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Golota Favors Chagaev To Beat Klitschko

Posted on 06/07/2009

While most ring observers are heavily favoring Wladimir Klitschko to defeat Ruslan Chagaev on June 20 in their huge Heavyweight unification showdown, there is at least one respected heavyweight pundit who thinks “The White Tyson” has what it takes to conquer “Dr. Steelhammer.”

Andrew Golota says “Chagaev is a very skilled fighter. He beat the giant Russian Valuev. Very skilled, believe me. He ducks skillfully. I’m telling you. I think he’s gonna beat (Klitschko).”

When it’s suggested that the left-handed Chagaev might be on the receiving end of the pulverizing Klitschko jab and right hands all night from range, Golota disagreed. “Klitschko is never gonna hit him with the jab. Chagaev is too skilled for him. Let’s see.”

Golota is familiar with the undefeated WBA titleholder because Chagaev “used to train in our gym (Windy City Gym in Chicago), in the late 90’s.”

Golota is still considering possibly boxing again later this year, but his elbow is not yet fully healed from the injury suffered vs. Ray Austin in China late last year.

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