweather) to use his forearm for offensive and defensive purposes. It’s probable the self-proclaimed “TBE” intently studied Sanchez in his younger years.

Standing 5’ 7” with a 68 inch reach he was monster at featherweight. Due to his ability to slip punches and his mastery of range, Sanchez was essentially effective in close-quarters, within the pocket and from the outside.

Along with blazing hand speed, Sanchez appeared to have an endless supply of energy. He is one of the more well-conditioned athletes you’ll ever see. For any anime nerds out there, his level of endurance is similar to the Nine-tailed fox in Naruto.

It can be said, one attains greatness through experience and Sanchez certainly started young.

Sanchez turned professional at the young age of 16; similar to boxing prodigy Wilfred Benitez (turned pro at age 15) and current great fighter in the making Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (turned pro at age 15).

Five years into his professional career at the age of 21, Sanchez captured gold winning the WBC Featherweight Championship by stopping Danny Lopez in thirteen rounds on February 2, 1980.

Sanchez would knock Lopez out again four months later.

Over the course of 29 months, including 9 title defenses, Sanchez essentially faced and defeated the best fighters in the featherweight division. Ruben Castillo, Juan Laporte and Patrick Ford were impressive fighters.

Sanchez’s busy schedule matched his busy style in the ring.

Lopez, Wilfredo Gomez and Azumah Nelson are the most notable names and impressive wins on the resume.

His highest profile fight was arguably against the WBC super-bantamweight champion Gomez. The Puerto Rican star 32-0-1 (32 KOs) was undefeated at the time and stopped in eight rounds; serving as one of the quintessential bouts in the Mexico vs. Puerto Rico rivalry.

1981 was a big year for Sanchez as he shared The Ring honors as “Fighter of the year” along with Sugar Ray Leonard.

Sanchez successfully defended his WBC featherweight title for the ninth and final time stopping Nelson in fifteen rounds at Madison Square Garden in New York City on July 21, 1982.

Unfortunately less than a month later, tragedy struck and Sanchez lost his life.
We can only wonder the path and series of fights that awaited Sanchez. A rematch with Nelson or Gomez was a possibility.
Or even greater aspirations and a meeting against another legend Alexis Arguello was a possibility. Sky was the limit for Sanchez.

Sanchez undoubtedly had a large impact on boxing, influencing the likes of Mayweather, Julio Cesar Chavez, Ricardo Lopez, Juan Manuel Marquez and countless others.

All we can do now is speculate the what if’s and celebrate the moments he created in the thing. As a fan of the sweet science, I’d like to thank Salvador Sanchez for all of his contributions.

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Big Drama Show: Abel Sanchez

Posted on 03/08/2017

Big Drama Show: Abel Sanchez
By: Francisco Martinez

March 18th at the Madison Square Garden in New York Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs will take place. Pinning the 2 best middleweights in boxing today also making Golovkin’s 2nd appearance on the PPV platform. Golovkin had this to say about his March 18th bout on HBO “I have a strategy, I’ll show you, A, B, C because Daniel is a huge fighter, I need a huge plan. He has power, speed and movement” attributes also found in a much smaller opponent in Kell Brook. Who gave Golovkin all he can handle up until the 5th round where the size difference and power took it’s toll bringing Brook’s corner to throw in the towel.


But since then leaving questions about Gennady Golovkin’s supremacy; Kell Brook having made a jump from 147lbs to 160lbs in a attempt of daring to be great but falling short but in the process leaving an impression that only boosted his stock and rose awareness as to how great Golovkin really is. A question head trainer Abel Sanchez attacks with facts. Fact that Golovkin is the best middleweight since Bernard Hopkins dominated the division with 20 consecutive title defenses surpassing the great Carlos Manzon.

