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ShoBox Results:Keenan Smith Defeated by Ivan Baranchyk in Miami, OK

Posted on 07/15/2017

ShoBox Results: Keenan Smith Defeated by Ivan Baranchyk in Miami, OK
By: Ken Hissner

At the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, OK, Friday night GH-3 Promotions, D&D Promotions and Victory Promotions on ShoBox the next Generation presented super lightweights Philadelphia’s Keenan Smith against Russian Ivan Baranchyk, of Miami, OK, in the main event.

Photo Courtesy: Showtime

In the main event super lightweight southpaw Keenan “Killa” Smith, 11-1 (5), of Philadelphia, lost for the first time in a foul filled fight to Russian Ivan “The Beast” Baranchyk, 16-0 (10), of Miami, OK, over eight rounds.

In the first round Smith twice picked up Baranchyk tossing him to the canvas on the second one. Baranchyk showed much more power than southpaw Smith who moved well. In the second round a wild left hand by Baranchyk drove Smith into the ropes but referee Ritter could have called it a knockdown but didn’t. In the third round Baranchyk continued to throw power punches while missing quite a bit. Smith does a lot of holding in the round. Both boxers continued to throw punches at the bell as the referee Ritter seemed bewildered in what to do. In the fourth round it was more of Baranchyk showing his power. At the bell both continued to throw punches as referee Ritter once again seemed to lose control of the action.

In the fifth round Smith landed the best punch of his fight with a lead left to the head of Baranchyk. Referee Ritter after many warnings for holding to Smith deducted a point. As both boxers fell to the canvas referee Ritter only wiped off the gloves of Smith. In the sixth round Smith landed a 3-punch combination to start the round. Baranchyk continued to land heavy punches forcing Smith to hold and got warned by referee Ritter for holding. In the seventh round Smith boxed better but got tagged with a right to the head by Baranchyk just inside a minute left in the round. In the eighth and final round at the start referee Ritter failed to have the boxers touch gloves. In the first half of the round Smith boxed well having the best showing of the fight for him. Everything Baranchyk throws he does it with bad intentions. Smith slipped to the canvas twice in the round but seemed to pull out his first round.

The judges scored it 82-71, 79-72 and 78-73 while this writer had it 79-72.

In the co-feature super lightweight Kenneth “Bossman” Simms, Jr., 12-1 (4), of Chicago, IL, lost by majority decision in a mild upset to Puerto Rican Rolando “Iron Man” Chinea, 15-1-1 (6), of Lancaster, PA, over eight rounds.

In the opening round Simms hand speed dominated as he switched to southpaw and back to orthodox keeping Chinea from landing but a few punches. In the second round Simms continued to dominate. In the third and fourth rounds Chinea started to land some punches pinning Simms against the ropes.

In the fifth round it was a big round for Chinea who backed up Simms the entire round while Simms looking tired. In the sixth round Chinea continued coming forward out working Simms who has slowed down considerably since the fourth round. In the seventh round Chinea hurt Simms with a long right hand to the chin. Simms fought in spurts as Chinea continued coming forth. Simms showed much better skills but can’t match Chinea for stamina. In the eighth and final round both fighters looked tired but still throwing punches. Simms seemed to pull out the round as both were landing well up until the bell.

Judges scored 76-76, 77-75 and 77-75 for Chinea. This writer had it 76-76. Referee was Ritter.

Middleweight Antoine Douglas, 22-1 (16), of Burke, VA, stopped Colombia’s Juan “La Amenaza” Angel, 20-7-1 (18), with a body shot in 4 rounds for the vacant WBA-NABA title.

Super bantamweight Glenn Dezurn, 9-0-1 (6), of Baltimore, MD, seemed fortunate to get a draw with Adam “Mantequilla” Lopez, 16-1-2 (8), of San Antonio, TX, over eight rounds.

In the opening two rounds both boxers went to the body until referee Ritter warned Lopez to keep them up. In the third round Lopez came back going to the head of Dezurn. In the fourth round a right hand to the mid-section of Dezurn hurt him. Just prior to the bell Dezurn landed half a dozen punches to the body of Lopez.

