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Posted on 08/18/2016



Further to the decision taken yesterday by AIBA with regard to the reassessment of the judges and referees officiating during Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the AIBA Vice Presidents and Executive Board members have decided to reassign immediately the current AIBA Executive Director to a new role within the organization. Consequently, the operational responsibilities for the remainder of the Olympic Boxing Competition will now fall under the responsibilities of the most senior Vice President of the AIBA Executive Board, Mr Franco Falcinelli, President of the European Boxing Confederation.

The Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of all sports and Boxing has been part of this since 1904. Since the beginning of Rio 2016, AIBA has conducted 250 bouts and remains fully committed to a zero tolerance policy towards fair play in boxing always acting in the boxers’ utmost interest.

The latest decisions taken emphasized AIBA will not shy away from its responsibilities and will continue to ensure a level playing field and a fair and transparent sport. It is of paramount importance to protect our sport and its R&J community whose integrity is constantly put into question.

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