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Gilberto Ramirez Interview: “This is what we work for, this is a fight we wanted, this is the fight of my life”

Posted on 04/03/2016

Gilberto Ramirez Interview: “This is what we work for, this is a fight we wanted, this is the fight of my life”
By: Matthew N. Becher

Gilberto Ramirez is a twenty four year old, undefeated (33-0 24KO) boxer in the Super Middleweight division. He has quickly been rising up the ranks in every governing bodies top ten and will get his chance at the WBO world title against Arthur Abraham, as part of the main undercard on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradly pay per view on April 9th, live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Gilberto was kind enough to take time away from his training to speak with us about his upcoming fight.


Boxing Insider: How do you beat a legend like Arthur Abraham?
Gilberto Ramirez: I think the key to this whole fight is my activity, I have to be busy. I also have to use my distance, listen to my corner and most importantly I have to be very intelligent. I have to fight a smart fight.

Boxing Insider: Do you feel that you may have some physical advantages over Abraham?
Ramirez: I have to take advantage of my length, keep him at a distance. I also have to keep him busy, I have to throw a lot of punches, from all angles. I have to keep moving, I cannot stand still for him. Like I said, I have to be smart in there, do the right things. We worked hard on the preparations for this fight and now I just have to execute it in the ring.

Boxing Insider: Aside from the physical part, how do you prepare mentally to be the co main event on a Manny Pacquiao pay per view?
Ramirez: It is something that we have talked about for years. We have prepared for that night. You have to enjoy it, there is no pressure here. I’m just going to enjoy the moment, you have to have a good time with it. This is what we work for, this is a fight we wanted, this is the fight of my life.

Boxing Insider: You are very young, you are 24 years old. How did you know that the timing was right for the world title shot and why not just wait another year or so?
Ramirez: I feel that at this point in time that I am ready for it. A world title against a great champion, it’s the opportunity of my life. I have been fighting professionally since I’ve been 18 years old. I think I gained a lot of experience in the last year or so, I just think that I am ready. I’m mature enough, I’m ready, and I want to show everyone what I am capable of doing. Even myself, this is the opportunity that I’ve waited for, it’s here and now I have to show everyone. I feel this is the best moment for me to have this fight.

Boxing Insider: What is the outcome of this fight?
Ramirez: I expect to have my hand raised at the end of the fight. I expect it also to be a great fight. This is a fight that I want the fans to enjoy and remember for a long time.

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“King” Arthur Abraham Cruises, Wins Wide UD Over Piotr Wilczewski

Posted on 03/31/2012

By Johnny Walker

“King” Arthur Abraham
cruised to a comfortable unanimous decision win today over Polish challenger Piotr Wilczewski, successfully defending his WBO European Super Middleweight title at the Sparkassen-Arena, Kiel, Germany.

King Arthur won in regal fashion

The first half of the fight was a close affair, with Abraham fighting in flurries out of his trademark peek-a-boo guard, while Wilczewski used his jab to try to keep Abraham off balance. But gradually, Abraham’s brute strength began to overwhelm the game challenger.

Round five saw a strong combination of punches thrown by the champion drive Wilczewski into the ropes. The challenger continued to try to work around Abraham’s high guard with some limited success, but in return Abraham bruised him with thumping body shots: the left side of Wilczewski’s rib cage and back was visibly reddening.

In round seven, Wilczewski had a point deducted by referee Manuel Maritxalar, but no-one seemed quite sure what the offense was, though the Pole had resorted to holding at times. After that, Abraham seemed to get a second wind, and he began to enthusiastically pummel Wilczewski, now mixing in some wicked uppercuts with his withering body attack.

Round nine saw Abraham rock Wilczewski with a hard uppercut and two hard left hooks. The blistering attack from the champion kept up through round ten, and in round eleven, a series of shots from Abraham had Wilczewski on the verge of a knockout, as he staggered around the ring and held on for dear life, saved only by the bell to end the round.

After a final uneventful round, Abraham was judged to be the winner with scores of 118-109 (twice) and 119-108. Boxing Insider scored it similarly, 118-108 for Abraham, who will now look toward obtaining a world title at super middleweight.

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