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Scoop Mailbox: To Sign Or Retire?

Everyone is ignoring the Klitschkos. theyre good but not great. Mark W
Scoop reply: Disagree vehemently. Anyone who dominates heavyweight boxing period, must be special and great. The problem is the K Brothers are not promoted properly in the U.S. and HBO takes some blame for that.
I just recently discovered
; right around the time the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight of the ages was announced. Up until that time I was fairly convinced that Floyd’s act, was, well, just that, an act. It was his version of PT Barnum-esque boardwalk salesmanship. However, after reading many of your articles on the site, which contain an awesome and unbridled amount of vitriol towards Mayweather, my feelings for the little guy have changed. Evidently, Money May is a coward. The way you write about his cowardice though is illuminating. In this day and age of the media aggrandizing its heroes and espousing a boys will be boys attitude towards its fringe and mainstream villains (Granted, Tiger is getting raked over the coals but who in the media doesn’t want him back on the tour? If any mere mortal embarrassed themself that way at a regular 9 to 5 would they still have a job? Yeah, I didn’t think so either…) its nice to see someone lay out a well researched and flat out honest beat down of someone they cover. Your articles about Mayweather are a joy to read and crack me up to no end. Keep up the good work!
Gerardo Galdamez

Scoop Reply: Thank you for the support GG. I think you enjoy the articles so much because they convey the truth. It’s amazing an overrated boxer like Floyd could be manufactured and elevated by the powers that be to the status he is at now. The cat is out of the bag now though and it’s just a matter of time before this fraud is completely exposed. But if he proves me wrong, I’ll gladly sing his praises.
Looks like he stepped up to the plate. Why so quiet? Mosley is as legit as it gets, please don’t say otherwise. You were wrong about him and I think you should admit it. A true coward would never fight Mosley, they’d find a way out. Sam
Scoop Reply: I’ll believe it when he’s in the ring with Mosley. And we’ll just have to wait and watch closely the level of intensity and animosity between both on May 1. True coward? I think a more accurate description is he’s a bully who likes to handpick disadvantaged or weaker opposition, but shows cowardice every time he’s challenged by someone with the capability to knock him out.
Words are out that admitted EPOGEN user (without guilt) Shane Mosley has signed the contract while XYLOCAINE dependent (with guilt) Floyd Mayweather Jr. is about to sign the contract. The fight is scheaduled on May 1 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. There is no title yet to the fight so I am naming this fight as the EPOMAN VS XYLOBOY FIGHT! The Xylocaine dependent Floyd Maweather Jr. finally agreed to the fight but a lot of people still would not believe until there will be a news, that indeed the Xyloboy have sign the contract. In fact a number of people would only believe that there is going to be a fight if it is May 1 already and the bell would ring for the first round, until then I myself will have my reservation that this fight will not happen. A possibility of another rib injury might be a cause of calling off the fight?
This fight is a decade of wait, a decade of ducking from Xyloboy itself. Now at age of almost 40 years old, Epoman Shane will finally get a chance to show what he was talking about for a very very long time that he can beat Xyloboy inside the ring, though the Xyloboy will cowardly run all night from the Epoman.
The cowardness within the the Xyloboy will be with him all night against Epoman. Some say that by fighting Shane, Floyd is not anymore a coward, a ducker, a chicken?
Well the answer is still the same, Floyd will remain a coward to a lot of people because his cowardness has some historical build up, Floyd has ducked Mosley for a decade and a lot of good fighters within his weight range. An almost 40 years old Shane Mosley will step up to the ring with the coward Floyd, and it only happen this time because Andre Berto have to passed on for the fight with Shane Mosley because he cant concentrate in training due to the devastation brought by the eathquake in Haiti. Xyloboy was cornered on the situation and pressured to make this fight.
My question is why it has to be the Epoman to sign first, why its not on the same day that Xyloboy do the same. Shane agreed that he will undergo olympic style testing to make sure that he is not the Epoman he used to be.
Did Shane requested also that Xylocaine will not be part on Floyd fist that night?
Will the State of Nevada Boxing Commssion control the rules of the fight or the Mayweather Boxing Commssion?
The EPOMAN will fight without the epogen in his system because he knew that he is now under the radar, he is to be tested, and he knew its illegal now! While the Xyloboy will continue to gain advantage with the help of Xylocaine in this fight?
Boxing fans you are all the judge!

Scoop Reply: A most imaginative letter but a little harsh on Shane Mosley who is as nice and likeable outside the ring as Manny Pacquiao or any other beloved champ.I like your hard questions to Floyd and Shane. Maybe people like Tim Smith will ask them. Agree with you that it’s interesting how Floyd hasn’t signed yet though terms are supposedly agreed.Didn’t Ellerbe tell us Floyd has always wanted to fight Mosley? Likely just another falsehood from these phonies. Would it really surprise anyone if Floyd Haymon & Ellerbe are scanning fine print for a loophole out of May 1? Tell you what though, if he balks at signing, HBO and Golden Boy will have to cut ties.
Scoop: [email protected]

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