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Freddie Roach: “I Wish We Had Fought Spence Instead Of Ugas”

Posted on 04/24/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Getty Images

Although Freddie Roach has learned to live with the results, the Hall of Fame trainer is still contrite with the way things ended for his former starfighter, Manny Pacquiao.

The former eight-division world champion was determined to prove that even at the age of 42, he was still the top dog at 147 pounds. While initially, many were taken aback by Pacquiao’s decision to test his skills against a younger, fresher, and bigger Errol Spence Jr., the Filipino native was eager for the challenge.

With the two scheduled to face off on August 21st, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2021, Roach salivated as he constructed what he believed was a bulletproof game plan. Yet, despite Roach’s bravado, his Hall of Fame pupil was given unfortunate news.

With roughly a week and a half remaining before the two pugilistic stars shared the ring against one another, Spence Jr. was forced to withdraw, citing a torn/detached retina in his right eye. As the Dallas product reluctantly underwent surgery, Yordenis Ugas, who was set to appear in the co-main event, stepped in to replace him.

In spite of the change in opponent, oddsmakers believed that Pacquiao’s experience and overall explosive power would prove to be too much. Nevertheless, Ugas rose to the occasion, scoring a fairly wide unanimous decision victory, which would subsequently, usher Pacquiao into retirement.

Although hindsight is 20/20, Roach admits that it wasn’t auspicious to take on the former Olympic bronze medalist on such short notice.

“I wish we had fought Spence instead of Ugas,” said Roach to FightHype.com. “We ended up taking that fight on two days’ notice. There’s no way you can get ready for a big fight on two days’ notice. He has a long reach and a little bit awkward. I wish we would’ve waited for Spence to get healthy.”

Ugas’s reward for usurping Pacquiao, was an immediate date with the man he just replaced. Both Spence Jr. and Ugas engaged in a back and forth war in front of nearly 40,000 fans at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on April 16th.

Though Ugas believed that his victory over Pacquiao would serve as his guide to defeating Spence Jr., the powerful southpaw presented Ugas with an unsolvable puzzle. While the Cuban product had his moments, Spence Jr. would eventually break his man down, forcing a ringside physician to call a halt to their bout.

Regardless of Spence Jr.’s dominant showing, Roach is sticking to his guns. Nevertheless, the longtime trainer has been thoroughly impressed by Spence Jr.’s ability to look catastrophe squarely in the face and never blink.

In October of 2019, one month following his split decision win over Shawn Porter, Spence Jr. was involved in a horrific car wreck. The Dallas native was thrown violently from his sports vehicle, resulting in several facial lacerations.

Needing well over one year to recover from his injuries, Roach initially believed that the once-dominant fighter and pound-for-pound star would never be the same. Yet, undeterred by the words of Roach, Spence Jr. continues to steamroll his competition.

Admittedly, due to Spence Jr.’s ability in the ring and unwillingness to fold when faced with adversity outside of it, Roach has become a big-time fan.

“I like Spence a lot. What he’s been through, the car accident, I didn’t think he would come back that well. In his last two fights, he’s looked very good. He’s back to where he was.”

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Freddie Roach On The Skillset Of Errol Spence Jr.: “He Isn’t A Real Good Boxer”

Posted on 08/05/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Freddie Roach watches carefully from his ringside seat in his nearly empty Wild Card gym. The Hall of Fame trainer leans across the ropes and observes as Manny Pacquiao continues to put his body through a grueling workout in preparation for his August 21st showdown against unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr.

For the vast majority of Pacquiao’s career, the former eight-division world champion has more times than not, stepped into the ring as the prohibited favorite. This time around, oddsmakers have flipped the script as Spence Jr. is expected to leave their showdown with the victory. Despite the doubts, Roach is extremely confident in his fighter’s ability to get the job done.

Under normal circumstances, Roach would beat his chest and predict that Pacquiao will get the stoppage victory. However, with the Filipino native facing a much larger fighter, Roach doesn’t want the 42-year-old to engage in an all-out brawl.

“He knows that he’s gotta outbox this guy,” said Roach during an interview with Ray Flores. “His opponent is a little bit heavy on his feet and he isn’t a real good boxer but he’s a very, very good puncher.”

Spence Jr., 31, has gained a reputation of sorts over the past few years. With the Dallas native having the propensity for either ending fights before the final bell or hurting his opponents several times over, the unified welterweight titlist is considered a monster puncher for the weight class. In his most recent appearance in the ring, Spence Jr. outclassed former two-division world champion Danny Garcia before cruising to a unanimous decision victory.

At various times during their showdown, Spence Jr. appeared to rattle Garcia with huge shots. Admittedly, Roach watched closely as Spence Jr. dished out heavy damage to Garcia and everyone else he has stepped into the ring against.

