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Deontay Wilder Keys To Victory Against Tyson Fury

Posted on 02/21/2020

By: Hans Themistode

For 42 of Deontay Wilder’s 43 professional fights, he has been able to walk into a contest with the same game plan. 

Hit the guy really hard. 

It may sound both primal and simplistic, but it’s worked. 

Photo Credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Boxing

Deontay Wilder has arguably the biggest right hand the sport of boxing has ever seen. Simply put, whenever he touches his opponent, they fall. Just take a look at his last contest against Heavyweight contender Luis Ortiz. Wilder allowed the rounds to go by without producing much offense. Ortiz on the other hand, racked up the points. Yet, none of it mattered. The moment Wilder landed his right hand, the fight was over. 

Wilder’s seemingly perfect game plan has worked against everyone so far. Well, other than Tyson Fury. 

When the two first met back in December of 2018, Wilder threw everything he had at him. What resulted was Fury hitting the canvas not once, but twice. But he managed to get back to his feet and continue to fight.

As we approach their Heavyweight rematch, Wilder may need to dig a bit deeper if he wants to leave the MGM Grand arena with his WBC title still wrapped around his waist. 

Keep reading to check out the keys to Wilder pulling off the win this Saturday night.

Throw The Jab

Much of the criticism that is thrown in the direction of Deontay Wilder is a bit unfair. His boxing ability is always scrutinized. Believe it or not, but Wilder is actually a good boxer. He also has a very good jab. He just seldom needs to use it. 

For this fight against Tyson Fury, Wilder can’t simply depend on his power. Fury has already shown that he can take his best shot and keep going. Instead of relying on the power shots, Wilder should turn his attention to his jab. Keep the already awkward Fury at bay and keep him guessing. That in turn could and should lead to Wilder being able to land his money shot. The right hand. 

Don’t Be Patient 

Ironically enough, the reason why Wilder has looked even more devastating as of late is because of his patience. But against a fighter like Tyson Fury, he can’t afford that. Wilder has no problem letting the rounds and seconds tick by during his contests. It’s because he is always in search of the right hand. It isn’t a bad strategy, but it’s downright awful against Fury. 

It’s already been established that Fury is the better boxer. If Wilder simply hangs back and allows Fury to build up a lead on the scorecards then he’ll have plenty of issues. For 8 and a half rounds, Fury was able to stay away from Wilder’s money punch. This time around, Wilder needs to throw punches in bunches and try to connect with something early. 


Tyson Fury might stand at 6 feet 7 inches and weigh roughly 270 pounds, but he isn’t the hardest hitting Heavyweight in the world. Not even close. 

During the build up of their contest, Wilder has repeatedly said that Fury has “pillows for fists”. If that’s the case, then Wilder should jump all over him. Walk through the supposed soft hitting Fury and put the pressure on him. Don’t sit back and allow him to simply box. A more pressure based game plan could lead Wilder to a short nights work. 

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Andy Ruiz Jr Keys To Victory Against Anthony Joshua 2

Posted on 12/05/2019

By: Hans Themistode

It’s just about time for the rematch that many never saw coming. Andy Ruiz Jr may have walked out of Madison Square Garden, in New York City, on June 1st with the Heavyweight titles around his waist, but you have to believe in order for him to do it the second time around, it will take a lot of grit on his part.

Anthony Joshua seems more motivated than ever, but so does the current champion. Yet, for some reason, Ruiz is heavily doubted yet again. It isn’t hyperbole to call his first win one of the biggest upsets of all-time. It’s safe to say that if he pulls it off again, that it won’t be that much of a shock. What Ruiz wants at this point, is validation. One more win over Joshua will give him just that.

Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua Final Press Conference ahead of their IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO heavyweight title fight Saudi Arabia this Weekend.
4th December 2019.
Picture By Mark Robinson.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Nobody is expecting a cake walk but if Ruiz is who he says he is, then he can do it again.

Let’s take a look at his keys to victory.


Andy Ruiz Jr is a natural pressure fighter. He’s great in everything else as well, but he truly excels in the pressure department. In the first contest, Joshua really didn’t enjoy the constant duress he was under at all times.

With Joshua losing a ton of weight for the rematch, Ruiz believes he will try to out box him this time around. If that truly is the case, then Ruiz needs to ramp up his pressure on Joshua. The former champ has already proven that he can’t deal with it. If Ruiz can stay in his face all night, then he is most likely to walk out of there with another victory.