In the fifth round Lopez’s power was overcoming Dezurn who showed little in return. In the sixth round the body work of Lopez took quite a bit out of Dezurn who was in his first eight rounder. In the seventh round the body punching continued with Lopez continuing to get the better of Dezurn in a close round. In the eighth and final round Lopez continued overpowering Dezurn. At the bell Dezurn landed a cheap shot to the chin of Lopez that referee Ritter never saw.

Judges scored it 77-75 Lopez, 77-75 Dezurn and referee Ritter 76-76 a draw. This writer had it 78-74 Lopez.

Bantamweight Joshua “Don’t Blink” Greer, Jr., 14-1-1 (6), of Chicago, IL, stopped southpaw Leroy “Lucious” Davila, 5-2 (3), of New Brunswick, NJ, who couldn’t come out for the sixth of a scheduled eight.

In the first two rounds it was all Greer showing more punching power than Davila. Davila’s gloves touched the canvas in the first round and referee Gary Ritter called it a push but never wiped the gloves of Davila. Davila boxed better in the second round but didn’t have enough power to hold Greer off. In the third round it was more of the same with Davila showing good speed of hand but no power. In the fourth round Greer hurt Davila with a straight right to the chin and followed with half a dozen more unanswered punches.

In the fifth round Greer landed half a dozen punches to the head of Davila while having him on the ropes. Greer landed quite a few right uppercuts to the body and chin of Davila. Davila’s corner would not let him out for the sixth round to prevent more punishment to their boxer.

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Philly’s Unbeaten Super Lightweight Keenan Smith on top July 14th

Posted on 07/08/2017

Philly’s Unbeaten Super Lightweight Keenan Smith on top July 14th
By: Ken Hissner

The outstanding unbeaten southpaw Keenan Smith from Philly will be on ShoBox July14th in Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, OK, against tough local unbeaten resident Ivan Baranchyk of Russia.


After a stellar amateur career Smith, 11-0 (5), takes on Russian Ivan Baranchyk, 15-0 (10) who now lives in Miami, OK, in a major showdown and a possible “shot in the arm” for Smith.

As far back as June 26, 2007 Smith won the Junior Olympic National Championships at Marquette, MI, defeating such boxers as Santos Jaramillo. The next day Smith defeated Ulixwa Abelino, and on the 29th Jesse Roman. He won the tournament defeating Lavale Wilson on the 30th.

On August 31st of the same year Smith lost to Vitali Varabyev, at Baku, Azerbaijan. The following May 7th he defeated Amir Iman in the 2008 National Golden Glove Tournament of Champions. The next day he defeated Walter Sarnoi, on the 9th defeated Emmanuel Gonzalez and in the championship final defeated Ryan Kielczweski.

On May 6, 2009 Smith defeated Wanzell Ellison at the National Golden Gloves in Salt Lake City, UT, only to lose in a rematch to Amir Iman the following day.
Smith debuted on April 9th of 2010 he defeated fellow Philly boxer Luis Esquilin, 1-3-1, winning every round at the Philly South Arena. Smith weighed 130. Two months later at the legendary Blue Horizon he defeated Alex Montes, 1-0, of Lawrence, MASS. In November he defeated Anthony Royal, 0-0-1, scoring a knockout in the fourth and final round at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ.

On April Fool’s Day in 2011 Smith defeated debuting Joshua Nieves of Hampton, VA, over 4 rounds at the Asylum Arena which was renamed from the Philly South Arena. It would be 10 months before returning to action in April of 2012 defeating by majority over Christopher Finley, 3-3, of Detroit, MI, at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City.

It would be over 3 years before Smith returned to the ring on March of 2015 stopping Malik Johnson, 1-5-4, of Newark, NJ, in 3 rounds at the now 2300 Arena in Philly in his first scheduled 6, now up to 145. It would be 2 months later in May when he would defeat Luis Rodriguez, 3-3, of Carolina, PR, over 6 rounds, at the Claridge Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City.

