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Michelle Rosado Shines a Light on Boxing Mom’s With New Web Series

Posted on 12/20/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Professional boxers can be considered many things. Gladiators, unique, anomalous and most importantly, tough. 

It takes a special individual to want to deviate from the norm and get punched in the face for a living. 

Granted, the inherited risk that these fighters assume come with a substantial reward. With that being said however, it is surely a painful business to indulge in. 

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to consider fighters the most resolute individuals around, but it wouldn’t an accurate statement by any stretch of the imagination. Although a fighters toughness and durability can’t be denied, when juxtaposed to a mother and her toughness however, there essentially is no comparison. 

Professional fighters are given the credit, the glory and the lion’s share of the limelight but what about the backbone of their strength? That of course, comes from their mothers. Unfortunately, the mother of a fighter isn’t given much, if any credit at all. That will now come to an end. 

Michelle Rosado, or otherwise known as the Raging Babe, is set to launch her own web series titled “Boxing Moms.”

Fans can expect to see the mothers of some of the toughest boxers in the world and how they cope with the ups and downs that are associated with a professional athlete. 

“Boxing moms juggle being counselors, punching bags, taxi drivers, nutritionists, life coaches, and business managers,” said Creator and Executive Producer, Michelle Rosado. “We hear a lot about self-care, but with what these women go through, there aren’t enough spa days or meditation hours in the world that can balance the volatility of their everyday lives.”

If you believe that the professional athlete and his coaching staff are the only ones who go through difficult times as they scale up the sports ladder, then you are sadly mistaken. 

All athletes, not just those of professional boxers, need their mothers in their corners. The lifestyle that comes associated with an athlete can be an extravagant one, but also one that can lead to many bad decisions along the way. Simply handing a young adult a large sum of money while expecting him or her to not act in a vagarious manner is difficult. For a mother however, apart of their job is to be sagacious and push their child in the right direction. 

The questions of how a mother finds not only the strength but also the time to juggle not only her child’s professional life but also her own, will now be answered.

“Boxing moms juggle being counselors, punching bags, taxi drivers, nutritionists, life coaches, and business managers,” continued Rosado. “We hear a lot about self-care, but with what these women go through, there aren’t enough spa days or meditation hours in the world that can balance the volatility of their everyday lives.”

Rosado’s web series, which will officially launch in early 2020 and will be available on YouTube and IGTV, will tell the stories of these important mothers, not because she wants to build up their profile. No, it is far more important than that. 

Without the role that these mothers play in the lives of an athlete, their success would not be possible.

“These stories need to be told,” said Rosado. Every time I put on an event, it’s the mothers who are making things happen for their sons. It’s the moms who hustle tickets, and act as de facto public relations reps. It’s the moms who are cooking for the fighters, and bear the brunt of their weight cut crankiness.  Then they have to watch their baby climb into the ring, knowing that dying is one of the risks, and that it can happen in any fight.” 

These athletes fight inside of the ring, while the mothers on the other hand, fight behind the scenes. No longer will mothers fight in silence. Thanks to Michelle Rosado, these mothers will be given the platform that they deserve in order to show just how important they are to the making a professional fighter. 

Make sure to tune in to this web series that will launch in early 2020. It will be available on YouTube and IGTV and will surely give boxing fans a new found respect for the jobs that these mothers do behind the scenes.

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Raging Babe Presents Thursday Night Fights at the Armory: The Return

Posted on 08/15/2017

Rosado returns to finish what she started in the Bull City.

This time last year, “Raging Babe” Michelle Rosado touched down in Raleigh for the first time, determined to help a local boxing promoter make his mark in North Carolina. Rosado and her company, Raging Babe, did just that, and have now emerged as North Carolina’s newest boxing promoter. On October 19th, Raging Babe promotes its own event at the Durham Armory, aptly named The Return. The card will feature some of the best young talent from across North Carolina in competitive fights, matched by Hall of Fame Matchmaker and mentor to Rosado, Russell Peltz.

With a combined 50+ years of experience in the rough and tumble world of boxing, Rosado and Peltz brought a well-tested formula to Wilson in their first North Carolina endeavor in February. The sell-out event was followed up by the debut of Thursday Night Fights in Durham. Throwing a boxing event on a Thursday night was a hard sell for Rosado. “I had to really work on the promoter to get them to give Thursday Night Fights a shot. Durham is a fight town. I knew that if we threw a solid, quality card, with good fights, that fans would come out on a Thursday night, and they did.” When planning The Return, Rosado opted to bring back Thursday Night Fights, and return to the Durham Armory.

After two wildly successful events, followed by a dramatic falling out with the now defunct promotional company, Rosado was reluctant to return to the Tar Heel State. She realized, though, after so many months of putting her sweat and passion into boxing in North Carolina, she owed to herself and the gyms, fighters and fans she met there to return, and fulfill the commitments she made to them to deliver quality fights, while treating the fighters ethically and with respect.

“It took a while to get to know the personalities, the gyms, the fighters and their stories,” said Rosado. “For a long time, North Carolina was a place that managers and promoters brought their fighters to rack up wins. The fighters here deserve so much more than that, as do the fans. I made it a point to let everyone I met in North Carolina know that we were here to work on changing that.”

In planning The Return, Rosado has felt that she could fully put her passions and ideas to work for North Carolina boxing. “I’m excited for the opportunity to do it my way,” said Rosado, who has put on events in Phoenix, Tucson, Philadelphia and Danbury, Connecticut. “I’m happy to work with any fighter that wants to step up and fight. There are no easy touches on my cards. We want to pack the venue and give fans a night to remember. Russell is putting together a phenomenal fight card. The main and co-main events are going to have people so excited – I get goosebumps thinking about it. These guys are really stepping up to give the fans some of the best fights Durham has seen in a while. I wasn’t even sure we could put these fights together, and all of these fighters signed on the dotted line with no hesitation. They are daring to be great, and putting their undefeated records on the line, and I can’t wait to formally announce what we’ve been working on these last few weeks.”

Rosado is also planning to work with the fighters to help the community in and around Durham. “I want to bring positivity to Durham, and to North Carolina boxing. These guys are given a stage to showcase their talent, and we want to use that platform to give back to the community in any way we can.”

The complete fight card will be announced August 24th, and tickets for The Return go on sale that morning. Tickets can be purchased through the fighters or at ragingbabe.com.

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