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Breaking: Adrien Broner Arrested. Bullet Holes Found In Vehicle

Posted on 04/20/2017

Breaking: Adrien Broner Arrested. Bullet Holes Found In Vehicle.

The high drama never seems to end for troubled fight star Adrien Broner. The Cincinnati native was busted by police in Kentucky this morning…after being pulled over driving an SUV with bullet holes in it. According to TMZ, Broner was actually pulled over for failing to appear in court over a drunk and disorderly incident from several years ago. When police noticed the bullet holes in Broner’s vehicle, he told them an unknown assailant had fired at him after he stepped out of a Cincinnati bar some time earlier. Broner also claimed to have no idea why said assailant shot at him.


Unfortunately, this is simply one of what seems to be an endless line of off-the-wall events involving the man some once ranked as a top pound for pound fighter. Although still active in the ring, Broner is now known as much for his antics as he is for his considerable boxing skills. Not that long ago, the 33-2-1 fighter indicated that he was looking to become a more mature, responsible individual. His last fight was on February 18th, where he won a split decision victory against Adrian Granados.

Read more at: http://www.tmz.com/2017/04/20/adrien-broner-arrested-in-bullet-ridden-suv/

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