Combinations Up Top

Just about every fighter tries to land combinations, but they aren’t always successful. When Ruiz lets his hands go, he looks like a blur out there. Don’t let his big belly fool you, he’s much faster than you would think. In the first encounter whenever Ruiz got in striking distance, he didn’t waste his time with slow one twos. Instead, he pressed on the gas and hit Joshua with four or five shots at a time.

It’s clear that Ruiz has the edge in that department. Ruiz can’t get cute here. Get in close and let your hands go. Let’s see if Joshua will crumble underneath the pressure yet again.

Attack The Body

For as big and strong as Joshua may look, he sure does move around the ring a lot. There’s nothing wrong with it, but with the sort of hulking body that he has, you would think that he simply walks up to his opponents and pummels them into the ground. Nope, Joshua is much more of a boxer than you might think. With the former champion shedding a lot of those huge muscles, what makes you believe that he will simply walk to the center of the ring and bang with Ruiz?

It isn’t likely. If Ruiz finds himself having difficulty catching up to his on the move opponent, then he needs to go down to the body. It won’t win him any style points but it will certainly wear Joshua down and lead him to another victory.

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Sergey Kovalev’s Keys to Victory Against Canelo Alvarez

Posted on 10/30/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Fight fans must be drooling on themselves at this point. We are just a few days away from arguably the biggest fight of the year as Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 KOs) is moving up two weight divisions to take on WBO Light Heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev (34-3-1, 29 KOs). Everything is going down at the MGM Grand Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Canelo comes into this contest with disadvantages in weight, height and reach. Yet, he is perceived as the favorite in this contest. It’s difficult to argue against it as Kovalev just isn’t the same fighter he once was, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get it done Saturday night.

Photo Credit: Main Events Promotions Twitter Account

These are the keys that will lead Kovalev to the upset victory over Canelo Alvarez.

Jab, Jab, Jab and Jab Some More

Canelo is a terrific boxer, he truly is. If we are just looking at them from a boxing standpoint, it isn’t hyperbole to say that Canelo has him beat in that department. With that being said however, Canelo is giving up two inches in reach and a ridiculous four inches in height. In order for Canelo to get his offensive game going he is going to need to get in range.

Although he has great head movement, a consistent jab will frustrate him to no end. Kovalev still has one of the best jabs in the business. In fact, he recently knocked out Anthony Yarde with in his last contest with a jab in the 11th round. If Kovalev can keep that jab pumping all night, it will lead to his biggest victory ever.

Use Those Legs

Canelo Alvarez is almost the perfect fighter at this point. He has great power, excellent timing, impregnable defense and a killer instinct to boot. But the keyword is almost. The one glaring hole in his game is his inability to move. He is still a flat footed fighter.

Plenty of fighters who could move such as Erislandy Lara, Austin Trout and Floyd Mayweather have given him trouble. Kovalev already has a reach advantage which will force Canelo to come forward, if the WBO titlist can land his shots and use his legs to move around the ring, it will be a strategy that Canelo has shown that he has no answer for.

Get Back To Being The Krusher

Before Sergey Kovalev stepped into the ring against Andre Ward in back to back contest in 2016 and 2017, he was knocking everyone out. Even in the first contest with Ward, Kovalev managed to score an early knockdown. Since linking up with new trainer Buddy McGirt, Kovalev has turned into more of a boxer rather than the feared puncher he once was.

The change in his approach has made sense and it still does for this contest, but Kovalev needs to somewhat revert back to his old self. Winning a decision over Alvarez isn’t the easiest thing in the world and Canelo does possess one of the best chins in all of boxing, but Kovalev needs to get his attention and discourage him from the very beginning.

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Errol Spence Jr’s Keys To Victory Against Shawn Porter

Posted on 09/25/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Errol Spence Jr (25-0, 21 KOs) has begged for big fights for years but to no avail. Fast forward several years later and he is getting his wish. His first ring appearance of the year resulted in him winning a wide decision over four division champion Mikey Garcia. It was a big fight for Spence. Well, as far as the name goes. The contest on the other hand wasn’t very competitive. That won’t be the case in his next bout.

This Saturday night at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California, Spence will be looking to unify his IBF title when he takes on fellow champion, WBC belt holder Shawn Porter (30-2-1, 17 KOs). It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t picking Spence to win the fight as most people see Porter as having virtually no chance. This just isn’t the case. In fact, this could easily be the hardest fight of Spence’s young career.