While he isn’t budging from his notion that Pacquiao will pick up the win come August 21st, he does acknowledge that in order to do so, the 42-year-old senator will need to refrain from biting down on his mouthpiece and fighting fire with fire.

“When we get in the pocket with him, we land a quick combination but we need to get out of that pocket quickly because he will hit us back. In and out, combinations and really quick.”

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Bradley vs. Pacquiao III Round by Round Recap: Pacquiao Sizzles in Retirement Bout

Posted on 04/10/2016

Bradley vs. Pacquiao III Round by Round Recap:
By: William Holmes

Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao met for the third time at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on an HBO Pay Per View.

Roberto Duran was acknowledged before the national anthems and the Filipino National Anthem was performed by the World Choir of the Philippines. The United States National Anthem was sung by Season Fifteen American Idol winner Trent Harmon.

Timothy Bradley entered the ring first with trainer Teddy Atlas walking behind. Manny Pacquiao entered second and was treated favorably by the crowd.

Lupe Contreas, instead of the normal Michael Buffer, made the formal introductions for the boxers in the ring. Tony Weeks served as the referee.

The following is a round by round recap for tonight’s main event.

Pacquiao_Bradley comm shoot_140203_001a

Manny Pacquiao (57-6-2) vs. Timothy Bradley (31-1-1); Welterweights

Round 1:

Bradley flicks out a few jabs, all short. Pacquiao with a jab to the body. The crowd is cheering for Pacquiao. Bradley is circling to the right of Pacquiao. Bradley lands a good jab after a missed combination from Pacquiao. Bradley is effective at keeping Pacquiao at bay with his jab. Pacquiao lands a jab and Bradley answers with a straight right hand. Bradley is making Pacquiao chase a little bit. Bradley lands a straight right hand on Pacquiao. Pacquiao has been unable to land much so far this round. Pacquiao lands a straight left counter. Bradley misses with a right hook. Pacquiao misses with a straight left hand at the end of the round.

10-9 Bradley

Round 2:

Bradley is using his jab early on to keep a distance. Pacquiao lands a counter left hook when Bradley misses with a right hand. Bradley misses with a check left hook. Pacquiao barely misses with a straight left hand, but later follows it with another one that lands. Bradley is circling away from Pacquiao. Pacquiao is stalking Bradley and misses with a straight left hand. Bradley lands a short left hook when they tie up. Bradley lands a right hook to the body of Pacquiao. Pacquiao misses with a straight left hand. Pacquiao with a straight left to the body, Bradley misses with his counter. Pacquiao with a straight left to the body. Pacquiao lands a crisp straight left hand. Pacquiao lands another two punch combination as the round nears an end.

10-9 Pacquiao; 19-19

Round 3:

Pacquiao blocking Bradley’s jabs early on. Pacquiao barely misses with a wild left hand. Pacquiao has his back to the ropes but then lands a good jab. Bradley misses two bombs including a wild left hook. Pacquiao with a good two punch combination. Good straight right hand by Bradley. Pacquiao seems a little more hesitant to move forward after getting tagged with that right. Pacquiao is showing good head movement and lands a good check right hook. Bradley misses with a straight right lead. Jab to the body by Bradley. Pacquiao ducks under an uppercut from Bradley. Close round, but Bradley landed the best punch in the round.

10-9 Bradley, 29-28 Bradley

Round 4:

The announcers noted that Pacquiao was shaking his right arm out as if his shoulder was bothering him still. Bradley bangs two jabs against the guard of Pacquiao. Bradley comes forward and connects with two left hooks. Pacquiao lands a crisp straight left hand at the end of a combination. Pacquiao with another two punch combination followed by a straight left hand. Bradley barely misses with a straight right hand. Pacquiao looks light on his feet this round. Bradley misses with a straight right lead. Pacquiao barely misses after a combination. They both connect with straight crosses at the same time. Pacquiao bangs another straight left off the head of Bradley. Pacquiao is popping his gloves together. Bradley ends round with a hard right hand.

10-9 Pacquiao; 38-38

Round 5:

Bradley bangs a jab off the guard of Pacquiao. Bradley lands a two punch combination that momentarily knocks Pacquiao off balance. Pacquiao misses with a reaching jab, but lands a right hand afterwards. Pacquiao barely misses with a straight left hand, but connects with one immediately afterwards. Pacquiao lands a quick combination. Pacquiao misses with a straight left hand, but follows it up with a right hook. Pacquiao connects with a good left hand. Bradley connects with a right hook to the body. Bradley lands a good left uppercut. Pacquiao rushes forward and lands a three punch combination. Pacquiao connects with a straight left hand, and follows it with another flurry. Pacquiao lands another hard left hand and wide left hook. The crowd roars in approval as Pacquiao stalks Bradley. Pacquiao ends round with a two punch combination.

