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Roc Nation’s “Unwavering Commitment To Humanitarianism” Stops At Daniel Franco

By: Sean Crose

“Roc Nation maintains an unwavering commitment to humanitarianism across its brand portfolio, working to advance social good globally and provide opportunities for vulnerable populations to succeed. Roc Nation supports the expansion of client’s philanthropic efforts through three key areas: full service management of their foundations, philanthropic advisement, and strategic, high-impact partnerships.” – Roc Nation’s web site.

Daniel Twitch Franco is now recovering from brain surgery. It says so on his Twitter page, for all the world to see. Has Roc Nation Sports, which promoted Franco when he was severely damaged while acting as one of companies’ boxers, done anything to help Franco aside from its most fundamental legal obligations? Nope. I reached out to Franco last week to ask if Roc Nation had suddenly and belatedly decided to show concern for its former fighter’s well-being. Franco assured me that Roc Nation has remained as indifferent to his plight as ever – at least on the surface of things – even though he and his family are in debt up to their eyeballs in medical expenses.

Make no mistake about it, what happened to Franco and his family is life changing stuff. And while Roc Nation has presumably done all it legally has to, it would be nice if the company, or if it’s founder, Jay-Z, would reach out to help a former fighter in need. Don’t expect that to happen. Whether Jay-Z is even aware of Daniel Franco’s existence, much less his plight, is legitimately up for debate. You can’t criticize a guy for not helping someone he’s never even heard of, after all.

You can criticize Roc Nation, however, for showcasing its “Philanthropy” on its home page while letting one of its own struggle without batting so much as an eye. Of course, Roc Nation may (“may” being the operative word here) be trying to help the Franco’s behind the scenes. If that were the case, however, it would be nice if the company would let the Francos know. Needless to say that, as of this writing, Roc Nation has yet to return my call for this article (I left a message around 10:30 AM Friday morning. It’s now around 12:30 PM Monday afternoon). This is no surprise, as the entity is famous in the boxing world for being less than easy to deal with.

This isn’t a question of boxing, however. This is a question of reaching out to someone – or to at least show empathy on a basic human level. No doubt there’s a team of lawyers tossing legitimate concerns Roc Nation’s way on this matter. That, however, doesn’t make the silence here any less deafening. While other companies might scramble to fix a situation like the one regarding the Francos, Roc Nation appears unmoved by criticism. That, however, doesn’t make its treatment of the Francos any less right.

Not that anyone who can do anything about it seems to care. Daniel Franco knew what he was getting into when he took up boxing, but one would hope a company cashing in on boxers would go the extra yard when boxers get hurt.

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Does Roc Nation Sports Care About The Well Being Of It’s Clients?

By: Sean Crose

Back in 2014, the New York Post wrote that Roc Nation Sports’ “lack of media access has given it an air of mystery.” Former featherweight Daniel “Twitch” Franco certainly finds Roc Nation Sports mysterious. After receiving a serious brain injury during a June bout against Jose Haro in Iowa, Franco, a Roc Nation fighter, was subsequently induced into a coma for two weeks. Incredibly, Franco survived and is expected to make a full recovery. Still, getting healthy isn’t cheap. Or easy.

Franco is still in need of a large amount of medical care. The twenty-five year old Californian has another surgery this Friday. And how will Franco and his family pay the hundreds upon thousands of dollars in medical costs? Well, a GoFundMe page has been set up on the fighter’s behalf. One might think Roc Nation Sports, an entity Franco was a part of and under whose banner Franco was so badly harmed, would rise to the occasion in some way. If Roc Nation couldn’t go so far as to pay all of Franco’s bills, one would at least expect it to promote the charity built around supporting the fighter.

According to Franco that has been far from the case. “Roc Nation has not even contacted (me) since the fight,” Franco informed me on Tuesday. “Someone that used to work for Roc Nation sent me a photo of him holding up my shirt with another Roc Nation fighter, but that is all.” In fact, Franco stated that Roc Nation expressed it’s displeasure when he called company out in public. “Dino Duva called a few weeks ago,” Franco claimed, “but it was only to tell my family to take our posts ‘calling out’ Roc Nation down off of social media. Since they haven’t called, we put them back up.” Indeed, Franco has been posting his displeasure throughout social media. And yet he claims he has still heard nothing more from the entity he was once a part of.

I reached out to Roc Nation Sports twice, leaving messages both yesterday and today. Those calls, however, have yet to be returned. Founded by superstar Jay Z (Shawn Carter) in 2013, Roc Nation has repped some top level fighters, such as Andre Ward, Miguel Cotto and Guillermo Rigondeaux. Franco has reached out to Jay Z via video, yet it’s unclear if one of the most famous men on earth is even aware of his plight. Franco and his family, however, will happily accept donations from fans to help pay his medical bills. Anyone who wishes to help may do so through the link below:


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Daniel Franco Interview “There is no way Derrick Murray is ready for me!”

Daniel Franco Interview “There is no way Derrick Murray is ready for me!”
By: Benny Henderson


The undefeated featherweight sensation Daniel Franco 14-0-3 (9 KO’s) looks to not only keep his unblemished record intact come November 10th when he takes on Derrick Murray 13-0-1 (5 KO’s) at the Washington Hilton in Washing DC, but the young gun aims to strap on the vacant USBA Featherweight belt in the process. In this exclusive interview, we get the thoughts from Franco on his upcoming bout, his career and more.

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