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Sebastian Fundora Ecstatic Over Erickson Lubin Win: “He Really Brought His Hammer But I Decided To Bring My Drill”

Posted on 04/10/2022

By: Hans Themistode


Sebastian Fundora has often been the subject of criticism. Standing at nearly 6’6”, the 24-year-old towers over most heavyweights, let alone junior middleweights, the weight class in which he currently competes in.

Although Fundora could use his freakishly tall frame to keep his opponents at bay, he seldom does so. Instead, the Florida native often crouches down, buries his head into the chest of his opponents, and engages in a firefight.

While his bemusing game plan has led to a spotless record through 19 career fights, many were of the belief that his stand and bang approach would play right into the hands of Erickson Lubin. The two waged an all-out war last night at the Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Known for his moniker, “The Hammer”, Lubin did his best to attack on the outside before landing pernicious shots upstairs. Still, even with Lubin knocking Fundora down for the first time in his career, the newly crowned WBC interim titlist peeled himself up off the deck in the seventh round to register a ninth-round stoppage victory on the night.

Normally stoic following victory, Fundora took the time to pat himself on the back for a job well done.

“I think this was probably my best performance ever,” said Fundora. “It was a back-and-forth fight. He really brought his hammer but I decided to bring my drill.”

As the opening bell sounded, Lubin appeared confident as he stood in his southpaw stance. He connected on several smooth jabs that snapped the head back of Fundora. In addition to his upstairs assault, Lubin also employed a heavy body attack. However, regardless of Lubin’s success and despite Fundora tasting the canvas for the first time in his career, the highly ranked 154 pound contender had Lubin exactly where he wanted him.

Following a slow start in the first, Fundora connected on an uppercut fairly early in the second round. The force of the blow sent Lubin crashing down as a result.

With Fundora landing his money punch, the enormous contender knew that it was just a matter of time until he got Lubin out of there.

“The uppercut was landing like no other. The uppercut is my lucky punch. I’m here in Vegas, so I feel a little lucky, and that’s my lucky punch. It lands most of the time with everybody. Southpaw. Right hand. It doesn’t matter. Once I find that, I feel like the job’s done.”

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