10-9 Pacquiao; 48-47 Pacquiao

Round 6:

Bradley throws two right hooks and Pacquiao blocks them. Bradley is pressing the action a little more to start the round. Bradley lands a good two punch combination on Pacquiao. Bradley connects with two jabs in the middle of the ring to the body. Pacquiao lands a hard straight left to the chin of Bradley. Bradley lands a three punch combination. Pacquiao lands a right hook to the chin of Bradley. Bradley lands a straight right hand and Pacquiao answers with a blistering combination. Pacquiao lands a check right hook and Bradley then ties up. Pacquiao lands a quick jab after a missed Bradley right. Bradley lands a two punch combination. Close round.

10-9 Pacquiao; 58-56 Pacquiao

Round 7:

Bradley is short with two reaching jabs. He bangs two punches off the guard of Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands a two punch combination. Pacquiao thuds a hard two punch combination off Bradley’s head. Pacquiao is able to stay out of the range of Bradley. Pacquiao reaches with a wide right hook. Bradley catches Pacquiao with a hook after a missed Pacquiao attack. Bradley gets tagged with a straight left hand after Pacquiao blocked his combination. Pacquiao with a good jab to the head of Bradley. Bradley misses with a four punch combination. Pacquiao lands a right hook and Bradley’s glove briefly touched the canvas, scoring a knockdown for Pacquiao.

10-8 Pacquiao; 68-64 Pacquiao

Round 8:

Bradley presses forward early and lands a heavy hook to the body of Pacquiao. Bradley misses with a wide right hook to the body of Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands a counter left after a failed Bradley combination. Pacquiao bangs his gloves together again. Pacquiao lands two hard right jabs to the face of Bradley, and Bradley answers with a hook to the body. Pacquiao barely misses with a two punch combination. Bradley lands a hard straight right hand. Pacquiao lands two consecutive two punch combinations. Bradley lands two hard hooks on Pacquiao, and Pacquiao may be hurt. Pacquiao ties up with Bradley by the ropes. Pacquiao lands a hard two punch combination.

10-9 Bradley; 77-74 Pacquiao

Round 9:

Bradley rushes forward and lands two punches off a combination. Pacquiao with a wide right hook on Bradley. Pacquiao misses with his jab. They both land hooks at the same time inside. Bradley with a good two punch combination on Pacquiao. Pacquiao with a good two punch combination off of a break. Pacquiao with a good straight left hand that forces Bradley to back up. Pacquiao lands a hard left hand and follows it with another left hand that sends Bradley falling backwards. That was a clean knockdown for Pacquiao. Bradley is backing up and Pacquiao lands a two unch combination. Pacquiao is backing Bradley up, but Bradley lands a hard right hand. Pacquiao answers with a quick combination on Bradley.

10-8 Pacquiao; 87-82 Pacquiao

Round 10:

Pacquiao and Bradley touch gloves at the start of the round. Bradley looks like he may still be wobbly. Pacquiao is backing Bradley up. Bradley circling to Pacquiao’s left hand now. Pacquiao lands a cross to the body of Bradley and follows it up with two straight right hands. Bradley misses with a left hook. Bradley lands a looping right hook on Pacquiao. Pacquiao misses with a straight left hand. Pacquiao is still pressing forward and lands a right hook followed by a straight left hand. Pacquiao barely misses with a blistering straight left hand. Pacquiao cracks Bradley with a hard straight left and follows it with a good two punch combination.

10-9 Pacquiao; 97-91 Pacquiao

Round 11:

Tim Bradley’s wife left her seat before the start of the eleventh round, but came back midway through. Bradley misses with a wide hook to the body of Pacquiao. Bradley misses with a straight right hand. Pacquiao connects with a stiff jab to the head of Bradley. Pacquiao lands a counter right hand to Bradley’s head. Pacquiao lands a good quick jab. Pacquiao misses with a lead right hook. Not a whole lot of action this round. Pacquiao lands a good straight left hand after a Bradley miss. Pacquiao connects with another clean jab. Bradley with an over the top right hand. Close round

10-9 Bradley; 106-101 Pacquiao

Round 12:

Timothy Bradley needs a knockout to win the fight. Bradley misses with a straight right hand and Pacquiao lands a quick two punch combination in response. A low blow may have landed by Bradley. Pacquiao with a lead right hook to Bradley. Bradley connects with a crisp counter right hand. Bradley misses with a wide lead left hook. Pacquiao lands a lead left cross. Pacquiao with a straight left hand and then moves out of the way. Pacquiao lands a good two punch combination and Bradley lands a hook while in tight. Pacquiao with a two punch combination and then moves out of the way. Bradley misses with a right hook. Pacquiao lands a lead right hook and then a straight left hand before moving out of the way. Bradley tries to catch Pacquiao by the corner but Pacquiao is able to move out of the way. Pacquiao lands a left hand that has Bradley hurt as the fight comes to an end.

