Juan Carlos Gomez: My Friend Vitali Can Crack With Both Hands!

I had a chance to interview Juan Carlos Gomez in 2003 and asked him some questions about the Klitschko Brothers including Vitali, the man he is scheduled to fight this Saturday for the WBC Heavyweight title. Here are some of the revealing comments he made as the Vitali-Gomez clash fast approaches:

Gomez on the world’s top five heavyweights in December of 2003: “Including me on that list, Lennox Lewis should be on that list. Roy Jones. Chris Byrd. And Wladimir Klitschko. Not Vitali. Wladimir. Wladimir’s more technical, better fighter. He moves better, he’s got better range, everything. Don’t really go on that Sanders fight – he got caught.”

Gomez’s 2003 opinion on Vitali: “They’re both solid heavyweights. Vitali’s technique is not that good. But he can crack. He can crack with either hand. You just can’t stay in front of him.”

Gomez’s response when asked if he sparred with the Brothers while all worked with Universum? “Yes. Whenever they fought southpaws, they used me as a sparring partner. We are very good friends.”

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