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The Mental Benefits of Fitness Boxing

Posted on 11/03/2019

Whether you are training for a fight or just a boxing enthusiast, there are several mental benefits of fitness boxing that will help optimize your day, and who wouldn’t want to punch their way into a better day?! Workout your brain and your body with fitness boxing


When fists are coming at your face or a coach is shouting instructions, there is not much time to daydream. Boxing training forces you to be in the moment. This mental presence is also called “mindfulness.” Meditation is one way to become more mindful. On the flipside, so is boxing!


Jab – cross was easy enough, but as your skills continue to advance, punching and defending combinations tend to get harder. Having to remember a high number of moves in a specific order is a mental exercise, which is really just as important as the physical aspect of boxing. 


Do you feel like you have a lot going on? Learning to punch and defend simultaneously is a whole other level of multitasking. Boxing can make talking while sending an email, corralling the kids, running a business while cooking dinner (or whatever else you are doing) seem easy.


Whether you are training in a group class filled with other students or in a boxing ring with your coach, space is not endless. Because of this, you are forced to be aware of your surroundings. This mental task of doing drills while using your peripheral vision to know where others are is valuable in many areas of your daily life. 

Mental Benefits of Fitness Boxing 

The physical benefits of working out are great and include weight loss, strength, stamina and much more. But paired with the mental benefits of boxing, you might be on a different level. Way to work out your brain!

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