If the IBF champ isn’t careful, things could very well go wrong for him on fight night. It won’t be an easy nights work but Spence can pull off the victory with these keys to victory.

Bully The Bully

Shawn Porter isn’t a very big fighter as he stands at just 5 feet 7 inches, but when he gets in the ring he fights more like a big man. Porter uses a very rough and physical style to throw off his opponents. His work rate and non stop motor can give problems to anyone. He has successfully bullied plenty of his opponents in the ring. Spence is fully expecting the pressure from Porter but what he needs to do is accept and embrace it. Backing up from Porter will play right into his hands.

When Porter charges in, Spence should do the same. Show Porter that he is in fact the smaller man. Porter won’t get discouraged by simply hitting him with counter shots. Spence needs to make him feel the size difference between the two.

Kill The Body

Spence isn’t your typical head hunting fighter, he loves going to the body. With a fighter like Porter who will bring a ridiculous amount of energy, Spence needs to slow him down with his work to the body. It doesn’t matter how energetic you are, if you get hit down there enough times it will slow you down. Porter is very quick on his feet and brings relentless pressure so a well timed attack downstairs will be important.

Don’t Force The Knockout

The IBF champ has been adamant about knocking Porter out. No one is denying the power that Spence possesses but Porter has arguably the best chin in the entire division. It seems very unlikely that this will be a short night.

Winging shots from the outside in the attempt to get a quick knockout could lead to Spence tiring himself out. He needs to be patient and pick his shots. If the knockout presents itself then by all means go for it, but if not, rack up the points on the judges scorecards.

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Daniel Jacobs: Keys to Victory

Posted on 05/02/2019

By: Hans Themistode

IBF champ Daniel Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs) will have the biggest challenge of his career when he takes on fellow champion Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KOs). The two are slated to do battle at the T-Mobile arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jacobs has been in big fights before, but this will undoubtedly be his toughest yet. Not many are expecting the Brooklyn born native to defeat the Mexican super star. It’s understandable, Canelo, after all is one of the very fighters in all of boxing. The task of defeating Canelo will be a difficult one, but it isn’t impossible.

Photo Credit: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

So how exactly will Jacobs go about picking up the biggest win of his career? Keep reading as we tell you the three keys that will lead the “Miracle Man” to victory on Cinco De Mayo.

Hold Your Ground

The key to beating Canelo is movement correct? Wrong. This is a huge misconception when facing the unified Middleweight champion. Amir Khan attempted this method and was knocked out. Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout also tried to implement this game plan and was throughly outboxed in the process. Erislandy Lara did the best job of using not only movement but a consistent offensive attack to keep Canelo at bay. Although most felt Lara did more than enough to win the contest, Canelo still came home with the victory. Why?

It’s because, simply hitting Canelo with meaningless shots and moving wasn’t enough to sway the judges in Lara’s favor. Instead, he should take a page from the book of Floyd Mayweather.

When the aforementioned Mayweather and Canelo fought back in 2013, Mayweather spent long durations of that contest holding his ground and outboxing Canelo in the center of the ring. There were even times were Mayweather pushed back the much bigger Alvarez. Traditionally, Jacobs has always been a mover. For this fight however he needs to hold his position and not let Canelo bully him inside the squared circle.

Keep The Jab Going All Night

Coming into this contest Jacobs has a three inch height and reach advantage, he should be able to connect with his jab at will. Canelo possesses excellent head movement but if Jacobs continually fires off his jab he should be able to connect at will. Luckily for Jacobs the jab is one of his best weapons. The jab will not only cause Canelo to rethink how he plans on getting closer to his man, but it will also Jacobs to follow up with something vicious behind it.

Canelo is such a versatile fighter, that it is difficult to prepare for his form of attack. However, he is still the shorter fighter by a significant margin. If Canelo elects to march forward, Jacobs should make him pay in the form of eating leather from his jab all night long.

Stay Off The Ropes

Jacobs has a habit of staying on the ropes. In most instances, it’s a good thing. Once Jacobs gets there he isn’t a sitting duck. On the contrary he often times makes his opponent miss while landing big shots of his own. While this game plan may win against other fighters, trying it against Canelo will lead to the IBF champions downfall. Canelo is a terrific combination puncher. Not only does he often times find his mark but he also manages to get his opponent in serious trouble as well.

Most importantly those flashy combinations catch the eyes of the judges, and that is the last thing that Jacobs wants to happen. We all understand the narrative that is surrounding Canelo, he seems to get favorable decisions. Siting back on the ropes and allowing him to tee off won’t be the wisest decision for Jacobs.

