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Boxing Insider Interview with Seanie Monaghan: “This is going to be a real big win on my resume”

Boxing Insider Interview with Seanie Monaghan: “This is going to be a real big win on my resume”
By: Matthew N. Becher

​Sean Monaghan is an undefeated (28-0 17KO) light heavyweight from Long Island who has been waiting for his big shot, for the last few years. He is a staple in the NYC fight scene, bringing a dedicated and raucous crowd wherever and whenever he fights. For a while, Monaghan was thought to have finally gotten his big fight chance against current WBC light heavyweight champion, Adonis Stevenson, until the fight was unexpectedly called off. Monaghan then believed that a fight with fellow Long Island fighter Joe Smith Jr. would come to fruition, until Smith took a better deal on the left coast against Sullivan Barrera.


​Fortunately for Monaghan a big fight came through in the way of undefeated, Staten Island fighter Marcus Browne. The two will battle it out on July 15th, on Fox primetime television and will be part of the first boxing card at the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum. Seanie took some time away from his training schedule to speak with us at Boxing Insider.

Boxing Insider: How does it feel to be on the first boxing card at the new Nassau Coliseum?

Sean Monaghan: Its beautiful man. I run on Mitchell field, the track is right outside of there. Every Monday and Wednesday morning, I’m doing my laps and I look up at the Coliseum, imagining myself fighting in there. So it’s the perfect fit for me. That’s my home.

Boxing Insider: You are going up against someone you know in this fight. Tell us about your relationship with Marcus Browne.

Sean Monaghan: Out of all the guys in boxing, he is probably one of my better friends in the boxing game. It is a little unusual for me, I’ve never done this before. We haven’t spoken about it yet, but I’m sure we will be cool when it’s all over. We just have to go do what we gotta do. It’s nothing personal, strictly business.

Boxing Insider: Is he someone that you have trained and sparred with before?

Sean Monaghan: I’ve sparred with Marcus more times than I can remember, I’ve sparred with Marcus a lot.

Boxing Insider: Is this fight “Make or Break” for you?

Sean Monaghan: 100%. I feel like, I’m thinking like none of my fights before this even mattered. This is my chance to prove that I’m one of the best fighters in the world. This is going to be a real big win on my resume.

Boxing Insider: Talks were out there that you were going to fight Adonis Stevenson or Joe Smith Jr. What happened to those fights?

Sean Monaghan: I don’t know what happened with the Adonis thing to be honest with you. I thought it was a go, we trained for five weeks for it and then one day I found out like everybody else. So that sucked. Lou DiBella made me a promise that he would get me a big fight, he gave me his word. They offered me Marcus or this Swedish kid. The money for Marcus was double. I said if I beat this Swedish kid (Erik Skoglund), nobody would care. I knew I would have to fight Marcus, we’ve always known. There were times when you had me, Marcus Browne and Joe Smith all sparring, all doing the round robbing sparring at the same time. We all knew that, sooner or later, we would all have to fight.

​We tried to make a fight with Joe Smith and it just wasn’t the time. His promoter thought they had a better gig somewhere else. So that is on hold for now. It’s a fight that I want and I know personally Joe would do it. It’s just a matter of the promoters getting it together.

Boxing Insider: What are your thoughts on the WBC letting a guy like Fonfara getting a crack at Adonis twice, before giving you a shot?

Sean Monaghan: With boxing, Fonfara has been in there with tough guys, but no way does he deserve a shot over me. And as much as I don’t like to say it, Joe Smith really deserved the title fight, he knocked Fonfara out in one round. I mean we’re all here scratching our heads thinking how does this thing happen. I think boxing fans have to take a stand and demand better fights, because these sanctioning bodies work in mysterious ways. I think they are hurting the sport, with whatever private deals they make. Like if you look at the UFC, those guys have to fight a tough guy right away, and if you beat him then you get an even better fight. If you get knocked out you aren’t getting a title fight your next fight, it doesn’t happen like that. I don’t know. I’m just focused on this fight, I was pissed off about the Fonfara thing, but I don’t even care about it anymore, I got bigger fish to fry. Marcus is going to be a very tough fight. Stevenson is a killer puncher with his left hand, but Marcus has a very difficult style to deal with, he’s got power in both hands, he’s slick, he’s fast. These are the kind of fights I’ve been looking for and I’m super excited about it.

Boxing Insider: This is a big show, you will be primetime televised on FOX. If you win this fight, you will have a huge audience watching, will you be calling out any names?

Sean Monaghan: I still want Adonis Stevenson. I’m not sure if it really matters to call out names at this point. It doesn’t seem to do anything. Right now I’d have to imagine that the winner of this fight would be next in line for a title shot.

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Keith Thurman – Self Promoter

Keith Thurman – Self Promoter
By: Sean Crose

Make no mistake about it – self promotion is BIG in today’s society. Oh, it’s always been big, but it seems to be particularly popular in this era. This, of course, is an age where people are famous…just cuz. Sure enough, talent and ability often take a back seat when personality and showmanship is in play (as anyone who has spent any time in the workplace can attest). When a person has some talent to at least somewhat back up his or her self-promotion, however, it can prove to be a formidable combination indeed. Enter one Keith Thurman.


An undefeated welterweight with a powerful shot, speed and a strong ability to put his punches together, the WBA world welterweight champion is certainly worth paying attention to in this (supposedly) post Mayweather-Pacquiao era. Thurman has another weapon at his disposal, though, one that can greatly fatten his wallet if not his ring record. That weapon? A gift for self-promotion. Although Thurman has nowhere near the fan base of a Canelo Alvarez, or even perhaps an Amir Khan, he’s clearly able to draw the kind of attention that his upcoming opponent, Shawn Porter, simply can’t.

Whether it’s donning a musician’s hairstyle, playing a woodwind instrument or driving a hybrid vehicle, Thurman possesses a uniqueness which is seemingly more at home at a Masters of Fine Arts program than it is in the boxing ring. That’s not what really draws the extra attention, though. What really brings in the chatter is Thurman’s mouth – which he employs freely and often frequently. “I love what’s happening in the world of boxing today,” he said recently, “This is a big stage, it’s a big platform, and it’s always been my dream to awaken people, to bring boxing back to the public.” Give Thurman this, he dreams big.

As for his upcoming bout with former IBF world welterweight champion, Porter, Thurman has things to say about him, as well. Sure enough, the fighter known as One Time makes is clear he knows Porter will try breaking him down when they meet in New York on June 25th. “The thing is,” Thurman claims, “can he break down Keith Thruman before being knocked out?” You have to love a fighter who refers to himself in the third person (paging Tyson Fury). You also have to give credit to a man who – whether you agree with him or not – goes right out and lets the world know he thinks Floyd Mayweather was a cherry picker.

Sure, lots of welterweight fighters probably think Floyd was overly cautious in his choice of opponents, but how many of note come right out and say it? Thurman did, on an extremely popular satellite radio show, no less. Being a provocateur is part of being a self-promoter, after all. Thurman is a bit different from other mouthy types, however in that he isn’t outright mean. Men like Fury, and Adrien Broner can be straight up nasty. Thurman doesn’t go that route. He pretty much sticks to promoting Thurman.

And unless Porter shuts him up, you can expect Thurman to keep on talking for quite some time.

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