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Scoop Mailbox: 2011 Could Be Boxing’s Best Year Ever

Scoop, you tell it like it is !!!! I 2nd that !!! floyd doesnt even deserve the right to be in the same ring with MANNY, after the trash talk, lies about PED’s etc,, he is not of MANNY’S caliber,, and your are so right floyd is shaking now,,,,,,,i bet he watched the MARGARITO fight , over and over and over again, i bet he has nightmares hahahahaaaaaa, he will loose his perfect little ”0” is he wants to come on out and play,,,” _Petie

Scoop Reply: The way I see it, Floyd will lose a lot more than his unbeaten record at the hands of Pacquiao. Think Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall.
scoop, david haye is in a hurry suddenly to fight wladimir for 50-50 split on everything next year. do they have inside information about the the extent of stomach muscle injury of wladimir early this month. david haye smelled some blood and wants to take advantage of the injury thats why he issued this challenged and pin wladimir to say yes even when this injury is not yet healed. now, is this for real on haye as if looking to fight wladimir or is he just trying bluff since he knew that wladimir is injured and he wants to take advantage on everything, including his change to win on an injured opponent. this is also what the mayweather camp is waiting, to see pacquaio with an injury and on the decline then they will take the fight in the future. does haye and mayweather have the same adviser?

Scoop Reply: Haye’s bluff has been called by the Klitschkos who have offered Haye the choice of which Brother he would like to fight. The Klitschkos have also stated that facing Haye will be an “easy payday” and now the ball is in Haye’s court. If Haye holds to his past form, expect him to find another way to duck out of facing either Klitschko in the first half of 2011. Haye and Mayweather do not have the same advisor, though they do seem to have something in common. Both of their teams seem to realize Pacquiao and The Klitschkos represent what would be end of their meal tickets.
If you’re a black fighter with tons of cash and talk a lotta sh1t, Scoop will hate…its inevitable. -Mr Savage

Scoop Reply: Let me correct you: Scoop dislikes liars or frauds. And ADORES  the millionaire champs who fight the best and back their talk up, ie: Lewis, Hopkins, Holyfield, Tarver, prime Tyson, Hagler, Leonard, Hearns, Ali. Based on what I know, Floyd and Haye are, at this point, pretenders. Hope they prove their MANY doubters wrong in 2011.

Scoop; Wlad didn’t ruin those guys careers. Byrd, Brewster and Rahman knew these were cash out fights and Thompson is currently the best US HW out there. Austin probably never belonged in the ring with Wlad in the first place. He ruined Brock’s career, that’s about it.

Scoop Reply: Byrd, Brewster, Rahman all came to win and had huge monetary incentives to win (eight figure$ with rematches) – but were made to look like novices. And each has never come close to challenging again for a world title. Thompson is talented but is he a main event fighter in his hometown?
Wishing all readers a happy and successful new year and let’s hope boxing will deliver the big fights everyone is clamoring to see. 2011 has the potential to be one of the best years in a long time – maybe even the biggest and best year in boxing history (Pacquiao vs. Floyd and Klitschko vs. Haye).

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