Abel Sanchez assures 160lbs dominance is Golovkin’s priority. Breaking Bernard Hopkins record of 20 title defenses would be the one way to claim history and leave his mark behind for all to look back at and talk about when it’s all set and done “Hopefully he matches the great Bernard Hopkins record of 20 defenses and if he does and breaks it that’s really gonna be remembered more than the millions he made” says Abel Sanchez of Gennady Golovkin’s current streak of 17 title defenses. Just 3 from tying Hopkins record and 4 from breaking it.

Abel Sanchez believes his pupil is no less than great at this point of his career. When asked who had a better resume when comparing to Saul Alvarez own resume Abel had this to say “I would say Canelo has fought the most known opponents but Canelo hasn’t dominated his division like GGG has. Wait a minute, has there ever been anyone in the history of boxing who has dominated their division like Gennady Golovkin is? You can’t tell me this is the only time in history that the division is weak”

Abel Sanchez and team insist that whether or not the mega showdown with Saul Alvarez happens Gennady Golovkin will not stray the course from an already cemented legacy in boxing as one of the best 25 middleweights in boxing in the last 25 years. Promoter Tom Loeffler defends Golovkin from criticism aimed at his resume “You can only fight who will agree to get in the ring. We tried to make so many fights last year, with Canelo, with Saunders, with Eubank, we give Brook a lot of credit but I think this fight will erase any doubts, if Gennady is victorious with Danny Jacobs. I don’t think anyone can question Danny Jacobs resume. Blowing out Peter Quillin in 1 round was extremely impressive”

With back and forward negotiations between Saul Alvarez & Gennady Golovkin’s camp these past couple of a years many issues arised from weight to money. Now money seeming to be the sticking point as Alvarez’s team, Golden Boy promotions, revealed after his last victory against Liam Smith in front of 50k plus in attendance that Golovkin’s team didn’t answer to a $8 million dollar flat fee which has since expanded to $10 million and grew even further to $15 million. A deal some view as fair and some view as not fair. Either way Golovkin’s team has made it known that their content and that a fight with Saul Alvarez isn’t a career defining one for Golovkin’s legacy.

However the fans are not so laid back when it comes to talks of this fight between Alvarez and Golovkin. A demand now that has been placed by the fans wanting the winner of Saul Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to face Gennady Golovkin next. Tom Loeffler had this to say about possibly facing the winner of Alvarez & Chavez Jr. “Chavez is a lot bigger than Canelo, a lot bigger than Golovkin but when we tried to make the fight 2, 3 years ago it was gonna be at 168lbs so that would be a great fight” Alvarez wins and team Golovkin will gladly meet him at 160lbs, Chavez Jr. wins and they’ll compromise and meet him at 168lbs, end of story and the fans get what they want.

Through out the group interview Golovkin’s team had nothing but great things to say about the May 6th date between Saul Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. as most would think otherwise “It’s a business and that’s a good business move for Canelo. A tough business move for Canelo but it’s a good move. It’s a fight more important for Mexico than it is for boxing. It’s gonna give us supremacy. Who the actual star is in Mexico. The guy who wins is gonna be revered over there. I think it’s important for Mexican boxing”

March 18th & May 6th two important dates in boxing, both HBO PPV. Gennady Golovkin’s dominance at 160lbs will once again be in display against The Miracle Man, Daniel Jacobs. Golovkin’s streak of knockouts & title defenses have captivated the masses leading him into his 2nd PPV show or as he would call it, Big Drama Show. With a win over Jacobs, Golovkin is possibly eyeing a chance at the winner of Saul Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. which is the biggest fight in boxing since Floyd Mayweather Jr. squared off with Manny Pacquiao. Alvarez & Golovkin possibly facing each other has garnered the attention of all boxing.

Golovkin’s team aware of the opportunity but will not be blindsided by it as they maintain focus on the task at hand in Daniel Jacobs this March 18th will carry on about their business at the Madison Square Garden. Don’t miss it live on HBO PPV in New York.

Follow all coverage leading up to the fight by using #GGGJACOBS

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