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Kristian “Mr. Reliable” Laight Becomes Most Losing Boxer in History

Posted on 07/11/2018

By: Ken Hissner
Kristian “Mr. Reliable” Laight from Warwickshire, UK, this past weekend passed the USA’s Reggie Strickland by having the most losses in the history of boxing with 277 along with 66 wins and 17 draws and stopped only 5 times.

Laight on Saturday lost to Connor Lee Jones, 1-0, at the Venue, West Midlands, Dudley, UK. He is already scheduled two more times at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, July 14th against Simon Corcoran making his debut and at the same venue September 8th against Louis Isaacs, 2-0.

In his last fifty-one fights he is 0-49-2, having won fifty-two fights ago on September 03, 2016, over Sean Crowley, 1-0, by decision. There were twelve losses between that win and the win over Ali Wyatt, 5-34-2. Then 15 losses after beating Carl Chadwick, 2-0, on 2015. Then 31 straight losses prior to that win after defeating Aaron Flinn, 1-4, in 2014.

Peter Buckley, 32-256-12, of the UK reached 300 fights when he retired. The closest active boxer to Laight is Kevin McCauley a Hungarian fighting out of CZ at 15-169-12. There are a total of ten boxers currently active with 100 losses or more. Most are from the UK who still permits boxers with that many losses to fight.

The boxer with over 100 losses and 196 wins is George Marsden of the UK at 196-101-41, stopped 25 times. The boxer with the most losses without winning a fight was South African Bheki “Beck’s Tiger” Moyo, 0-73-2, out of the UK, only stopped six times. Currently Chris Gargano, of the UK, is 0-51-1, stopped seven times.

Half-brother of Reggie Strickland was Jerry Strickland, 13-122, stopped 78 times. Simmie Black, 35-165-4, was stopped the most times at 97.

This writer tried reaching Laight per the email address on www.boxrec.com but it didn’t register.

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