10-9 Pacquiao;

Boxing Insider scored it 116-110 Pacquiao

The official scores were 116-110 on all three scorecards for Manny Pacquiao.

Afterwards, Pacquiao announced his retirement from boxing.

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Back to the Future with Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas

Posted on 04/07/2016

Back to the Future with Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas
By Ivan G. Goldman


In a world teeming with excellent welterweights, we wake up just about every year to the same old match-up of Timothy Bradley versus Manny Pacquiao. Will this never end? Will they battle on and on like doomed ageless warriors in a demented sci-fi flick?

Won’t someone step up to release them and us from this bend in the time-space continuum?

When Bradley won a ridiculous split decision over Pacquiao in their first bout almost four years ago, promoter Bob Arum described the foolish scorecards as a “death knell” for the sport. Yet that didn’t prevent him from promoting a second and now a third contest, which comes at us this Saturday night on HBO pay-per-view.

Everyone connected to the promotion acts like it’s an event surrounded by unparalleled drama, but when the microphones and cameras are gone everyone – and I mean everyone – understands Pacquiao prevailed in both previous contests. In terms of entertainment they were acceptable, certainly not thrilling.
Arum, who’s promoting this fight because he seems to be out of good ideas, hired respected boxing voice Bill Dwyre to write a series of pre-fight articles that are being emailed all around the fight community. Dwyre, now retired, used to run the sports section at the L.A. Times.

From time to time he falls back on the fact that both these fighters happen to be trained by celebrities – Teddy Atlas in Bradley’s corner and of course Freddie Roach in Pacquiao’s. The latter is a storied fighter/trainer combination known around the world. Atlas versus Roach creates a kind of reality TV programming atmosphere.

What goes unmentioned in publicity materials is that in his previous outing Pacquiao screwed all the paying customers by participating with a serious injury that he and his team covered up as long as they could. They clearly feared to jeopardize an astronomical payday for at long last facing Floyd Mayweather.

Previously Philippines Congressman Pacquiao had an almost sacred bond with fans. His Number One goal, he said repeatedly, was to entertain them with good fights. But if that ever was his mission, he discarded it like a wad of chewed-up gum when faced with the prospect of losing a $100 million purse. So he climbed into the ring injured and fought like it.
Mayweather, as is his wont, never really pressed him so the biggest-money fight in history was a terrible dud, a bomb, a failure, flop, a catastrophe, bogus. But not for the folks who shared the booty.

Afterward Mayweather jogged through a 49th victory – also on PPV — over Andre Berto and hung up his gloves. Meanwhile legendary Pacquiao, who turned 37 four months ago, soldiers on. Beloved by Filipino fans, he’s apparently been guaranteed $20 million. Isn’t 37 rather old for a welterweight? Especially one who’s been through so many wars as he notched up a record of 57-6-2, 38 KOs? Yes.

As for Bradley, guaranteed $4 million, he’s come through fire to achieve well-earned success, but he lacks a knockout punch. If they’ll keep offering him this kind of money to fight Pacquiao, he’ll keep showing up. But will the fans? Pacquiao, once known for blazing power, has delivered only one stoppage in his last 11 outings. That was over Miguel Cotto in 2009.

Al Haymon, who presides over cash-guzzling Premiere Boxing Champions, has reached the point where he might do business with his archenemy Arum and offer up welterweights like Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman as opponents. Maybe not. But Kell Brook and Amir Khan are also out there. Khan may or may not be involved in a business relationship with inscrutable Haymon.

Arum, who’s put together another so-so undercard, predicts a PPV audience of 700,000-plus. I hope everyone who buys this fight ends up pleased with the purchase. It’s possible.

Ivan G. Goldman’s 5th novel The Debtor Class is a ‘gripping …triumphant read,’ says Publishers Weekly. A future cult classic with ‘howlingly funny dialogue,’ says Booklist. Available from Permanent Press wherever fine books are sold. Goldman is a New York Times best-selling author.

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Boxing Insider Notebook: Khan, Algieri, Roach, Mayweather, Tyson, Frazier, and more…

Posted on 04/15/2015

By: William Holmes

The following is the Boxing Insider Notebook for the week of April 7th to April 14th, covering the comings and goings in the sport of boxing that you might have missed.

Amir Khan to Face Chris Algieri on May 29th

Amir Khan (30-3) will return to the ring to take on former world champion Chris Algieri (20-1) on Friday, May 29th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York as the Main Event on a Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) card on Spike TV.

“I have happy memories of New York having made my successful U.S. debut there against Paulie Malignaggi in 2010,” said Khan.

