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Fury v. Klitschko rematch Postponed: Fury Injured

Posted on 06/24/2016

Fury v. Klitschko rematch Postponed: Fury Injured
By: Matthew N. Becher

​Just over 7 months ago Tyson Fury shook up the boxing world by beating Wladimir Klitschko by Unanimous Decision and becoming the new undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world. The loss ended Klitschko’s eleven and a half year reign as the champion and essentially breaking up the monotony of the division.

Klitschko immediately enacted the rematch clause in the contract and the fight was eventually set up to take place at the Manchester Arena in the UK for this coming July 9th.


​This morning that fight was postponed, when Tyson Fury released a statement, via social Media, explaining to his fans that he has injured his ankle and will need at least 6-7 weeks to recover fully.

​“Hey guys, I got a little bit of bad news for you all. About ten days ago, I was running and I went over on my ankle, sprained my ankle. I’ve been to the hospital and had X-rays and MRI scans and all that stuff. They say it’s not broken but it’s badly sprained. Keep off it for 6-7 weeks. I tried to still train a bit. I had a second opinion a week later and I got the same advice. So the fight will be postponed.

​“Sorry to all my fans to let you all down, but injuries do happen. It’s one of them things. My apologies to everybody. The fight will be on as soon as possible. That’s all I know at this moment. But the fight is still going ahead as soon as the ankle gets better.”

​This fight will most likely take place in October now, almost one year after the initial meeting. Which is an extremely long time for two fighters to have taken off with no fights in between. Some are saying that the injury is an excuse, because Fury has not been training hard enough in the time in between fights, and with the showdown only a couple weeks away, he just was not ready to rematch Klitschko. Fury’s uncle and Trainer Peter did share a photo on his twitter page of the bruised and swollen ankle which would prove otherwise.

​Klitschko was asked for comment and stated “of course, I am currently totally disappointed about the cancellation. As well as for my fans, I’m very sorry. They were all very excited for this rematch. But one thing is also clear: This just means I’ll get my belt a few weeks later.” Klitschko will have to wait for his chance at becoming a three time heavyweight champion until later this year.

​Hopefully Fury will have a speedy recovery and this fight will not run into anymore roadblocks that have already taken us into almost a year of waiting.

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