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Jose Sulaiman Responds To Criticism on Tim Bradley

From the office of WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán:

As president of the WBC, I feel that I should make a brief press note in answer to several criticisms received from some writers in regards to the Timothy Bradley case.

Bradley is a great fighter and a pride of the WBC. We gave him first the opportunity before any other even noticed him, and he has won the WBC title twice. The WBC is a not-for-profit organization that has its rules, which should be abided by, if any boxer wants to become a WBC Champion.

There are traffic laws that are respected: if you don’t stop at a red light, you are violating the law and will be fined. If you don’t have a driving license you should not drive, or you will be fined. If you issue a check without funds, that is fraud.

Our rules for champions state that each champion should defend the title at least three times a year and when you reach six months of inactivity, the title might be withdrawn, The WBC wrote three times to Timothy, and neither he nor his representatives wrote back, nor have they announced at any time any scheduled fight at all to defend his title. They seemed not to care that there are many other classified boxers who wish to contend for the title, which the champion has frozen.

However, the WBC did not “strip” Bradley. We declared him still “champion in recess” so that he will have the doors of the WBC opened for when he is able to return, while we declared the active championship vacant with the new champion to fight Bradley when he returns to boxing.

As simple as that.

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