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Deontay Wilder: “I Was Done Wrong.”

Posted on 06/02/2021

By: Sean Crose

“I was done wrong,” Deontay Wilder says in regards to his 2020 heavyweight title rematch against Tyson Fury, which ended in Wilder’s corner stopping the fight after it was clear Wilder was sustaining a one sided beating. “I ain’t as nice as I used to be,” the Alabama fighter adds. According to Wilder, things will be different when he and Fury meet for the third time on July 24th. “My mind is very violent at this moment in time,” he tells BJ Flores in an interview for Premiere Boxing Champions.

Wilder continues to indicate that something was amiss with Fury’s gloves during the second fight. It’s an accusation the former WBC champion has argued for some time. He also claims that co-trainer Mark Breland was disloyal to him when Breland threw in the towel in the seventh round of the Fury rematch. As for Fury and his team, Wilder doesn’t have much positive to say. “They couldn’t even knock me out even under that juju,” he says in the interview. Wilder goes on to claim that, even with the odds against him, Fury couldn’t finish him off.

“He gave me the best of him in that ring and I took it all,” he says. “I knew something was wrong with me. I knew I was not right…I was looking drained. Drowsy.” During the interview, Wilder also points to what he feels are Fury’s personality flaws. “He’s got a wrap sheet for treating. He’s got a wrap sheet for abusing drugs,” he says. “You’ve got a guy whose known for cheating and he’s telling the truth?” Wilder makes it clear he believes team Fury knew their man was in trouble facing Wilder in the second fight. “They had to have something to slow me down,” he says.

Of course many, if not most, boxing fans and analysts will disagree with what Wilder has to say. Although their first fight ended in a draw, the rematch between he and Fury saw Fury fighting under the tutelage of a new trainer and employing a more aggressive style that seemed to work very effectively against the then defending WBC heavyweight champion. Wilder may never be able to prove that team Fury was up to no good in the rematch, but on July 24th, he’ll have the chance to prove once and for all that he can beat the man he has been unable to defeat twice in the ring.

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