“I’m delighted to now be fighting there once again against another champion in Chris Algieri. Algieri has shared the ring with some tremendous fighters and shown great skills in those fights, so I know I will need to be at my very best when we meet. In all my fights I bring excitement, speed and skill and can guarantee more fireworks on May 29 at Barclays Center.”

“I am very excited to get back into the ring and to be fighting here in New York,” said Algieri. “Fighting at Barclays Center, where I won my world title just under a year ago, is an added bonus. Amir Khan is a tested champion.

Tony Luis to Face Derry Matthews for World Championship on Saturday

On Saturday, April 18th Ontario’s Tony Luis (19-2) will face Derry Matthews (37-9-2) for the Interim WBA Lightweight Championship at the Echo Arena in Matthews’ hometown of Liverpool, England.

Luis was originially scheduled to face Ira Terry (26-13) in the co-feature of Championship Boxing on CBS Sports Network event. But Ismael Barroso (17-0-2), who was originally scheduled to face Matthews, was unable to obtain the proper visas in time to fight on short notice in England. He will now take Luis’ place and take on Ira Terry in an eight-round fight on Friday.

“It worked out well for everyone,” said Greg Cohen.

“Tony Luis was high enough in the ratings and ready to fight, so he’s one of the few fighters in the world who could have stepped into this important fight on such short notice. And fortunately, he is a GCP fighter as well, so we made it happen quickly and he is on his way to the UK as we speak.

“Tony gets his dream shot at a world championship and the fans in Hinckley, and on CBS Sports Network, will get their first look at one of the most fearsome punchers in boxing, Ismael Barroso. So it seems that everyone wins in this unique situation.”

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Fonfara Fight Week Information

The official weigh-in between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Andrzej Fonfara is open to the public and will be held on Friday, April 17th at 12:30 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza LAX-Salon C at 5985 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045. The fighters are scheduled to step on the scale at 1:00 p.m.

On Saturday April 18th, the StubHub Center Doors will open at 1:00 p.m. and the first fight will begin at 1:30 p.m. The Showtime Championship Boxing Telecast will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Chavez Jr workout_120830_002a
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (Photo: Chris Farina: Top Rank)

Undefeated Chicago Prospect Ramiro Carillo Signs with Warriors Boxing

Mexican born, Chicago-based super lightweight Ramiro “El Lobito” Carrillo will make his first appearance under his new promotional banner on Friday, April 24th at the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) “Dirrell vs. Jack” event at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.

Carillo (7-0) will be a part of the undercard in support of the Spike TV broadcast. Carillo has an amateur record of 215-14 and was a four-time Chicago Golden Gloves Champion and a two-time National Silver Gloves Champion. He was also a runner-up in the Mexican Olympic trials.

Freddie Roach Hails Provodnikov-Matthysse Clash as “Greatest Match Up in the World”

Trainer Freddie Roach believes Saturday night’s clash between Ruslan Provodnikov and Lucas Matthysse is ‘the greatest match up in the world.”

The two knockout artists will match up at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in New York.

Roach, Provodnikov’s trainer, stated, “It’s the greatest match up in the world. You’ve got two guys that love to fight, two guys that are great punchers. It’s going to be a very exciting fight- that’s for sure.”

The super-trainer went on to state, “It’s the best fight and the best is what we need. This is what’s going on in boxing right now and that’s why everything is really happening in boxing bigger than ever at this point, because of fights like this.”

However, Roach won’t be in Provodnikov’s corner since he will be busy preparing his star pupil, Manny Pacquiao, for his May 2 fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Las Vegas.

Loaded Undercard Announced for ESPN Friday Night Fight’s Mohegan Sun Card

A loaded undercard featuring several unbeaten prospects has been announced for the non-televised segment of the April 17th ESPN Friday Night Fights card from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

The main event is scheduled to be between undefeated junior middleweight contender Tony Harrison (20-0) and Pablo Munguia (20-6) and to co-feature Ryan Kielczweski (22-0) versus Danny Aquino (16-2) in a featherweight bout.

The undercard will feature unbeaten super middleweight Lennox Allen (18-0), unbeaten Alantez Fox (14-0-1), Regis Prograis (13-0), and Amos Cowart (12-0-1).

Roc Nation Sports Announces Throne Boxing Performance Lineup

Roc Nation Sports has announced the throne boxing performance lineup for the April 17th event which will air on Fox Sports 1 from the Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

Murat Gassiev will defend his IBF Intercontinental Cruiserweight Championship against Felix Cora Jr. in the main event, and Ray Robinson (19-2) and Sherzodbek Alimjanov (22-2) will face each other for Robinson’s NABO Welterweight Championship.

Mike Tyson Interview by CP24 Violated Broadcast Ethics

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council says a Toronto television station breached the broadcasting code of ethics during an interview last year with Mike Tyson.

