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Luis Feliciano Keeps His Focus

Posted on 05/20/2020

By: Sean Crose

“We’re hanging in there,” says 14-0 super lightweight Luis Feliciano, “I’m just trying to be as productive as I can.” Feliciano, who holds the NABF super lightweight tile, is simply trying to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic that’s put virtually the entire world on hold. Needless to say, the 27-year-old is “just looking forward to getting rolling again.” In this, the product of Milwaukee is certainly not alone. Not that boxing is Feliciano’s only endeavor. In fact, the man has a degree from Marquette University. “I graduated in 2015,” he says, “with a degree in Criminology and Law Studies.” Feliciano is rightly satisfied with this achievement. 

“Just being the first one in my family to graduate from college,” he says, “that’s something that’s very special for me.” Matters of family and home are important to the undefeated fighter. A product of Milwaukee, Feliciano loves his hometown, and – even though things are tough for everyone now – he’s happy to currently be back where he started from. “Milwaukee is a city that I love dearly,” he says. “This is home for me. My parents live here.” Still, Feliciano is also eager to return to California, his base of operations. “I’m looking forward to going back,” he says. Which makes sense, as he’s eager to return to the sport of boxing. “I’m locked in,” he states, “focused on my career.” 

It’s a career which has already earned Feliciano one title, and which may well present him with more over time. “I got started at an early age,” Feliciano reminisces. “I fell in love with the sport at the age of three.” The young man was enthralled with the stars he watched on television, the great Felix “Tito” Trinidad being his favorite. “I want to be like that while I grow up,” he thought to himself as a kid. After starting off in the amateurs (“I was able to have a pretty good amateur career,” he says) Feliciano made his way into the pro ranks.  

“I feel like I’ve always had that professional style,” he claims, “even as an amateur.” It’s a style that is now clearly serving Feliciano well. “I feel the transition to the pros was much easier,” he says. Needless to say, the fighter has been impressive to see in the  ring so far. He’s a patient, scientific practitioner of the sweet science, one who knows when and where to throw a punch. “I consider myself a technical fighter,” he claims, “a very studious fighter. I want to be precise.”   

All of which makes it somewhat surprising when Feliciano claims he would face legendary brawler Mickey Ward could he battle any boxer in history. “He had that great left hook to the body,” Feliciano says. “I think that would be a pretty cool fight.” Should his career continue on its current trajectory, Feliciano may end up being legendary in his own right. 

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