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Eggington’s Early Night in Italy

Posted on 09/20/2019

By: Ste Rowen

The setting was Tuscany Hall in Florence. The prize; the IBF ‘International’ 154lb belt, but despite there being two fighters in the ring, there was only one man ready to bring the night to an early end and silence the Italian crowd as Sam ‘The Savage’ Eggington blitzed Orlando Fiordigiglio inside two rounds to improve his record to 27-6 (16KOs) and secure his first staple win at junior-middleweight.

Photo Credit: Matchroom Boxing Twitter Account

The younger man, Eggington, at 25 made the sharper start as he laid off a steady jab and forced the home fighter onto the back foot through the first round, but it was at the end of the second that the Englishman really made his mark. With less than a minute to go in round two Sam unleashed a savage volley of punches that were constantly unanswered by Fiordigiglio, who despite having the crowd behind him, couldn’t force himself off the ropes or avoid the referee stepping in to end the night early.

Now the ‘International’ champion at junior-middleweight with the IBF, the ‘Savage’ will be aiming for a high-profile name in the near future whilst the top of the 154lb division remains in a state of the unknown due as it stands.

On the undercard, Luther Clay beat the previously undefeated Italian, Dario Morello to not only move to 12-1 (5KOs) but also jump ahead of his Italian foe into the WBO rankings and enter the top 15. Morello was 15-0 heading into tonight, but over ten rounds, including two knockdowns, the ‘Spartan’ who was getting ahead of himself in talking about future bouts in the pre-fight build-up, was outclassed and ultimately dropped a decision of 98-90 (x3) all for Luther ‘Black Panther’ Clay.

Devis Boschiero claimed a slightly controversial 8th round stoppage due to cuts over Ivan Thomas to claim the IBF ‘Inter-Continental’ super-featherweight title. Though Boschiero improves to 47-6-2 (21KOs), Thomas’ corner felt the cut was caused by an accidental head butt in which case it should have gone to the scorecards. It’s still unknown if Ivan will appeal the decision.

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Fiordigiglio vs. Eggington Fight Preview

Posted on 09/19/2019

By: Ste Rowen

Midweek boxing is always a strange event in Europe. It confuses the consumer because many end up wondering if the promo material has made a mistake with the dates printed on its posters or whether there is something other than waiting for the weekend to do, but then again maybe that’s just me.

Either way, tonight at Tuscany Hall in Florence, IBF ‘International’ junior middleweight champion, Orlando Fiordigiglio takes on former European 147lb titlist, Sam Eggington for another Opi Since 82 & Matchroom Italia promotion.

35-year-old, Fiordigiglio resides in Arezzo, just over an hour from Tuscany Hall and, but for one bout, has fought exclusively in Italy building a record of 31-2 (13KOs). Last time out, Orlando claimed the vacant minor 154lb belt with a split decision victory over Stephen Danyo, a win that arguably stands as the Italian’s only second standout win alongside his 2014 7th round knockout of a then 42-7, Ruben Varon for the EBU strap.

17-0 at the time of the 2014 victory, Fiordigiglio kept to the fringes which almost definitely negatively affected towards his two defeats; the first in 2015, an 11th round stoppage by Cedric Vitu and then four bouts ago, the Italian dropped a split decision to 25-6-2, Zakaria Attou on away turf in France. But four wins on, Orlando is confident he and his trainer will adapt to arguably they’re most high-profile event yet,

‘‘He likes to brawl. I’m ready for him. Me and my trainer, Meo Gordini have found the right strategy to beat Eggington. My coach needs only a few minutes to understand a fighter’s style, strengths and faults.’’

Sam Eggington on the other hand has had a pretty rough time of it since moving up to 154b after his successful career run at welterweight. ‘The Savage’ 26-6 (15KOs) is still only 25 but has already been through the ringer since deciding to campaign at junior middle. Five wins and two stoppage losses, Sam was overmatched in March of this year when he was put in with former WBO champion, Liam Smith in a domestic bout that was never going to be competitive and played out as such when Smith took just five rounds to take his less experienced foe out.

