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Franchon Crews-Dezurn Could Have Her Titles Returned as Alejandra Jimenez B Sample Comes Back Positive

Posted on 02/21/2020

By: Hans Themistode

The cries of innocence from Alejandra Jimenez will no longer be heard. The now former, Super Middleweight champion has begged and pleaded with the public to believe that her post fight drug test against Franchon Crews-Dezurn, which came back positive for a banned substance, was nothing more than a mistake. 

When the two women met back at the Alamodome, in San Antonio Texas, they gave the crowd an absolute show. Crews-Dezurn had dreams of becoming a unified champion at the weight class, but she first needed to get past Jimenez. That quickly turned into a task too difficult for Crews-Dezurn to handle. 

Jimenez walked through everything that Crews-Dezurn threw her way. No matter if it was a left hook, right hook or a baseball bat. Jimenez simply marched forward and would not be denied. 

Following a close but unanimous decision loss, the former champ was incredulous that her opponent was playing everything by the book.

“It was different,” said Dezurn on Boxing Insider Radio. “I’ve fought around the world, remember I used to fight at Light Heavyweight as well. I’ve sparred men but it was different. Something was different that’s all I can say. I hit like a Heavyweight, I’ve done testing with USA boxing and I hit as hard as a man but some of the punches she was taking wasn’t normal.”

Some may have called it sour grapes on the former champions part. But now however, it looks as though she was right all along. 

Jimenez hardly had enough time to shine off her newly won title before she was busted for an adverse finding in her sample “A” drug test. 

Like every other fighter that’s been caught cheating, Jimenez profusely claimed that there must be some sort of mistake.

“I trust the due process of investigation carried out by the World Boxing Council in which I am sure it will be resolved in my favor.” 

Well, the results are in and unlike Jimenez predicted, things did not go in her favor. 

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) revealed that not only was the “A” sample of Jimenez positive for a banned substance, but so was her “B” sample.

At this point in time, Jimenez simply has no excuses left. The win that she picked up over Crews-Dezurn has already been voided and her championship title has been taken away as well.

The one question that is left unanswered is, what happens to Crews-Dezurn? Simply put, she could soon be returned to her championship status. 

“I believe it could very well probably be that the belt will be returned to former champion Franchon Crews-Dezurn,” said WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.

It may have left a horrible taste in the mouth of Crews-Dezurn but if she truly is awarded her titles back, then that will go a long way in making things right again.

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