In August Smith knocked out Lavelle Hadley, 2-0, of Youngstown, OH, in the 2nd round of a 6, at the Playground in Atlantic City, weighing 146. In November he posted his biggest victory to date over Benjamin Whitaker, 10-1, of San Antonio, over 8 rounds at the D Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Smith wouldn’t return until January of 2017 to stop Marquis Hawthorne, 4-5, of Waco, TEX, in the 5th of a 6, at the Bally’s Event Center, in Atlantic City. In his most recent bout in April stopping Edgar Gabejan, 27-33-7, of Rizal, PH, in the 7th of an 8 at the Claridge Hotel & Casino, in Atlantic City.

KEN HISSNER: The first time I saw you fight was at the Lonnie Young Recreation Center in Philly defeating Emmanuel Taylor in one great fight on a great show over Thanksgiving. What a coincidence both of you are managed by Dave Price and promoted by Doc Nowicki?

KEENAN SMITH: It works well.

KEN HISSNER: Didn’t you win an AAU, GG and Junior Olympic titles?


KEN HISSNER: Is your brother Marty your main trainer now?


KEN HISSNER: Have you had the nickname “Killa” since the amateurs?

KEENAN SMITH: Yes even way back then.

KEN HISSNER: This is a big fight against Russian Ivan Baranchyk now in his hometown of Miami, OK. Do you feel any added pressure?


KEN HISSNER: Are your plans to stay at 140 as if in your last fight?


KEN HISSNER: You are featured in one of four 8’s on what looks like a dynamite show of prospects. Any idea if you will be on the televised captions?

KEENAN SMITH: I’m the main event.

KEN HISSNER: I want to wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming fight and future.


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Keenan “The Killer” Smith Stopped Edgar Gabejan in A.C.!

Posted on 04/23/2017

Keenan “The Killer” Smith Stopped Edgar Gabejan in A.C.!

At the Claridge Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, Saturday night promoters GH-3 and D&D Promotions put on a 6 bout card before a full house.


In the Main Event super lightweight southpaw Keenan “The Killer” Smith, 11-0 (5), of Philadelphia, scored a technical stoppage over overmatched Edgar “Koki” Gabejan, 27-34-7 (9), of Rizal, PH, at 1:46 of the seventh round.

In the opening round Smith put on the pressure landing 6 unanswered punches than pushing Gabejan down from behind the head. Smith followed up with a grazing left hand dropping Gabejan and given the 8-count by referee Ricky Gonzalez. In the second round Smith drove Gabejan into the ropes and was quickly tied up. It was all Smith in the round. In the third round an over anxious Smith wrestled Gabejan to the canvas. Smith continued to dominate over the shorter Gabejan who was being outgunned. In the fourth round Gabejan started throwing more punches than in the previous rounds. Smith drove Gabejan across the ring into a corner and jumped on him landing a flurry of punches.

In the fifth round a Smith double right hook to the chin of Gabejan dropped him for the 8-count given by referee Gonzalez. A solid right hook to the chin by Smith rocked Gabejan at the bell. In the sixth round Gabejan rushes in only to be hit with a straight left by Smith causing a bit of blood to come out of his nose. A right hook by Smith to the chin buckled the legs of Gabejan just prior to the bell. In the seventh round a short left hand to the chin of Gabejan dropped him for an 8-count given by referee Gonzalez. Shortly afterwards referee Gonzalez had seen enough and wisely stopped the mismatch.

“I hit him with hard shots. He was awkward. I knew I had him after the second round,” said Smith. His right hand was in ice. His brother and trainer coach Marty said “It’s a great step up fighting against a veteran who hadn’t been stopped since 2010.”

Heavyweight Tyrell “The King” Wright, 9-0-2 (6), of Jersey City, NJ, and Dan Pasciolla, 9-2-2 (0), of Brick, NJ, fought to a split decision draw over 6 rounds.

Wright did a lot of holding throughout the bout keeping referee Dave Francisosi busy breaking the fighters. Pasciolla took the opening round with Wright taking the second and third rounds. Pasciolla outworked Wright in the last 3 rounds and deserved the win.

Former boxer Bobby Rooney worked Wright’s corner while former cruiserweight world champion Al “Ice” Cole worked Pasciolla’s.