Since then, Eggington has fought and won twice; decision victories over opponents with a combined record of 14-160-4 (2KOs), and his biggest performances have certainly been at the weight division below, and the Birmingham native, whilst recognising that, seems to be leaving his talking for Thursday’s bout once he’s in the ring,

‘‘I didn’t see Fiordigiglio, I never watch my opponent’s videos. That’s my coach’s job. At this level there are no easy fights. I’m well prepared and as I’ve already fought four times this year…I’m always in the gym. I’m ready for Fiordigiglio and I want to win the ‘International’ belt.’’

The second fight of note taking place, and most likely to be fight of the night will see welterweights Dario Morello of Calabria step into the ring with Luther Clay. The ‘Spartan’ Morello, 15-0 (2KOs) whilst being complimentary of his opponent in the build-up is already looking ahead to bigger nights fighting for the continent’s notable belts, as he told World Boxing News,

‘‘Luther is a good fighter, but we know how to defeat him…When I watch the fights of European champion, David Avenesyan I imagine myself in the ring against him, I know that I can beat him.’’

23-year-old Luther ‘Black Panther’ Clay was born in South Africa before moving to Bracknell in England at the age of six. The measured, but quick-hitting 147lber made a subtle challenge to stand and fight when the two meet,

‘‘Morello is a busy switch hitter, calls himself the ‘Spartan’, so let’s see if he’s going to fight or run. It should be a very interesting fight.’’

Morello currently sits 15th in the WBO’s rankings, so victory tonight should see the winner next in line to face the winner of the Avenesyan vs. Kerman Lejerraga rematch which takes place next week.

Tuscany Hall attendants will also be treated to another IBF minor belt matchup, this time at super-featherweight for the vacant Inter-Continental strap between Italian, Devis Boschiero, 47-6-2 (21KOs) and Ivan Thomas, 9-0-1 (3KOs) of Spain.

Forza Thursday boxing!

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Was Sam Langford the Most Feared Fighter in Boxing History ?

Posted on 10/22/2018

By: Ken Hissner

This writer still remembers former heavyweight champion Jack “Manassa Mauler” Dempsey, 54-6-9 with 44 knockouts saying “I only feared one Fighter!” Though rumors were he was ducking Harry “Black Panther” Wills, 70-9-3, 56 knockouts, of New Orleans, La., few believed it. Wills was 11-2-2 against Sam “Boston Bone Crusher” Langford, who Dempsey claimed he feared.

Langford fought from 1902 to 1926, compiling a 178-29-39, record with 126 knockouts. He started out at 155 lbs. going up to 192 lbs. in 1920. He was only 5:07 ½ born in Canada but lived in Boston. In April of 1906 he was only 156 lbs. when he lost to then “Colored” champ Johnson who was 185 lbs. 1906. He would win the 158 lb “colored title in 1907 and eventually “claim” the heavyweight title in 1909 when Johnson refused to fight him again.

Langford was shorter than most of his opponents. They also had NWS newspaper decisions with the press deciding who won. So you may see two records for boxers back then with and without newspaper decisions.
Langford defeated NWS 6 one of the all-time great Middleweight champions Stanley “The Michigan Assassin” Ketchel, 48-5-4, in Ketchel’s last year of boxing in April of 1910. In October of 1910 Ketchel was shot to death avoiding a rematch. He defeated then World Lightweight champion Joe “Old Master” Gans, 134-8-17, in a non-title fight in December of 1903. He drew with Joe “Barbados Demon” Walcott, 87-15-17, in a World Welterweight bout in December of 2004. He stopped future World Light Heavyweight champion “Philadelphia” Jack O’Brien, 147-13-26, in August of 1911. He knocked out Harry Wills, 22-1-4, in November of 2014 in their first of eighteen meetings. He defeated “Young” Peter Jackson, 75-27-24, what was billed as the World Colored 158 lb Title. He knocked out Iron William Ian Hague, 17-1-1, billed the English Heavyweight Title in May of 2009 in London. He defeated Sam McVea, 54-6-4, in April of 1912, who he fought twelve times.