Keep the action off the ropes. Jacobs can’t afford to let Canelo trap him against the ropes repeatedly, it will be a recipe for disaster.

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Canelo Alvarez: Keys to Victory

Posted on 05/01/2019

By: Hans Themistode

Styles make fights. It is exactly why IBF Middleweight champion, Daniel Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs) is viewed as one of Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KOs) toughest opponents to date. Outside of Floyd Mayweather, Canelo just hasn’t faced someone that has the full package that Jacobs possesses. Power, movement, boxing ability, Jacobs has it all. Solving the Daniel Jacobs puzzle will be a difficult one, but not impossible.

Check out the three keys that could ultimately lead Canelo Alvarez to victory Saturday night.

Work The Body

Jacobs is a big man. Standing at almost 6 feet tall, he dwarfs the 5 foot 8 Canelo. However, the IBF champ isn’t your typical big guy. Jacobs doesn’t use his size to bully smaller foes. Instead he uses movement to attack by using different angles. Canelo has a history of having issues with fighters that are constantly moving. Jacobs is expected to use his feet to his advantage. Canelo can slow down the bigger man by mounting a consistent body attack. Jacobs might be light on his feet to start the contest but, will he be able to withstand those constant shots to the body? With the power Canelo possesses it would be hard to imagine Jacobs being able to move for all 12 rounds. If Canelo neglects to go downstairs, then we could see Jacobs box circles around the Mexican superstar.

Make Him Miss And Pay

There is no secret that Jacobs plans on utilizing his height and reach advantage come fight night. He is after all three inches taller than Canelo while sporting a three inch longer reach as well. The jab of Jacobs will be a big part of his game plan. Canelo has terrific head movement, we can expect that to be on full display. Not only does Canelo need to make Jacobs miss but he also needs to make him pay with big counter shots as well. If Canelo is successfully able to land his counter shots early and often then he could make Jacobs second guess his own offense.

Keep Things Close

For as great as Jacobs is on the outside, his inside game leaves a bit too be desired. Canelo is a terrific boxer. There is a reason why he is on virtually every pound for pound list, his boxing skill can’t be denied, but against a fighter like Jacobs he is at a disadvantage if he tries to make this a boxing contest. If Canelo elects to keep this fight at long range, he could find himself eating leather all night. Canelo’s biggest advantage comes from the clinch and his inside game. Jacobs just hasn’t shown a natural tendency at being a great inside fighter. This is where Canelo can make a statement as he does some of the very best inside work in all of boxing. Constant combinations to the body and head will be key. Canelo also seems to be the more physically stronger man. He can use this to his advantage as well on the inside. Can Canelo win if he keeps this fight on the outside? Sure he could, but he can turn this fight into an easy one if he can constantly get on the inside and rough his man up a bit.

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Five Keys to Victory for Errol Spence

Posted on 05/26/2017

Five keys to victory for Errol Spence
By: Kirk Jackson

Kell “The Special One” Brook 36-1 (25 KO’s) aims to defend his IBF welterweight championship for the fourth time facing Errol “The Truth” Spence 21-0 (18 KO’s) May 27th, at the Bramall Lane Football Grounds arena, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.


In a battle of welterweight supremacy, this bout may shape out to be a career defining fight for Brook or a coming out party for Spence.

Each fighter is highly skilled and holds certain advantages. What are some factors determining the outcome?


Brook is considered a big welterweight; moved up and fought as a middleweight his last fight. His struggles to make the welterweight limit are well documented.

However, Spence is a big welterweight as well.

“At the face off, you look at us, I’m taller than him. I’m a bigger guy than him,” says Errol Spence.

“You just have to be disciplined. A lot of guys blow up in weight before training camp. I live it, because I can get up to 180, 180 (lbs) plus, if I really engorge myself.”

Spence suggests he won’t be bullied inside as the bigger man.

If Brook attempts to hold Spence in attempt to nullify his offense on the inside or in an attempt to frustrate the American challenger, Spence’s size and perceived strength may foil Brook’s plans.

Size plays a major part regarding reach and the distance in which the fight is fought.

Range/Distance control:

Continuing the discussion of size, reach and the measure of distance is important.
Physical attributes play a part in range/distance control because the physical tools of a pugilist typically dictates the style and type of contest the combatant wants to enforce.

Some boxers are versatile and can fight effectively at different ranges; but utilize various tools to be effective in different scenarios.

