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Prominent Insider: Haye Will Get Destroyed By Klitschko

Posted on 02/26/2009

While negotiations are being smothered in bluffs, deceptions and trickerations about who really wants to fight on June 20 and who was pretending to want to, we at have known the truth from the get-go. And this latest inside scoop which found it’s way to our headquarters on Monday evening, regarding the proposed Superfight this summer in London between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye, certainly explains it all, and rather conclusively at that.

Our secret source, a prominent former boxer whose pugilistic judgement is most respected by everyone in the sport, said he “…had been in Haye’s camp, and honestly told (second source, member of Team Klitschko) that Wlad would KILL David Haye! (First source) said that all of his punches are wild and wide, he’s got no defense. If they fought, after three rounds of wild bullshit from Haye, he’d run out of options and crumble. Wlad’s too strong.- and my favorite quote was that (first source) thought that even one of Wlad’s jabs could hurt David Haye.”

Readers, believe what you want but we’re not making this up. This is red-hot true inside information which is inevitably going to publicly kill a hotly-anticipated fight from happening on June 20, 2009, if it hasn’t already privately. And there’s more: “And yes, David Haye found a way to squirm out of the fight – too many demands, ‘as if he were the champion’, f***, we told the man we’d fight him in his own back yard, and now all this other bullshit. Wladimir said he was tired of Haye’s shit and will likely move on to fight Arreola next.”

Don’t count on Klitschko vs. Haye any time soon. Like Michael Bentt said, “Boxing is 90% bluffs.” And as the late great Ingemar Johansson once told me, “The empty pot makes the most noise.”

Get ready for Klitschko vs. Arreola or Toney in May or June.

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