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Vaughn Alexander Ready to Make his Mark at Mohegan Sun this Thursday

Posted on 10/01/2017

By: Eric Lunger

This coming Thursday night, October 5, the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT, will host a night of live boxing in its popular Rising Stars Boxing Series. Headlining the Main Events show is a ten-round middleweight clash between hard-hitting Vaughn “the Animal” Alexander (10-0, 7 KO’s) and seasoned professional Elvin Ayala (29-9-1, 13 KOs).

Photo Credit: David Spagnolo/Main Events

Vaughn took a moment earlier today to speak to Boxinsider.com in an exclusive interview. Ebullient but thoughtful, the St. Louis native was confident as he looked forward to Thursday.

Boxinginsider: Your last five fights have all been at middleweight – is that a natural weight for you? Is making weight an issue for you?

I don’t have trouble making weight. Yeah, I mean I can move pretty easily between 160 and 168. I am ready to fight in either division, I am a professional and I am ready.

BI: How would you characterize your style? Pressure fighter? Counter puncher? front foot, back foot?

Well, I try to use all those styles, depending who I am fighting. I like to have all those tools in my arsenal, and use them depending on who my opponent is.

BI: Vaughn – you’re fighting this coming Thursday at the Mohegan Sun Casino (Rising Stars Boxing Series) against Elvin Ayala – who is from Connecticut. But you have fought twice at Mohegan Sun. Who is the home fighter? Does it matter to you or are you just focusing on being your best?

You know, where I am now, that doesn’t matter to me: I am there to fight and I am focused on what I am doing. At this point in my career, that stuff just doesn’t matter.

BI: You went the full ten rounds in your fight against Andres Rey in April of 2017 – did you learn anything about yourself in that experience? About your conditioning?

I really wanted to go the distance in that fight, and find out what kind of shape I was in. I do a lot of work on my conditioning, and it was important to find out where I was. I felt really good at that distance, over those ten rounds.

BI: Your last fight was a TKO win over Fabiano Pena on the Ward vs. Kovalev undercard in Vegas. What was that like? Fighting on a big stage?

I’m used to that kind of atmosphere; I’ve fought at Mandalay Bay several times. I knew what I needed to do. I knew I could get him [Pena] out of there. I was working to the body, putting in rounds that would pay off later.

BI: Vaughn, how much do you game-plan for a given opponent? Or do you just focus on where you are and what you want to achieve?

I really focus on my game, what I’m doing about 90%, and only 10% on what my opponent might do. I work on what I can control. We do look at film, but I really focus on working on my game.

BI: Can you comment on your relationship with your brother, Devon? Will be he in your corner on Thursday?

We talk almost every day, but he is in camp in Florida and I am working on my fight in my camp here. We are close, but we are focused on what we are doing right know, you know?

BI: What drives you? What motivates you to go to the gym and live the tough life of a professional boxer?

First, I have to say God, because he has brought me to where I am today after being in some real difficulty. And also, you have to motivate yourself in this game, in this hurt business, you know what I mean? If you need someone telling you what to do, when to work out, and so on – man, you are in the wrong business.

BI: Thanks for speaking with me, Vaughn.

The action unfolds this Thursday night at Mohegan Sun Arena. As Kathy Duva, Main Events CEO said in a recent press release, “the winner will be right in the mix at middleweight, so this crossroads bout is meaningful to the division, as well as a local attraction.” Tickets start at $40.00 and are on sale now at ticketmaster.com and at the Mohegan Sun box office.

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Vaughn Alexander Interview: “My overall plan is to be the best middleweight in the world”

Posted on 06/12/2017

Vaughn Alexander Interview: “My overall plan is to be the best middleweight in the world”
By: Matthew N. Becher

​Vaughn Alexander is a 9-0 prospect from St. Louis Missouri who will be fighting on the undercard of the June 17th, HBO pay per view between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward. Alexander’s story is a bit different, since he is 31 years old and still a prospect. He was an up and comer on the rise in 2005 when he was sent to prison for armed robbery, 11 years later he is back to where he left off. The brother of 3x world champion Devon Alexander, we spoke with Vaughn about his past, his upcoming fight and what his future in boxing has in store.


Boxing Insider: So could you tell us a little about your background and coming back from an 11 year hiatus to the sport?

Vaughn Alexander: I’ve been fighting since I was 8 years old. I was one of the top amateurs in the world. I turned pro in 2004, I was signed to Don King promotions. I had 5 fights. I was 5-0 before I went to prison. I went to prison in 2005. In the 11 years that I was in prison I learned a lot, mentally, spiritually and I kept myself right physically.

