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Kermit Cintron KO’d by Tyrone Brunson at 2300 Arena in Philly Saturday!

Posted on 06/25/2017

Kermit Cintron KO’d by Tyrone Brunson at 2300 Arena in Philly Saturday!
By: Ken Hissner

King’s Promotions returned to the 2300 Arena, in South Philly Saturday night with a 9 bout card. In the Main Event former IBF welterweight champion Kermit Cintron, of Reading and Tyrone Brunson of Philly went head to head with Bronson pulling out a come from behind win.


In the Main Event the former IBF welterweight champion Kermit Cintron, 39-6-3 (30), of Reading, PA, was upset by Tyrone “Young Gun” Brunson, 25-6-2 (23), Philly, PA, dropping him 3 times in the fifth to claim the PA state super welterweight title at 1:21.

In the first round Cintron is doing all the fighting jabbing and going to the body with both hands. Brunson barely landed a punch. In the second round Brunson continues showing too much respect for Cintron. Suddenly a left hook to the chin from Brunson buckled the knees of Cintron. In the third round Cintron continued to control what little action there was ending the round with a left hook to the chin of Brunson.

In the fourth round Brunson countered a missed right from Cintron with a right of his own on Cintron’s chin. A Brunson left hook to the chin of Cintron stopped him in his tracks. Cintron bleeding from the nose dropped Brunson with a left hook to the chin. Cintron jumped on Brunson dropping him with another left hook to the chin.

In the fifth round a double right from Brunson to the chin of Cintron dropped him. After taking the count from referee Clark Brunson again dropped Cintron twice more causing referee Shawn Clark to call a halt.

“I’m a slow starter but hurt him and knew I couldn’t play with him. When I fell on top of him I knew he was ready to go,” said Brunson.

In the co-feature lightweight Anthony “Bad Boy” Burgin, 10-4 (2), Philly, came off the floor in a hard fought loss to Victor “El Flaco” Vasquez, 8-3 (3), of Yonkers, NY, over 6 rounds.

In the first round Vasquez outworked Burgin. In the second round a pair of left uppercuts to the chin by Vasquez dropped Burgin to his knees face down. He beat the count of referee Benjy Esteves, Jr., just before the round ended. In the third round Vasquez landed five unanswered punches to the head of Burgin. It was all Vasquez in the round.

In the fourth round Vasquez walked into a pair of rights to the head from Burgin. A 3-punch combination from Vasquez having Burgin on the ropes seemed to wake him up but too little too late. In the fifth round Vasquez missed a combination and Burgin countered with a right to the chin. A Burgin right and left on the chin of Vasquez got his attention. They exchanged left hooks to the head. In the sixth and final round they exchanged double uppercuts to the chin. Vasquez was bleeding from the nose and Burgin from the mouth. It was the best round of the fight!

Judge Braswell had it 57-56 while judges Carter and Weisfeld 58-55 with this writer having it 59-54 for the winner.

Bantamweight Marcus “Dream Crusher” Bates, 7-0-1 (6), D.C., won a hard fought 6 rounder from Roberto “Escorpion” Pucheta, 10-11-1 (6), Jalisco, MEX.

In the first round Pucheta rocked Bates with a right to the chin and had Bates on the run. In the second round Bates landed a pair of solid rights to the ribs of Pucheta who positioned his body leaving it wide open but came back with a solid left hook to the head of Bates. In the second round it was more of the same but in the third Bates had Pucheta’s nose bleeding being more aggressive.

In the fourth round things really heated up with both teeing off on one another and talking to each other by the end of the round. In the fifth round a counter left by Bates to the head of Pucheta with just ten seconds before the bell dropped Pucheta who took the 8 count from referee Clark. In the sixth round a Pucheta right to the chin of Bates had him holding on.

Judge Steve Weisfeld had it 59-54, Lynne Carter and Dave Braswell 58-55 and this writer 57-56 for the winner.

Lightweight southpaw Jerome “The Conqueror” Conquest, 8-2 (1), Philly, came off the floor to defeat South Korean Jae Ho Kim, 6-4-1 (2), of Philly, over 6 rounds.

In the opening round Kim came right out landing a hard right to the midsection of Conquest. Conquest came back with a flurry of punches having Kim back on his heels. In the second round Kim kept coming forward but the defense of Conquest had him missing while getting countered to the head. In the third round a straight right by Kim to the chin of Conquest put him on his butt smiling taking an 8 count from referee Esteves. Conquest got on his bike trying to stay out of trouble until his head cleared.