At least one two occasions during the interview Tyson used extremely course language. The CBSC concluded that by failing to immediately terminate the interview, the channel CP 24 was in breach of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ code of ethics.

More information on this can be found here.

Joe Frazier Collection Auction

Memorabilia, mementos, photographs, and other collectibles acquired from Leslie Wolff, the long time manager of Joe Frazier, is available for auction online and there’s only a few weeks left until the auction. If you are interested in viewing these items for sale, click here.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation Present “Fight 4 Fitness”

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation (FMJF) is pround to present the Fight 4 Fitness 5k Run/2K Walk Fun Run and Community Day taking place Sunday, April 19 at Sunset Park in las Vegas. The 5k Run/2K Walk and Kids Fun Run starts at 8 a.am. and is followed by an awards ceremony honoring all the participants. The presenting sponsors are Mayweather Promotions, The Money Team and Guy Ventures.

“My foundation genuinely cares about the Las Vegas community, and we are continuing our pledge to serve with great events like this,” said Mayweather. “Staying fit and active is so important. We hope this event encourages all people of all ages to work towards getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.”

More information can be found here.

Robert and Casey Guerrero Join Arkansas Tech and Be the Match in Effort to Break World Record for Bone Marrow Registries

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, will join Arkansas Tech University and BeTheMatch.org in an effort to break the world record for bone marrow registries in a 24-hour period.

In addition, the group will attempt to break the one-hour world record for registries as well. Arkansas Tech’s Be The Match bone marrow registry event will begin at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14, and continue through 9 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15, on the university’s campus.

Joining “The Ghost” will be his wife, Casey Guerrero, who is a cancer survivor and a recipient of a bone marrow transplant from the BeTheMatch.org registry (National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP). Together they will inspire everyone on campus and help students register while relaying the important message of being a donor.

“What an honor to be invited to this great event put on by Arkansas Tech University and BeTheMatch.org,” said Robert Guerrero.

“Casey and I are going to do our part to help register as many people as possible. I really believe we are going to break the records. Many lives will be saved and that brings me great pleasure. I’m super motivated and can’t wait to get on campus and go to work.”

Rigondeaux to Confront Scott Quigg

Unified super bantamweight world champion Guillermo “The Jackal” Rigondeaux (15-0, 10 KOs) will travel to London next month in order to publicly confront his mandatory challenger, Scott Quigg (30-0-2, 22 KOs), the World Boxing Association (WBA) “regular” 122-pound division titlist.

A month ago in an unusual move, Rigondeaux’s manager Gary Hyde formally petitioned the WBA to enforce a mandatory title fight between his WBA Super champion and Quigg. Hyde is awaiting the WBA’s decision. Rigondeaux is also the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and The Ring magazine’s super bantamweight champion.

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Ruslan Provodnikov and Lucas Matthysse Both Fired Up for April Clash

Posted on 03/30/2015

by Eric Duran

Ruslan Provodnikov (24-3, 17 KOs) and Lucas Matthysse (36-3, 34 KOs) spoke to reporters today to discuss their upcoming match up on April 18th. Oscar De la Hoya and Artie Pelullo were also on hand as well as Hall of Fame trainer, Freddie Roach. Both fighters exuded confidence and excitement while discussing the match-up that could provide fight fans with the Fight of the Year.

A ecstatic Ruslan Provodnikov spoke at length with reporters today during a live conference call.

“I just woke up, good morning. I’m eating breakfast before I head to training,” stated Provodnikov. “You’re going to hear Matthysse say he’s going to knock me out. That’s all he’s been talking about. I’ve never been on my knees, unlike Matthysse.”

Lucas Matthysse downplayed the knockout talks on the conference call, saying, “those weren’t my words, I’m ready for a tough fight. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to take advantage.”

Both fighters are excited and expecting a great fight heading into their match up. “It’s an important fight to me, not because of a title or money, but for history,” stated Provodnikov. Matthysse, who is known for his exciting fights, stated, “it take two fighters to make a fight of the year candidate. If Ruslan comes forward, I’ll take advantage of it.”

Both fighters spoke about being focused on April 18th, and both understand the importance of a win.

“That’s what is important here, the opportunity the winner gets,” stated Matthysee. Provodnikov also added, “I’m focused on April 18th. I’m not focused on title or catch-weight fights,” referring to proposed fights with Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson.

In what everyone from fans to media are expecting to be a fight of the year candidate, so are the fighters, “he’s one of the biggest punchers but that doesn’t bother me. It’s a positive, either I catch him or he catches me,” stated Provodnikov. Provodnikov went on to state, “talk is cheap, I do my talking in the ring.”