Boxing Insider: How do you stay in fighting shape while incarcerated?

Vaughn Alexander: I ran a lot. Of course they didn’t have any of the things the outside world have, since they stopped boxing in prison a long time ago. I just did any and all things to keep my body strong. I ate right, I didn’t eat any junk or things that keep your body down. I just basically did everything I could, in the 11 years I was in prison.

Boxing Insider: Is it hard mentally to start over as a prospect again, being that you are now 31?

Vaughn Alexander: No. I feel that everybody goes through things. It’s just that I had to go to prison. That was just something in my life that I had to go to. Everybody makes mistakes, but they don’t all have to go to prison. I had to go to prison to become the man I am today. I have lots of patience that I didn’t have before. I have a lot of knowledge that I acquired in those eleven years. I always had a good work ethic, but I feel that I gained a proper work ethic dealing with myself. If it is dealing with people or dealing with my training, or anything I had to deal with, I’m 100% better to deal with because of the man I am today.

Boxing Insider: Your brother became a world champ while you were away. Has he given you any words of advice or wisdom in your comeback?

Vaughn Alexander: No, not really. I mean, you can’t give advice to someone that was doing what he was doing at the same time. It’s just that he became a world champion while I was in prison. The fact of it is, I am so proud of my brother for that. I’m proud of him in that sense, but me and Devan are two different people. I just go by the things I learned from my own mistakes. It’s just some things you have to learn on your own. You can accept peoples advice, but if people haven’t gone through the things you’ve went through. Me and Devan didn’t really talk a lot when I was in prison. That was my time to get myself together.

Boxing Insider: What advantages will you have over Fabiano Pena, who is younger and has more ring experience?

Vaughn Alexander: No one in the middleweight division has more experience than me. I feel that I was gone for 11 years, but I gained so much knowledge. I feel that these guys in 11 years were getting beat on, I wasn’t. I was eating right, working out while they were getting beat on. I’m fresh and I’m just ready to put myself in a position to fight one of these top guys. I’m not looking over this guy, trust me, every fighter has a punchers chance. And the likelihood of this guy beating me is slim to none, because I trained so hard and I’m coming in June 17th to get this guy out of there.

Boxing Insider: What are your overall plans in boxing, now that you are back?

Vaughn Alexander: My overall plan is to be the best middleweight in the world. I don’t just want to be one of the best. You got these people that are politically correct saying they want to be “one of the best”, nah, I’m trying to be the best middleweight in the world. That is my goal and that is what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m taking steps right now, with Main Events behind me to accomplish that.

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Vaughn Alexander Makes The Most Of His Second Chance

Posted on 04/15/2017

Vaughn Alexander Makes The Most Of His Second Chance
By: Sean Crose

Middleweight Vaughn Alexander, like all of us, has made his share of mistakes. By serving over half a decade in prison, the sibling of former champion Devon Alexander cost himself a lot of prime years in the boxing ring. Now out of the department of corrections’ custody and back in society for a good chunk of time, however, the once heralded Alexander has found himself with a real opportunity to get back into the spotlight. For this Saturday at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, the 7-0 Alexander will be facing the 14-3-9 Andres Calixto Rey in a bout which will be broadcast live on HBO Latino.


Truth be told, Alexander, who has fought and won on two occasions since being released from prison, wasn’t supposed to find himself on television this weekend. With the scheduled co-main event on the HBO Latino card falling through, however, the thirty-one year old Saint Louis native was placed in a great position to showcase his second chance at ring glory. “I started this a long time ago and had some mishaps years ago,” Alexander said during a Thursday press conference. “I put the work in to display my talents and get to this place.”

Fans will now get a chance to see if those talents will enable Alexander to get the next level. A victory over Rey, who is riding a winning streak of several fights in a row, may do wonders for Alexander’s career, if it’s achieved in impressive fashion. Promoter Kathy Duva made it clear she feels Alexander has what it takes to connect with audiences. “When he fought on the last Rising Stars card,” she claimed, “no one knew who he was. I have never seen a fighter connect with the crowd so quickly.” Rising Stars is, fittingly enough, the title of a series of fight cards Duva’s Main Events Promotions is running with Mohegan Sun.

For his part, Alexander appears eager to live up to the series’ title. “This will be Vaughn’s first 10-round professional fight,” Duva said. “It was originally scheduled for eight rounds but when we needed to move the fight to television, Vaughn didn’t think twice about the additional rounds.” Having once been a welterweight, Alexander has made it clear he wants to battle his way to the top of the lucrative middleweight division.

“I am just one step closer to taking over this middleweight division,” he stated. “I am ready to fight whoever, wherever.”

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