In the fourth round Conquest stopped on occasions fighting it out with the ever aggressive Kim. In the fifth round it was almost to close to call. In the sixth and final round neither went all out in a close fight to close out with the win.

Judge Weisfeld had it 57-56, Carter 58-55 and Page 59-54 with this writer 57-56 all for the winner.

Lightweight Steven Ortiz, 7-0 (2), Philly, remained unbeaten in an exciting win over southpaw Tyrome Jones, 4-1 (1), South Bend, IN, over 6 rounds.

In the first round Ortiz held a slight edge using his jab against the southpaw Jones. In the second round Ortiz is throwing nothing but power punches but leaving himself wide open when throwing a lead uppercut which usually missed the mark. A lead left from Jones found its mark on the chin of Ortiz who landed a combination of his own. Seconds later Ortiz dropped Jones with a right to the chin. Referee Clark administered the 8-count to Jones who got up fighting back.

In the fourth round Ortiz gets warned for the third time about low punches. Jones landed a solid left hook to the head of Ortiz who countered with a straight right to the chin dropping Jones again. He took the 8-count from referee Clark but came fighting back. In the fifth round of a real slugfest Jones landed a straight left to the head of Ortiz who came firing back. This fight woke the crowd up. In the sixth and final round a counter left by Jones landed solidly on the chin of Ortiz who continued throwing bombs. His fans were supporting him big time.

Judge Braswell had it 57-56, Weisfeld and Page 59-53 with this writer 58-55 for the winner.

Middleweight Gregory Clark, 3-1-1 (1), D.C., won a lack luster fight over Darryl “Dream King” Bunting, 3-2-2 (1), Asbury Park, NJ, over 6 rounds.

In the first round it was close with Bunting the aggressor while Clark was the taller and getting away with right uppercuts to the chin. In the second and third rounds Bunting kept chasing with both landing their punches in a close fight.

In the fourth round Bunting’s pressure finally paid off. Clark looked somewhat tired. In the fifth Clark ran with his hands down never throwing an effective punch while Bunting continued the “hunt”! In the sixth and final round Clark continued the track meet with Bunting once again getting more punches in.

Judge Braswell had it 58-56 while Page and Weisfeld 59-55 for the winner but this writer had it 58-56 for the loser.

Heavyweight Colby “Braveheart” Madison, 4-0-1 (3), Baltimore, MD, and Joel Caudle, 7-0-1 (5), Raleigh, NC, ended in a majority draw.

In the first round Madison landed a solid left hook to the chin of Caudle. This didn’t stop Caudle who was much shorter from taking it to Caudle having him trapped in a neutral corner at the bell. In the second and third rounds Caudle had Madison pinned against the ropes swarming all over him. In the fourth and final round Caudle was finally using his height and reach using his jab and solid counter rights to the head of Madison who may have punched himself out after three rounds. Then Caudle allowed himself to back into the ropes being caught by a good left hook to the head by Peters.

In the fifth round Caudle once again had Madison against the ropes landing uppercuts and overhand rights to the chin and head of Madison. On several occasions Madison landed a left hook to the side of the head of Caudle. Just prior to the bell Caudle landed a solid left hook to the head of Madison who countered with a chopping right to the head of Caudle. In the sixth and final round Madison used his jab and counter right to the head of Caudle who was looking exhausted but never stopped trying.

Judge Page had it 58-56 Caudle while Weisfeld, Carter and this writer had it 57-57.

Super middleweight Brandon “B-Rob”Robinson, 4-1 (3), Upper Darby, PA, stopped Rafael “El Toro” Valencia, 3-8-1 (2), Medford, ORE, at 2:48 of the second round.

In the first round Robinson controlled though Valencia stayed in there. In the second round Robinson did an assault on the body of Valencia who complained of low blows and got a rest by referee Clark. A right hand and left hook to the chin by Robinson dropped Valencia. Upon rising referee Clark saw enough and called a halt.

In the opening bout super bantamweight Chaise “Pretty Boy” Nelson, 6-1 (3), Dayton, OH, survived the final round to edge out Jordan Peters, 2-1-1 (2), of D.C., over 4 rounds.

In the first round after a slow start Peters nailed Nelson with a right to the head in Nelson’s corner. Nelson came back with a combination to the chin of Peters. In the second and third rounds Peters chased Chaise who countered well. In the fourth round seemingly behind Peters put the pressure on having his best round. He had Nelson holding on. Peters rocked Nelson on several occasions. Nelson landed a solid left hook to the head of Peters at the bell.

All 3 judges Carter, Weisfeld and Page along with this writer had it 39-37 for the winner.

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