In 1990 when the IBHOF got started Langford was among the many great’s that was inducted into the IBHOF. He was also inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

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Sam Crossed Looking for a Shot on National Television

Posted on 06/27/2018

By: Bryant Romero

Undefeated Crusierweight prospect Sam “The Vanilla Gorilla” Crossed is almost three years into his professional career where he is now (7-0, 5 KOs) as he’s looking to gain more notoriety and land a TV slot on a network in the near future. The 31-year-old from Maryland is realistic about his career and is currently not thinking about world title aspirations, but taking it one fight at a time and looking to improve in each outing. Boxinginsider recently caught up with Sam to talk about his career what finally made him turn pro at the age of 28.

“My buddy of mine started taking me to the gym when I was younger and I went to the gym when I was 14, but I didn’t really do anything because I didn’t take it serious,” said Sam. I just did it just for training and stuff. I got smacked around a little bit from the older kids when I was younger, so it always kind of motivated me to want to beat their ass when I got older. So when I got the opportunity to box, I just stuck with it.”

Sam as an amateur had 25 fights which he says “should have been a lot more but I was with a guy for awhile that wasn’t really helping me out.” He basically trained himself from the amateurs up until his fourth fight as professional. It was Sam’s last amateur bout that convinced him that he will make a run in the professional ranks.

“In my last amateur fight I fought guy that was 6’5 and 230 pounds,” Sam explained to me. “It was a tough fight and it was close but I lost, he definitely beat me and I was like you know I’m not getting any younger, I might as well turn pro and try to make some money at least. We just decided to go for it.”

As a pro, Sam is just looking to set “smaller goals” and not talking to the press about being a world champion just 7 fights into his pro boxing career. He’s right now just enjoying the moment, enjoying the training and the journey while he pushes to getting significant paydays in the future.

“I do smaller goals, I only have 7 pro fights I’m not talking about how I’m going to be world champ. I set smaller goals. I’m not just doing this for money because I really don’t make shit to be honest at this point.” Sam told me.

“Absolutey I want to make money doing it and I want to make a good payday. I just feel like right now I enjoy doing it, I like it. I have a lot of people that are interested in my career and I’m just setting smaller goals at this point, plus I don’t want to regret it when I get older, not going for it,” he said.

Sam and his manager Mike Walters have been able to get by so far without the presence of a promoter. Being that Sam is a significant ticket seller to the cards he fights on, he’s been able to get away with it. But Sam admits that eventually as he gets deeper into his career and keeps winning; it will be tougher to get fights and will eventually have to sign with a promoter.

“I prefer it (without a promoter) to be honest but the only problem is that this last year it was hard for me to get a fight. I think that would be helpful if a promoter came in. Otherwise me and my manager have done a great job for my career, especially for a guy that wasn’t a decorated amateur,” Sam said.

“We sell a lot of tickets; we’ve done a lot so I’m happy with it so far. I think at some point there’s probably going to be a time I will need to sign with a promoter, but right now I think we’re doing great.”

Sam told me that about 90% of people that buy tickets to his fights are people that don’t even follow boxing and that having somebody to follow that they know, keeps them coming back.

The 31-year-old has scored some highlight reel knockouts in his career and in the amateurs he relied on his power, but now with a stronger supporting cast, he is looking to develop into a boxer/puncher.

“I think I have power and I can punch, but there was time I was relying on that,” he told me. So I think I’ve been becoming more of a boxer/puncher based off what my coaches are getting me to do.

“Up until my fourth pro fight I literally just trained myself. It was hard, I was lost and now I train with Jarrett Hurd and his coaches. I’m at the same gym with him. You wouldn’t even recognize me between now and before I started training there. I feel like I’m just getting better too and just getting more comfortable with boxing,” Sam said.

For 2018, Sam’s goals in boxing are simple, be active, get as much fights as possible and maybe even get a TV date this year.

“I want to get two or three more fights this year, possibly get a TV date and just keep moving up and see it where it takes us,” Sam said. “I just want to stay busy and get the right fights and hopefully move towards making some decent money at least. I’m enjoying the ride that’s all it matters.”

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Christopher “Ice” Brooker Headlines at SugarHouse Casino Friday!

