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Roy Jones, Jr. Stops Bobby “Celtic Warrior” Gunn in Wilmington Friday!

Posted on 02/18/2017

Roy Jones, Jr. Stops Bobby “Celtic Warrior” Gunn in Wilmington Friday!
By: Ken Hissner

David Feldman Promotions, King Promotions and Nelsonspromotion returned boxing to the Chase Center, in Wilmington, DE, for the first show in DE in over two years before a packed house.


In the Main event former six time three division world champion Roy Jones, Jr., 65-9 (47), of Pensacola, FL, stopped game Bobby “Celtic Warrior” Gunn, 21-7-1 (18), of Niagara Falls, CAN, at the end of the seventh round for the vacant World Boxing Foundation title fight.

In the opening round Jones showed a good jab as Gunn stalked him. It was a feeling out round. In the second round Jones started showing flashes of that once greatness. While Gunn kept coming forward he got Jones in the corner landing several punches to the body. In the third round Jones landed several lead right hands to the head of Gunn. In the second half of the fight Gunn got in several good body shots. Jones ended the round with a good left hook to the head while Gunn never stopped moving forward. In the fourth round Jones landed a good right hand to the chin of Gunn making the crowd shout out. Gunn would come back landing his best punch so far landing a hard left hook knocking the head of Jones back.

In the fifth round a Jones left hook found its mark on the nose of Gunn. Jones with his hands to his side again showed flashes of old. In the sixth midway through the round Jones landed a solid left uppercut to the head of Gunn. In the seventh round a lead right by Jones rocked Gunn making his legs wobble but Jones backed off. Gunn went back to his corner with a bloody nose that had blood covering his face. Just prior to the eighth round starting the ring physician put a stop to the fight. The referee was Bill Clancy.

“I want to give God all the glory. Bobby Gunn is one tough competitor,” said Jones. “I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Tonight was the highlight of my career being in the ring with Roy Jones, Jr. one of the all-time great boxers. This will be my last bout”, said Gunn.

Super featherweight southpaw Frank Santos, DeAlba, 21-2-2 (9), of Allentown, PA, defeated German Meraz, 55-42-1 (32), Sonora, MEX, over 6 rounds.

In the first round DeAlba landed more punches chasing Meraz for the first two rounds. In the third round it was more of the same with DeAlba chasing Meraz who got a couple punches in while in a clinch on the side of DeAlbas jaw. In the fourth and fifth rounds both boxers mixed it up more with Meraz clowning a bit. In the sixth and last round it was the best round of the fight as Meraz seemed to pull it out.

All 3 judges had it 60-54 while BI had it 59-55. Bill Clancy was the ref.

In the co-feature super welterweight contender born in China Kanat “The Kazak” Islam, 23-0 (19), of KAZ and residing in Pahokee, FL, impressively knocked out Robson “Robgal” Assis, 16-4 (9), of Sao Paulo, BRZ, at 2:12 of the first round.

In the first round Islam suffered a bad cut over his right eye due to a clash of heads. With blood streaming down the side of his face he went on the attack knocking out Assis with a right to the chin avoiding a technical decision. Referee Vic deWysocki counted him out.

“I want Canelo and anyone at super welterweight,” said Islam.

Returning after 27 months Lightweight “Joltin” Joey Tiberi, 14-2 (7), Newark, DE, stopped Bryan Timmons, 5-9 (5), of St. Joe, MO, at 2:04 of the fourth and final round.

In the opening round both boxers felt each other out with Timmons jab and one right hand to the chin of Tiberi got the best of Tiberi. In the second round Tiberi got in a good left hook to the chin of Timmons. Just before the bell Timmons got in a good right to the head of Tiberi. In the third round Tiberi seemed to have a slight edge landing several left hooks to the chin of Timmons. In the fourth and final round Tiberi had Timmons in trouble several times before a final flurry causing referee de Wysocki to halt the bout preventing Timmons from anymore punishment. The fans went nuts for Joey.

Cruiserweight Henry Stewart, 3-0 (1), of Ontario, CAN, won a majority decision over Martinez Williamson, 2-16 (0), of Akron, OH, over 4 rounds.

