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Tim Tszyu Runs Right Through Jeff Horn, Stops Him in The 8th

Posted on 08/26/2020

By: Hans Themistode

There was plenty of controversy surrounding this morning’s contest between Jr middleweight contenders Jeff Horn and Tim Tszyu. 

Two of the three judges were accused of favoritism on the side of Tszyu for various reasons which made it seem nearly impossible for Horn to win a fair decision. 

Yet from the moment the bell rung, there was absolutely no controversy at all. 

Tszyu dominated his man from start to early finish. 

Things started off in typical Horn fashion. The aggressive Australian was in no mood to box, and instead, attempted to bully his younger opponent. Normally, his tactics have given him success, even if it’s mildly. Today however, nothing worked. 

Tszyu stayed patient behind his jab and used his feet to get out of the way. At times, Horn would lunge at his man, grab hold of him and hit Tszyu with rabbit punches. 

Having signed up for a boxing match and not a wrestling contest, the referee in charge was caught on camera screaming at both men to box instead of having a hugging contest. 

They both acquiesced as things picked up. Horn continued to push forward while Tszyu simply moved around the ring and out boxed his man. As the constant pressure and body attacks began to wear on Horn, he quickly found the canvas to be his best friend as he was sent there twice. 

Going into the second half of the contest, Horn was outclassed, bruised and seemingly down on all of the scorecards. Having seen their man suffer enough, Horn’s corner pulled him before the start of the ninth. 

Tszyu met the news with a wide grin as he jumped on the ropes. With the biggest win of his career now secured, Tim took the time to step out of his father’s hall of fame shadow during his post fight interview. 

“I want everyone to know my name is Tim,” said Tszyu. “Not the son.”

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Jeff Horn vs Tim Tszyu: Fight Preview

Posted on 08/26/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Grab a cup of coffee and try to keep your eyelids open as Jr middleweight contender Jeff Horn will take on Tim Tszyu at 5 am eastern time. 

Their scheduled contest will take place in Australia at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville. 

The intrigue surrounding their contest has gone from finding out who the better fighter is, to will their contest be a fair one?

Earlier this week tensions flared as two of the three assigned judges were linked to favoritism of Tszyu. Chris Condon, was known to be very close to the father of Tszyu while also allowing Tim to train at his gym. Another judge in Phil Holiday, went on record stating who he believed would win between Horn and Tszyu. The longtime judge tipped Tszyu as the winner due to Horn’s rough and bloody style which produces several cuts. 

With a decision seemingly unlikely, Horn’s trainer, Glenn Rushton, expressed how pissed off he was with the current state of affairs. 

Still, regardless of the controversy, their contest will go forward. 

For Horn, his biggest moment in the ring is something that he is still hoping to live up too. The Australian contender picked up the biggest win of his career in mid 2017 with a controversial victory over eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao. 

That victory placed Horn on the map in a major way. But he has yet to live up to the hype. One year later following his win, Horn found himself on the losing end of a one sided beating against current welterweight champion Terence Crawford. 

Horn would bounce back in his next contest before picking up another defeat. This time against Micael Zerafa. Horn would redeem himself in the immediate rematch. But he is still in search of consistency following his huge win over Pacquiao.

As for Tszyu, he is attempting to live up to his father’s hall of fame name. And through 15 professional contests, he has done just that. His competition however, has been underwhelming. A win against Horn would present him with the biggest victory in his short career. Whether or not he will pull off said victory without any assistance from the judges is up for debate. 

This event is due to kick off in just a few hours and will be available on pay-per-view.

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Several Judges Linked To Controversy Surrounding Jeff Horn vs Tim Tszyu Contest

Posted on 08/25/2020

By: Hans Themistode

Jr middleweight contender Jeff Horn may have only one path to victory tomorrow morning against Tim Tszyu. 

The Australian born contender has done everything that he has needed to do for his upcoming contest. The sparring was intense, plenty of miles were ran and the conditioning tests were top notch. But still, Horn will be at a decided disadvantage. 

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND – JULY 02: Jeff Horn celebrates victory after the WBO Welterweight Title Fight between Jeff Horn of Australia and Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines at Suncorp Stadium on July 2, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Judges have one job during any contest, and that is to be fair and impartial as they give their opinion on who won the contest they are watching. Yet for judge Chris Condon, many are questioning whether or not he will be able to do just that. 

That aforementioned judge has been assigned to the Horn vs Tszyu contest that takes place in Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Australia tomorrow morning. It wasn’t that long ago that Condon would accompany Tszyu’s father, hall of famer Kosta Tszyu, to the ring for his bouts. He would also allow Tim to have access to his gym when he was growing up. 

With the playing field seemingly uneven, Horn’s trainer, Glenn Rushton, has voiced his concern. 

“That does concern me just a little bit,” said Glenn Rushton. “I don’t like judges going in with a preconceived view of the outcome of the fight. All I’ve ever asked is just for a fair go. I don’t want to say it after the fight cause everyone will say it’s sour grapes.”

To make matters worse, another judge finds themselves in the middle of controversy as well.

Phil Holiday, the second of three judges, has reportedly quietly given his opinion on who will win their contest. Claiming that Horn comes straight forward with his head which produces a number of cuts and would lead to a win for Tszyu. 

Following the news of the allegations, chief official Derek Milham explained that Holiday was only speaking of Horn’s bad habits. Still, all of this controversy surrounding their contest has rubbed Rushton the wrong way.

“I went and spoke to the judge in question,” said Milham during a recent interview. “He’s quite embarrassed and apologized to me about it. He’s very, very professional. Someone asked him and he made the comment that there is some chance that Horn could get cut, he said to me he didn’t predict anything.”

“But he made the comment that if Horn loses it, it could be through cut eyes. He apologized to me. It’s a shame it’s gone this way because we had a conference call with Glenn Rushton [weeks ago]. I think it’s a bit of a tactic actually.”

Everything is pointing in the favor of Tszyu. But regardless of the unfair advantages, WBO global chairman Danny Leigh has claimed that both judges will be innocuous and play by the rules. 

“Everyone is getting into everyone’s mind, in my opinion,” said Leigh. “The judges are like the fighters, they want to do world titles as well. So if they perform correctly in a fight like this, that’s when sanctioning bodies look at them and give them a world title fight. If they do the wrong thing, the whole world is watching this now. As far as I’m concerned we have the right officials.”

Whether or not both officials will be unbiased is an ambiguous question. However, Horn now finds himself having to deal with the three opponents on the night instead of one.

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