Posted on 05/11/2017

Christopher “Ice” Brooker Headlines at SugarHouse Casino Friday!
By: Ken Hissner

Kings Promotions with CEO Marshall Kauffman and David Feldman come back looking for another sold out arena Friday night at the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia!

A press conference was held at the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia Tuesday on 1001 N. Delaware Avenue. There will be seven bouts with a total of 38 rounds of competitive boxing. First bout at 7pm.


Philadelphia’s ever popular super middleweight Christopher “Ice” Brooker, 11-3 (5), will be in the main event looking to stop a two fight losing streak as he takes on southpaw Oscar Riojas, 14-7-1 (4), from Monterrey, MEX, over 8 rounds.

Promoter Kauffman said “no soft fights for the fighter’s only entertaining fights. We sold out the arena in our first show and expect to do it again in our second show here at the SugarHouse Casino come Friday night”.

“I made the mistake of trying to box instead of my usual aggressive style in my last fight. There will be none of that this time,” said Brooker. He had a new trainer in his corner last fight named Muhammad Aziz who will be there again. “I didn’t have a big amateur career so every fight is a learning experience for me,” said Brooker.

First boxer to speak was Philadelphia’s cruiserweight Sam Orapeza, 1-0 (1), a cruiserweight and former MMA fighter at 13-3 with all knockout wins. “I look to knockout every opponent they put before me,” said Orapeza. He debuted at the SugarHouse Casino March 11th scoring a first round knockout! He will face Kyle McNutt, 1-2 (1), of Battle Creek, MI. Like BrookerOrapeza is all action!

The co-feature will be headlined by Lightweight Jerome “The Conqueror” Conquest, 6-2 (1), of Philadelphia who had his trainers Wade and Randy Hinnant there. “I broke my foot but wasn’t diagnosed properly and did my roadwork for 17 weeks before it was discovered broke. I was out for 6 months but it feels fine now,” said Conquest. He is matched with veteran Daniel Perales, 10-9-1 (5), out of Monterrey, Mexico, over 6 rounds.

David Feldman let all in attendance know that “Sam, Chris and Jerome didn’t have it easy growing up and it prepared them for the sport of boxing”. Bantamweight Harold Lopez, 1-0 (1), who is out of Allentown and who was on the Puerto Rican Olympic team is backafter scoring a first round knockout on the last show. He faces Sergio Aguilar, 2-5 (2), of Mexico City, Mexico. Anytime a Puerto Rican and Mexican meet it usually means fireworks!

From out of state will be Featherweight Chaise Nelson, 4-1 (3), of Dayton, OH, will be in a 6 round bout. He will be in against his sixth straight Latino opponent in Bryan Perez Nevarez, 2-5-1 (1), of Puerto Rico. Also from out of state is lightweight Jeffrey Torres, 2-0 (1), out of CT, who takes on Kashon Hutchinson, 2-2 (1), of Reading. Torres wins were both in Philadelphia. In a 6 rounder is super middleweight Blake Mansfield, 4-0-1 (2), coming in from Burlington, NC, taking on Henry Beckford, 4-6 (1), of Coram, NY.

Also on Saturday at the Grundy Arena in Bristol, PA, on 475 Beaver Street will feature southpaw Derrick “Take It to The Bank” Webster, 22-1 (11), out of Glassboro, NJ, who will face southpaw Frankie “The Freight Train” Filippone, 22-5-1 (7), from Norfolk, VA, who is on a 6 fight winning streak for the WBFInternational super middleweight title over 10 rounds!

There will be a female bout in the co-feature with super lightweight Tunisian IkramKerwat, 7-1 (5), out of Frankfort, Germany against Atlantic City welterweight Althea “Lady Thunder” Saunders, 3-3-2 (0), who is known at times to sing the National Anthem. It will be for the WBF Junior Regional title over 6 rounds.

On the undercard will be Trenton’s Mike Hilton, 5-0, Camden’s Vidal Rivera, 5-0, New York’s MikkelLesPierre, 15-0-1, Asbury Park’sDarryl Bunting, 3-1-2, and Pensacola’s Frederick Wilhite, 5-0.
New to the area will be promoters Deuce Promotions, Mis Downing Promotions and K5 Promotions per Marc Abrams who is the PR man for both shows.

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