For example, Spence has the reach advantage, as his reach is 72 inches while Brook is 69 inches.

Brook likes to fight from the outside so in this match-up he will have to utilize speed and timing to successfully combat Spence from the outside and deliver his patented “Chocolate Brownies.”

Spence can and probably will attempt to fight on the outside at times, but there will be a point when he attempts to move the fight inside the trenches to land his trademark body blows.

Former IBF welterweight champion Shawn Porter 27-2-1 (17 KO’s) believes Spence has the advantage in physical tools.

“I see Errol [Spence] being patient and working behind his jab. Using his head movement and setting up good body shots.

I just see him keeping the fight pretty clean. That southpaw style can sometimes be hard to adjust to. I just think a lot of things are in his favor.”

But Porter believes Brook can emerge victorious as well.

“It’s just a matter of what both fighters want to do. I think Kell [Brook] will want to keep him on the outside. I think he’ll use his jab to control. I look for Errol to use some good foot movement to get inside and work his way from the outside as well.”

This will be a fight of inches.


Spence doesn’t stand out in regards to sensational hand speed, swiftness and devastating one punch knockout power. All of the sexy attributes.

But the Olympian from Texas can punch hard; his punches are like thudding shots leaving a lasting impression, wearing down opponents. With his technique, Spence is able to generate the power necessary to punish opponents.

A trait more important than speed is timing. Spence times the rhythm of his opponents and can offset speed with his timing and with his awareness of range and distance.

Spence has tremendous balance as well. He is always in position to catch punches with his gloves, to slip punches and counter, to pursue or escape. Great balance allows for a seamless transition from offense to defense and great balance stems from proper foot work and coordination.

Spence has a mastery of the basic fundamentals; great punching technique, elite level footwork, effectively shifts his weight when placing power and precision on punches and is an overall balanced fighter.


Brook likes to control the pace and fight composed. The only time viewers could sense some kind of stress or adversity from Brook (body language) was when he fought reigning middleweight champion Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin 37-0 (33 KO’s).

Golovkin applied not only physical, but mental pressure as well; constantly in Brook’s grill, not allowing the welterweight champion time to breathe or think.

When fighting Porter and facing relentless pressure and pace placed from Porter, Brook was able to maintain composure and fight at a controlled pace.

Brook’s jab played a major key, as he was able to create the space he needed and was always a step ahead of Porter, catching him with the jab whenever he lunged in to attack.

Spence must push the tempo at times, but must also practice patience because Brook can slip punches and be elusive.

Spence must establish his rhythm early, dictate the pace of the fight and must create the threat of an incoming attack. Feinting, along with another staple of Spence’s game will accomplish this task.

Attacking the body is one of the key components to Spence’s game, along with establishing the jab. The jab is important because it serves as a range finder and can dictate offense and defense for Spence.

Road to the fight:

This fight is highly anticipated and will answer questions regarding the hype for both fighters.

Some critics state Spence is yet to prove himself with his resume of opposition. Former WBO super lightweight champion Chris Algieri 21-3 (8 KO’s) is the only notable name.

Similar assessments can be echoed with Brook and his level of competition.

It’s great to face high level opposition like Golovkin, but the confrontation resulted in a five-round TKO defeat. A victory over Shawn Porter is impressive, but aside from that, who else is there?

Critics of Brook can point to limited mandatory title defenses against Kevin Bizier 25-3 (17 KO’s) and Frankie Gavin 24-3 (14 KO’s), or bouts against guys with more than 100 losses like Peter Buckley 32-256-12 (8 KO’s) and Brian Coleman 24-141-7 (5 KO’s).

The timing of this fight favors the younger challenger, Errol Spence. He is riding a seven-fight knockout streak dating back to 2014 and is in his physical prime.

Something to consider is the accumulative damage a fighter suffers from previous fights. Brook endured a beating from unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin his last bout.

Triple G is not only a middleweight, but one of the most devastating power punchers in boxing. Brook’s orbital bone was severely damaged and we can only speculate how healthy Brook is entering this fight.

Spence claims to be one of the most avoided figures in boxing and is hungry for the title. The question will be if he can channel his hunger, determination and hard preparation for this singular moment? Can he realize his dreams of capturing a world title?

Both fighters appear to be on weight, look sharp with their public workouts and the time for talk is over.

Will it be another “Man Down” for Spence or will he suffer defeat via too many “Chocolate Brownies?”