Judge Constatino scored it 58-56 for Wright. Judge Wallace 57-57 a draw and judge Stewart had it 58-56 for Pasciolla as did this writer.

Super lightweight southpaw PR John “El Torrito” Bauza, 6-0 (3), of Bergen, NJ, scored a sensational one-punch stoppage over PR Francis Gakpetor, 4-4-1 (3), of Accra, GH, at 0:17 of the first round of a scheduled 6.

Southpaw Bauza set up Gakpetor by holding his right hand out and landed a right hook to the head dropping Gakpetor with the only punch of the fight. Referee Dave Franciosi didn’t even have to count as he waved it off. “I lined him up with my right and hooked him to the head,” said Bauza.

Bauza is managed by Dino Duva.

Super lightweight southpaw Kenneth “Bossman” Sims, Jr., 11-0 (4), of Chicago, IL, scored a technical stoppage over game Israel Villela, 6-5 (2), of Cancun, MEX, at 1:30 of the third round.

In opening round Sims took it to the shorter Villela with a two fisted attack. He had Villela backing up throughout. In the second round Sims landed a hard right hook to the head of Villela who came back with a right uppercut to the mid-section of Sims. Sims landed a power shot right hook to head of Villela. Sims landed a 4-punch combination after opening up a small cut on right eyebrow of Villela. In the third round with Villela coming forward Sims countered well. Sims landed a flurry of punches and referee Gonzalez stepped in what seemed a premature stoppage.

Super flyweight prospect and former star amateur Dylan “The Real Deal” Price, 2-0 (2), of Sicklersville, NJ, used a vicious body attack scoring a technical stoppage over Christopher Nelson, 1-4 (0), of Louisville, KY, via PR, at 2:37 of the third round. Referee was Mary Glover. Price’s father Dave Price worked the corner.

In the opening bout bantamweight Manuel Rodriguez, 1-0 (0), of Newark, NJ, won a split decision over Jaxel Marrero, 1-8-2 (0), of PR, over 4 rounds.

In a hard fought first round it was give and take with Marrero having an edge. In the second and third rounds Rodriguez came back countering well against the aggressive Marrero. In the fourth and final round Rodriguez started out fast but Marrero took over the second half of the round.

Judge’s Mark Constatino and Paul Wallce had it 39-37 for Rodriguez while John Stewart had it 39-37 for Marrero. This writer had it 38-38. Raul “Chino” Rivas worked the winner’s corner. Mary Glover was the referee.

The ring announcer was Nino Del Buono.

Next at the Claridge on June 10th will be Rising Star Promotions featuring Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna, Anthony “Juice” Young, Gabriel Pham and Donald “No Love” Smith on the card.

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Keenan Smith Headlines at Claridge Hotel & Casino in A.C. Saturday!

Posted on 04/21/2017

Keenan Smith Headlines at Claridge Hotel & Casino in A.C. Saturday!
By: Ken Hissner

Philadelphia’s Keenan Smith, 10-0 (4), will be in the main event of an 8 bout card Saturday night at the Claridge Hotel & Casino promoted by GH-3 and D&D Promotions.


In the main event Smith will do battle against Filipino Edgar “Koki” Gabejan, 27-33-7 (9), in a super lightweight 8 rounder. In addition the rest of the card except one bout will be filled with New Jersey and Pennsylvania boxers.
In 6 round bouts heavyweight Tyrell Wright, 9-0-1 (6), of Jersey City, NJ, faces Dan Pasciolla, 9-2-1 (0), of Brick, NJ. Super lightweight John Bauza, 5-0 (2), of Bergen, NJ, faces Jesus Salas, 1-0 (1), of PR. Super lightweight Kenny “Bossman” Simms, Jr., 11-0 (3), of Chicago, faces Israel Villela, 6-4 (2), of Cancun, MEX.

In 4 round bouts Philadelphia has super welterweight Elijah Vines, 3-0 (3), and super featherweight Donald “No Love” Smith, 4-0 (3). Boxers from New Jersey will be amateur sensation Dylan Price, 1-0 (1), of Sicklersville and bantamweight Manuel Rodriguez, of Newark making his debut.

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