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“This Is Going To Be A Hell Of A Fight.” Jose Zepeda Ready To Battle Dalton Smith.

Posted on 03/20/2024

By: Sean Crose

Junior welterweight fight veteran Jose Zepeda has travelled to Great Britain to take what may be a final crack at glory this weekend. Having now unsuccessfully battled for a world title several times, Zepeda is now set to face the rising Dalton Smith in a scheduled 12 rounder in Sheffield on Saturday. “This is going to be a hell of a fight,” Zepeda says. “One thing we know; we have to win big. I have to win this fight. I’m still here because I want new opportunities. I want my fourth chance (to win a world title). I’m already 34-years-old; that’s why I’m taking hard fights. I want a hard fights, and I am planning my way back with this fight.”

Smith, however, is no small challenge. Zepeda, however, makes it clear he knows what he’s getting into. “I saw his record; I know he’s 15-0. I know he’s a big star in the UK. I think it’s a good chance for me to get back to the top. I know he’s good and he seems like a star over there in the UK. He’s energetic inside that ring. He likes to move and he’s kind of fast. I know he likes to come forwards to that’s going to make it a great fight. I do believe it’s going to be a great fight.”

While the bout may indeed prove to be entertaining the 37-4 Zepeda understands that he likely can’t afford another loss. “If I don’t win this fight most likely I’m probably going to retire,” he says. “So, I’m training my hardest to make sure I don’t retire. If I don’t win this fight, then that means there’s no big fights for me afterwards. I’m planning on only being in big fights; so, I have to win this fight.”

Although the pressure is on, Zepeda appears to be unfazed about the fact he’ll be fighting Smith in his opponent’s homeland. “The UK fans, they love boxing,” Zepeda says, “and I know they’re going to love the fight. It’s going to be a war in there because I know Dalton will bring it. I’m happy to go over there and I’m planning to win some new fans. At the end of the day they better cheer their guy up well afterwards because he’s going to need it.”

The Jose Zepeda-Dalton Smith fight will be broadcast live Saturday on DAZN.

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