The first three rounds were close and dull. In the fourth and final round it was a close round as substitute Williamson barely had enough left to get through the round. deWysocki was the referee. Stewart is the cousin of Bobby Gunn.

Judges had it 38-38 and 39-37 twice.

Returning after 27 months heavyweight Lamont “the Problem Solver” Singletary, 8-1 (5), of Dover, DE, knocked out Dan “Bada Bing” Biddle, 9-6 (5), of Hockessin, DE, at 1:49 of the first round.

In the opening round Biddle came forward but ran into several punches to the head from Singletary. A right hand to the side of the head by Singletary knocked Biddle down and out as referee de Wysocki started the count then waved the fight over.

In the opening bout Dominican bantamweight Dagoberto Aguero, 11-0 (8), won a majority decisión over Olimjon Nazarov, 14-5- (8), of UZB, over 6 rounds.

In the first round Agüero danced around the ring using his jab as Nazarov on ocasión landed a good left hook. Agüero would stop and mix it up with Nazarov. More of the same in the second round with Agüero mixing it up a little more with Nazarov. In the third round they mixed it up more than in the first two rounds with Agüero getting the best of it.

In the fourth and fifth rounds each fighter got hard punches in as Agüero decided to mix it up more with Nazarov. In the sixth round more of the same except Nazarov landed a double left hook to the head of Agüero which was his best punches of the fight.

Judges scores were 58-56, 59-55 and 57-57. BI had it 60-54. deWysocki was the referee.

Female lightweight Ikram Kerwat, 7-1 (5), of Frankfurt, GER, decisioned Britain Hart, 2-1 (2), of Bedford, VA, over 4 rounds.

Kerwat took all 4 rounds by 40-36 defeating a game Hart. Clancy was the referee.

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Roy Jones, Jr. and Bobby Gunn in a “Showdown” Friday in Delaware!

Posted on 02/14/2017

Roy Jones, Jr. and Bobby Gunn in a “Showdown” Friday in Delaware!
By: Ken Hissner

It was three years ago when Roy Jones, Jr., 64-9 (46) and Bobby Gunn, 21-6-1 (18) were to have met in the Sand’s Casino in Bethlehem, PA. Gunn instead met former champion Glen Johnson and lost all eight rounds. Jones at age 48 keeps fighting though losing three fights in a row in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He should have hung it up then but went on a club fighter barnstorm of winning eight in a row before getting knocked out by former cruiserweight champion Enzo Maccarenelli in 2015.


“I’m very excited to be fighting Roy Jones, Jr. It is actually the highest most Prestige moment of my life in boxing. It is a legacy for me more than a title and I’m coming to win. Roy Jones, Jr., has been a great champion and an all-time great fighter. I am trying very hard and may the best man win,” said Gunn.

Jones disgraced the boxing world when in 2016 he had a contest for someone to meet him and faced the winner Vyron Phillips who had six amateur fights and no professional fights. Why the AZ commission ever sanctioned this match is beyond me. Jones stopped the amateur in the second round of a six round bout. Then Jones beats Rodney Moore who had lost nine bouts in a row. Is it a need for money or his ego that keeps Jones fighting?

Gunn is 71-0 with all knockouts as a bare knuckle fighter and one of the nicest people you want to meet. He too is in his 40’s at 43 and hasn’t fought since December of 2013 against Johnson. DE hasn’t had a show in over two years.

After Amir Mansour stopped fighting there DE was never the same. A young Omar “Super O” Douglas could have been developed into a main eventer but even his opposition was weak due to the matchmaking. He had to leave DE to become a contender.

David Feldman is the promoter and years ago he said he would bring boxing to DE and it looks like he has. There are six bouts listed on box rec with three more without opponents at the Chase Center in Wilmington. Let’s hope the main event doesn’t turn into a sparring session bringing another unneeded black eye to boxing. Feldman seems to have a decent undercard with Frank “Santos” De Alba, 20-2-2 fighting Ivan “Bam Bam” Najera, 16-3, in the co-feature. At stake in the main event and co-feature is for the vacant World Boxing Foundation World titles. Their representative is James Gibbs.

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