Matthysse was complimentary of Provodnikov, saying “I’m excited to be fighting a fighter of Ruslan’s caliber…”I’m excited to fight Ruslan and to be fighting in the United States again. My training camp is going great. We’ve worked on things so they don’t happen in this fight.”

The Argentine was adamant that his chin would hold up under fire. “The objective is not to get hit, I’m working on it. I will not get dropped by Ruslan. so don’t worry about it,” stated a confident Matthysse.

Provodnikov was more vocal about training camp. “I never said I was the best [but] I know I can beat anybody when I train properly. I’m confident,” stated Provodnikov.

Provodnikov and trainer Freddie Roach also spoke about the super trainer not being in his corner on April 18th, presumably too busy working on the Fight of the Century with his charge Manny Pacquiao.

Matthysse (l) vs Provodnikov

“Everything is fine, it’s not the first time. Freddie is in my camp, that’s what important. Marvin [Somodio] knows what he’s doing,” stated Provodnikov of Roach’s assistant.

Roach seconded that, saying “they understand what I want. Marvin has been with me for years. This fight is good for boxing,” stated Roach.

Matthysse was previously unaware that Roach would not be accompanying Provodnikov.

Artie Pelullo of Banner Promotions, who promotes Provodnikov, stated, “it was a very easy fight to make. Eric Gomez and Oscar as well as the fighters, wanted this fight. It’s the best tv/fan friendly that could be made. I’m expecting it to be better than Corrales-Castillo.”

Oscar De La Hoya, who promotes Matthysee, shared the same sentiment as Pelullo, “we’re thrilled that the best network, HBO, is televising this fight. I have a good hunch that come April 18th, we’ll have a fight of the year,” stated De la Hoya.

Both promoters spoke on The Turning Stone hosting this event, “Verona is a fight town, great fans. There was no risk, it’s almost sold out,” stated De la Hoya. Pelullo, whose Banner Promotions is a staple at The Turning Stone, stated, “they were aggressive about landing the event. They understood the historical aspect of this fight.”

Lucas “La Maquina” Matthysse and “The Siberian Rocky” Ruslan Provodnikov square off on April 18 at The Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York. The 12-round junior welterweight fight will be televised live as part of a split site doubleheader on HBO’s Boxing After Dark, beginning at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT.

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Boxing Insider Interview with Freddie Roach: “Manny Will Win by Knockout”

Posted on 03/23/2015

By: William Holmes

May 2nd is less than two months away and the training camps of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are kicking into high gear.

Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach has been busy preparing his fighter for the toughest test of his career and a for a fight that they have been waiting for a very long time. Boxing Insider had the opportunity to talk to Freddie Roach in the middle of Pacquiao’s training camp.

Boxing Insider: How excited are you for this fight? How does the anticipation for this fight compare to some of Manny’s other big fights such as Marquez, De La Hoya, or Cotto?

Freddie Roach: Well you know, it’s so big this fight you know? It’s maybe the biggest one we’ve ever been in. I think we’re in a rough situation, if we don’t win this fight he goes down as the best in the world and we go down as bums. We’re training really hard and we have a great strategy for the fight and we have great sparring partners for the fight. . .Manny is on fire right now. He sparred yesterday, we just finished today, we were there for four hours and tomorrow we will spar again. I do have six sparring partners there right now and we mix them around and see who the best one is.

Pacquiao_Marquez NY PC 110906_008a
(Photo: Hoganphotos)

Boxing Insider: Who do you plan on bringing in for Manny as a sparring partner? Why did you choose them?

Freddie Roach: I didn’t want old, old, old, guys like Zab Judah and stuff like that to come in there and take a beating. I brought in contenders and up and coming fighters who will work really hard. I give them a little incentive and if they knock Manny down I give them $1,000 extra. We have to get Manny ready for whatever [Mayweather] brings to the table. Whatever he brings. I’ve got runners, I’ve got fighters, I’ve got strong guys, I’ve got fast guys. . . I’ve got six really good guys that I feel really confident with. And these young guys they fight with Manny Pacquiao, one of these guys will be a superstar one day I believe.

I don’t know which one, but that’s what happens. When I was 18 and I started sparring with Alex Aguello for four fights, I learned more from him than anyone else in my life. It’s really great for the kids and for everybody.

Boxing Insider: There were reports that stated that you had brought in Guillermo Rigondeaux as a sparring partner for Manny Pacquiao, but were later reported to be untrue. Did you ever consider asking Rigondeaux to be a sparring partner for Manny?

Freddie Roach: That’s a lie. Rigondeaux is a good friend of mine, but we’re not fighting a southpaw, we’re not fighting a counter puncher. . . Rigondeaux is a challenging kid, I trained him for several fights, he’s met Manny before. He did want to box with Manny when he came over getting ready for a different type of opponent, but that is completely untrue. I have no idea where that came from. Rigondeaux is a good friend of mine, I told him I would love to train him again last time I saw him and when Roc Nation signed him. Rigondeaux is a great guy, he’s just not the right style for this fight.