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Five Keys to Victory for Kell Brook

Posted on 05/25/2017

Five keys to victory for Kell Brook
By: Kirk Jackson

Kell “The Special One” Brook 36-1 (25 KO’s) aims to defend his IBF welterweight championship for the fourth time facing Errol “The Truth” Spence 21-0 (18 KO’s) May 27th, at the Bramall Lane Football Grounds arena, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.


In a battle of welterweight supremacy, this bout may shape out to be a career defining fight for Brook or a coming out party for Spence.

Each fighter is highly skilled and holds certain advantages. What are some factors determining the outcome?

Punch variation:

One of the unique elements regarding Brook is his versatility. Brook has the ability to throw punches from different angles and can effectively throw a variety of punches with precision and power.

Possessing an excellent right hand lead and a right uppercut, Brook will have to emphasize landing these types of punches against Spence.

Brook also possesses one of the best 1-2 or (left jab, straight right hand) combinations in boxing. His jab will be crucial in regards to establishing range, locating his target and finding his comfort zone early in the fight.
Facing a southpaw,right hand proficiency is crucial. Although Spence has the edge is reach 72 inches compared to 69 inches for Brook and is the slightly taller man standing 5’9 ½” – Spence likes to fight on the inside to attack the body.

To ward off Spence’s pursuit and eventual attack, Brook may aim uppercuts down the middle, in between Spence’s high guard as he enters up close.

Alejandro Barrera 28-3 (18 KO’s) landed occasional right uppercuts and right hand lead punches when he fought Spencein November of 2015.

Brook may aim to do the same.


Is Brook the bigger man? Fellow welterweight Danny Garcia believes so talking to Boxingscene.

“I think the timing favors Spence a little bit because Brook just fought Triple-G [Gennady Golovkin]. All that weight, saying he couldn’t make the weight, to come back down, we don’t how he’s physically gonna feel.”

Brook however, altered his diet in preparation for his return to welterweight.

“First, we put him on a strictly-controlled keto diet for a couple of weeks which burns fat,” said nutrition expert Greg Marriott.

“If he spars in the morning, he’ll wake up at 7am and eat slow-release carbohydrates like a bowl of simple oats. An hour before he spars at 10am he has a fast-release carbohydrate like white bread with jam or honey,” Marriot continued.

“In the evening he’ll have a low-glycemic carbohydrate like sweet potato with lean fish.”

Diet and recovery is imperative to maintaining strength. This will allow Brook to fight at full effectiveness; he can fight on the inside and use his frame to keep Spence off balance and attempt to clinch whenever Spence tries to work inside.

Brook can nullify the inside attack like he did in route to defeating Shawn Porter for the IBF title back in August of 2014.

Punching power:

Brook’s power ties into his size and overall strength; he is considered a large welterweight and is rumored to walk around up to 180 lbs or higher when not preparing for a fight.

Brook not out of shape however, possessing the physique of a body builder.

Lead by nutrition expert Greg Marriott and his comprehensive dietary plan, Brook should maintain his strength leading up to his fight with Spence.

With 25 KO’s in 37 bouts, Brook boasts a KO ratio of 68%. He stopped two previous opponents, Kevin Bizier 25-3 (17 KO’s) and Frankie Gavin 24-3 (14 KO’s) prior to facing middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin this past October.

His stoppages against high quality opposition may be questioned, but even against the bigger man Golovkin, the reigning middleweight championwas rocked a few times.

At the very least, Brook possesses enough power to keep opponents honest. Those very weapons, Brook refers to as “Chocolate Brownies.”

Underrated skillset:

For those believing Spence will easily walk through Brook,must think again.

“The Special One” has an underrated skill set and can do many things; inside fighting, slipping punches, effectively maneuvering on the inside and pushing off with his shoulders to create separation and different angles, pull back counters, etc.

Brook is crafty in the trenches, can disguise punches effectively and it can be argued he is more fluid – from a punch combination aspect compared to Spence. Brook also looks a shade quicker in regards to hand speed.


Brook has been here before, participating in five world championship bouts. He is the reigning IBF welterweight champion and held his own against the current unified middleweight champion of the world.

He has experience fighting in front of his hometown fans in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Brook has familiarity fighting in front of a large, ruckus audience, as he fought in front of 19,000 at the O2 Arena in London. Last thing he wants to do is loose in front of the hometown crowd for the second time.

Brook may want to use the elements at play to his advantage and jump on Spence early to create a level of doubt in his mind. Establish himself as the champion and control the fight. This will be key in defending his crown.

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