Boxing Insider: How does Manny look in camp so far?

Freddie Roach: He’s really, really, on fire. I’ve never seen him like this. He’s motivated, training hard, first day of sparring went well. I mean he hasn’t boxed in about eight months, but on the first day, I was very happy.

Boxing Insider: In your opinion, what was Manny’s biggest win of his career?

Freddie Roach: Manny’s biggest win. . . I think when he knocked out [Ricky] Hatton, I love that fight. I think Hatton was the best knockout, the best win was Oscar [La Hoya].

Boxing Insider: What about Floyd Mayweather’s style impresses you the most? Is there anything about Floyd Mayweather’s style that you think Manny can exploit?

Freddie Roach: We’re working on it every day, we watch tape every day, he’s not a perfect fighter. He sets traps very well but we recognize the traps and we know not to fall into the trap. He is very fast…his legs I think have given out a little bit, he has to take breath sometimes, he says he wants to exchange so the fans are happier but I don’t agree. I think he wants to and has to rest and I think he has to exchange because his legs are giving out on him. When Manny fought Algieri he would throw punches and run in circles the whole time, he has better legs than Mayweather and I think that will be the difference in the fight.

Boxing Insider: Can you tell us anything about your strategy to combat Floyd’s quick lead right followed by a move away?

Freddie Roach: Yes….we are working on it every day. Ummm, it’s one of his best weapon and of course we have to adjust to it.

Boxing Insider: Where do you rate Floyd Senior as a trainer?

Freddie Roach: Floyd Senior. . . I think Roger’s better, Roger has been with him more, Roger knows him better, Roger has been there a lot longer, I think Roger is a better trainer than the father. Floyd senior gets really excited and he stutters and he has a hard time getting his message out. But, I think Roger is better, he’s OK. but I don’t think he can be better than me to be honest with you, I’m not trying to be cocky or anything like this but I think I can know my fighters better than he does.

Boxing Insider: Who are some of the under the radar boxers in your stable that you think will become future world champions? Why?

Freddie Roach: Frankie Gomez is my best boxer. He will be a world champion. He’s 18-0, he’s a very good fighter, what I like about him is that when he gets in the ring he is mean. He wants to hurt people.

Boxing Insider: Do you have any concerns about Manny peaking too early for the fight because he’s been training so hard?

Freddie Roach: Well the thing is I know boxing well, I’ve done it for a long time, I was a fighter for a long time, we’re not going to overtrain. We definitely have a system and the system has been working very well for a long time and I think that I have 32 world champions that I work with. They’re all great but the system is very similar for all of them.

Boxing Insider: What’s your prediction for the fight?

Freddie Roach: I think Manny will knock Mayweather out. I think his speed and power is much better than his. Mayweather has fragile hands and doesn’t hit that hard anymore. He’s not a physical strong guy. Well, sometimes I see pimples on his back and I wonder why, but. . . I don’t know why he’s like that. I mean, if someone needs to cheat to win it’s not worth it.

Boxing Insider: Do you have a round as to when the fight will be stopped?

Freddie Roach: Well, we got him with a couple of counter punches, depending on what he brings to the table. Depends on how he comes out, it could be early or it could be late. He does have holes in his defense, he definitely does, especially against a southpaw.

Boxing Insider: Do you think Floyd will want a rematch after this fight?

Freddie Roach: We’ll be making a lot of money, I like it, yeah.

Boxing Insider: How much longer do you think Manny will continue to fight?

Freddie Roach: Maybe if he does alright, I think he has a couple of years left.

Boxing Insider: I’m sure you got the chance to watch some of Floyd Mayweather’s tapes…

Freddie Roach: That’s all I do, what are you talking about?

Boxing Insider: What was his most impressive win in your opinion?

Freddie Roach: Well, I’m going to watch tape today, but I still watch when him and Oscar fought. I trained Oscar to beat him, we won the first six rounds and we lost the last six rounds, and I know why that happened. I have to make sure that Manny doesn’t fall into that trap that Mayweather sets, and he hasn’t yet. When I set that trap he gets out every time.

Mayweather he’s a little bit clever right, but he doesn’t have a lot of moves, he doesn’t have a trainer. He barely doesn’t have anyone. . . .I don’t particularly think. . . it just comes naturally to him. He’s like my little brother Paul. He’s the best fighter in the house, but my mother wouldn’t let him fight because he’s had too many fights.

[Floyd’s] his own coach, he doesn’t have a lot of movement, he does have a lot of 5, 6, or 7. Every time he makes a move, he makes a mistake on the return. Manny will take advantage of that, I promise you.

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